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What is Clay Therapy for Health and Beauty?

Updated on February 22, 2013

What is Clay Therapy for Health and Beauty?

Clay is a natural earth ingredient that has long been used in natural treatments for health, detoxification and beauty. Clay transfers minerals to the skin as it draws away impurities. Clay can be used for spot or whole body bath treatments. Learn how to add clay therapy to your health and beauty routine.

Another term for clay and mud therapy is pelotherapy. Pelotherapy is used in naturopathy and in some hospitals around the world. It is gaining medical recognition through its effectiveness in clinical studies. Many people have always used it at home as a natural remedy.

Check out this article to see how easy it is to use clay for improved health and beauty. It just takes some water and clay or mud to create the thick clay magma that is so versatile to use. If you prefer, you can buy products that are already made.

What about Clay and Mud? - Clay and Mud have great benefits for our health and wellness.

Image ID: 893189  From hbrinkman at stock.xchng
Image ID: 893189 From hbrinkman at stock.xchng

Clay and Mud Therapy from Head to Toe! - Give me a clay scalp treatment and a clay foot bath...

Clay is so versatile in its uses for our well being. Clay is commonly used in scalp, face and body treatments. It can be used for spot treatments, area treatments and as a whole body bath.

Using Clay Externally

Take a Dip, Use a Dollop

Clay has been used to improve people's health and beauty for ages. Indigenous cultures continue to use clay in a variety of ways. Ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian used clay medicinally. As well, Galen, the Greek philosopher and physician, mentions using clay internally and externally for medicinal purposes. We can learn from what worked in the past and begin to incorporate this old health remedy into our lives again.

Clay is so useful because it has a drawing ability that refreshes skin and tissue. It can also generate heat in the area where it is used. The clay draws out and binds with toxins and excess oil. For the purposes of health and beauty, clay is used in poultices, facial masks, scalp treatments, body wraps, spa treatments and baths.

Different clay types will have varying drawing strengths. This is important especially for people with dry or sensitive skin. Leave the wrong clay on for too long and you will feel like a raisin. Therefore, pick the right clay for whatever it is that you want to do with the clay.

You can find precautions about using clay from Seva-Dham at

Clay magma is the thickened clay product made of clay and water. It is easy to add together but it can take an hour to a few days to get a wonderful clay magma that has a bounce and gel feel to it. It is worth the wait. If clay is used before it has completely absorbed the water, you will not get the full benefits. It may also be gritty which could scratch the skin. You apply this magma thickly to areas where it is needed. Do not allow clay face masks to completely dry out because your skin could become irritated. Clay is a powerful absorptive ingredient. You can find instructions for making clay magma and more in the links below.

Link List: About Using Clay and Mud Externally - (Clay types, application instructions, recipes)

Take a little time and have a look at these links for further information about using clay for its deep cleansing action plus many other benefits. Many people have found that with the correct use, they can find relief from a variety of conditions with clay and mud therapy.

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    • awakeningwellness profile image

      awakeningwellness 4 years ago

      I like to use a clay mask every once in awhile.

    • profile image

      hmrezaul123 4 years ago

      Clay therapy is natural therapy.