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What is Suicide? Get Support Right Now

Updated on December 25, 2014

Finding Sound Mental Health

I continued the dangerous research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, even though I was merely a literature writer who was looking for psychotherapy.

After precisely following Jung's lessons, I started precisely following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

Jung discovered the meaning of the dream language, and I discovered the meaning of many dream symbols that he couldn't explain with the knowledge he had. I also discovered the origin of all mental illnesses.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a very serious practice. Trough dream translation we discover many hidden truths about the dreamer's psyche and about the dreamer's life.

I fight against despair, craziness, and terror since 1990 because I discovered how to cure all mental illness by obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams. I learned how to help everyone find sound mental health, even if they suffer from severe mental illnesses that cannot be cured by common psychiatry.

This is why the first electronic book I created online in the beginning of 2007 was the audio ebook Courage. If you have suicidal thoughts, you can immediately download it, and forever forget the idea of killing yourself.

Find support right now at:

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In the audio ebook Courage I mention the case of a dentist who committed suicide when she was 40-years-old, while her son was a 4-months-old baby.

She was married, and her husband loved her very much.

I translated her husband's dreams during one year and a half, until he managed to overcome his depression for losing his wife this way.

She seemed to be a balanced person. She was a successful and active dentist. She seemed to be very intelligent and strong. Many people couldn't believe that a woman like her had committed suicide.

When a supposedly balanced person, who seems to have everything she needs in order to live happily, commits suicide, this fact is very alarming. A suicide attempt from someone who seems to be a balanced and happy person is more alarming than the suicide attempt of someone who has various psychological problems and a tragic daily life.

However, the real reason why someone commits suicide doesn't depend on the victim's own judgement. All suicidal thoughts reflect craziness. They are generated by the wild side of the human conscience.

After continuing Carl Jung's dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche I discovered the anti-conscience, our satanic primitive conscience that didn't evolve like the human side of our conscience. Therefore, I can directly show you the inside secrets existent behind a suicide attempt.

Suicide is the intention to put an end to your life because you suffer from a mental disorder provoked by your anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is your wild conscience, which is evil, violent, immoral, and cruel.

Unfortunately, this horrible content provokes mental illnesses and mental disorders within the human side of your conscience. Suicide is basically an absurd idea imposed by your evil anti-conscience.

When the anti-conscience manages to control your mind and behavior, this means that you are practically dead. Only the anti-conscience acts in your place. This means that everything you do is not a result of your own decisions. You are completely controlled by your anti-conscience. You act without knowing what you are doing.

However, this fact is not visible neither to you, the human being existent into the human side of your conscience, nor to the outside world. The anti-conscience pretends to be a human being, while it is in fact a demon. When it manages to destroy a person's human conscience, the anti-conscience takes the place of their ego, and acts in their place.

While this dentist seemed to be a balanced person, who finally found happiness in life in her second marriage, when she finally had a child as she always wanted to have, her human conscience was already destroyed when she was younger. She had passed through many tragic experiences in life. The anti-conscience takes advantage of a person's traumatic experiences in order to destroy their human conscience through craziness when they accept its absurd suggestions.

This means that this dentist was already completely controlled by her anti-conscience when she got married for the second time. She needed urgent psychotherapy, but nobody could imagine that she was only pretending to be happy.

If you have suicidal thoughts, this means that you are controlled by your anti-conscience.

Your life is precious. You don't have the right to put an end to your life because it doesn't belong only to you, but also to those who depend on you.

If you'll commit suicide, you'll kill those who love you, and need your presence.

You may believe that nobody loves you, but you are wrong. There are many people who depend on you.

A suicide is a barbarous action that generates panic. If you'll put an end to your life, you'll be a coward who will mark the human history with pain and despair.

You have to be strong, and continue your journey. Bear your pain today; your suffering won't last forever.

Your despair will disappear once you learn how to translate the meaning of your own dreams. The wise unconscious mind provides you with free psychotherapy in the dream messages. You only have to learn the dream language through my simplification. I transformed the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung into a fast method of instant translation from images into words.

The unconscious mind will give you all the answers you need. Simply write down your dreams in a dream journal, and follow my lessons.

If you need urgent support, I can immediately translate your dreams for you.

My private professional dream translations cost as much as professional translations from any language (made only by words) to another.

Translating the dream symbols contained in a dream into words, and relating this information to the dreamer's life story takes time and concentration. This is a very serious practice. Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is like a surgical operation inside the dreamer's psyche.

However, after my translations I provide you with free psychotherapy and guidance. I answer all your questions. We exchange many email messages. I help you really find salvation thanks to the translation of the meaning of your dreams.

Therefore, another practical solution for you in case you need urgent support and you have no conditions to study the dream language, is to submit your dreams for an online professional dream translation.

Later, you can learn how to translate your dreams yourself, without depending on a dream translator.

I helped the husband of this dentist who committed suicide because her brother was my patient.

Her brother was abandoned by his wife, who left with another man. Her brother and his wife had a 7-years-old boy at that time, who was abandoned too.

I knew the dentist's brother because their mother had a store near mine.

I started helping him overcome his depression and anger after being betrayed, by translating his dreams for him and providing him with psychotherapy. He was the weak one of the family, while his sister seemed to be very strong.

She was a serious professional for many years. She gave advice and support to her brother when his wife abandoned him and their child. However, she, the strong one, committed suicide a few years later.

Translating her husband's dreams, which were all about her, I could understand what had happened to her and why she came to the point of committing suicide. The process is always the same.

Here are the basic steps that lead someone to commit suicide:

* First of all they suffer in their lives as victims of other people's cruelty.

* Then the anti-conscience, their wild, evil, and primitive conscience, starts sending them many absurd ideas and feelings, taking advantage of their revolt because they were injured by others.

* As they follow the absurd suggestions of the anti-conscience they make many mistakes in life. In the end they see themselves imprisoned in a labyrinth of problems that have no solution.

* The anti-conscience starts then sending them many suicidal thoughts, besides depression and fear.

* They completely lose their human conscience, which was destroyed by the absurdity that invaded it. They cannot control their behavior anymore, because their absurd primitive side completely controls their behavior. They are not responsible for their actions. This is why they commit suicide, without caring about anyone.

This young dentist jumped from the top floor of her building, after indifferently passing by her baby who was in the living room, to go to the terrace, and jump.

She abandoned her husband and child without any compassion because her human conscience had been destroyed by her anti-conscience.

She had many traumatic experiences during her first marriage, which made her accept her anti-conscience's absurd suggestions and lose her human conscience.

Whenever you have a suicidal crisis, don't remain alone.

Look for many other people, and tell them how you feel.

Complain about your horrible situation.

Create a fight, shout; condemn everyone.

You had better show your despair to the world instead of committing suicide without revealing your feelings.

Under normal circumstances, you would obviously avoid such bursts of anger. However, we are talking about complete despair and the decision to take your life.

If you are in such a terrible situation, don't hide your feelings from those who are around you. Show them your despair.

Define your unbearable situation.

Never hide your suicidal thoughts within you if you are in utter despair because the people around you, who may be even causing you serious problems, cannot understand what they are doing against you, even if they give you the impression they do.

I Can Translate Your Dreams for You

Instant Translation from Images into Words

Submit Your Dreams For Instant Professional Dream Translation

You can be immediately relieved from depression by translating the meaning of a single dream through dream interpretation according to the scientific method. You will also learn how to positively transform your personality and develop your intelligence.

If you have no time to study and learn how to immediately translate the meaning of your dreams by yourself, I can translate your dreams for you. Later you'll study dream translation and learn it because it is not difficult after you learn my simplification.

Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday to find immediate help and support in the dream messages.

You'll easily understand what is happening to you and what you have to do thanks to the unconscious guidance in your own dreams.

Later you will study the meaning of dreams with enthusiasm. After my professional translations you will have proof that the meaning of your dreams is very important and really works like free psychotherapy.

Professional Dream Translation

Find more details about the scientific method of dream interpretation and the fast treatment through dream therapy at

Online Therapy - Finding a Dream Translator.

Christina Sponias

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at:

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

Some people might cut their finger while cutting the bread with a knife, or fall down the stairs because they get distracted by something.

Depending on the severity of the consequences of their inattention, they may even laugh at their stupidity.

They don't pay attention to all these accidents if they happen only once in a while. They believe that they are normal people. They don't even realize how often these accidents occur.

However, these accidents don't happen by chance or only because they are distracted.

First of all, the fact that they are distracted when we should be very careful already indicates these people don't have the right attitude in life.

Those who experience several accidents in their daily lives shall not be considered "just a bit vague". They suffer from many accidents all the time because they have a hidden suicidal tendency.

Depending to which psychological they may belong to, they will have completely different reactions to the same stimuli. Their reactions are also based on their personal traumas.

Those who belong to introverted psychological types are more vulnerable to suicidal tendencies because they care too much about their own ideas and feelings.

The victims of hidden suicidal tendencies live under unbearable conditions, or accept horrible situations, without understanding that they have to react, and stop accepting what is harmful. Their pain is gradually killing their psyche. This is why want to die.

However, they know that they are not logically allowed to commit suicide. This desire is condemned by their human conscience.

All suicidal tendencies are generated by the wild side of their brain: their anti-conscience. While they seem to merely have a tendency to be negligent, they have in fact a hidden suicidal tendency, which can actually kill them at any time.

They need urgent psychotherapy. Dream therapy will help them discover the real reasons of their negligence, and find sound mental health.

How else can I help you?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      jesus died for you cause he love you so much , turn to the bible .read the word. and you will find freedom . the bible got all the answers you are looking for turn to jesus . not man

    • sponias lm profile imageAUTHOR

      sponias lm 

      7 years ago

      @makglifeasier12: I visited your lens. Congratulations for creating a wonderful first lens with helpful advice!

    • makglifeasier12 profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow, very very interesting. I have made a lens about /My Story/ "A Life of Depression". If you would, take a look. I found your lens on my "Explore related pages". I myself have realized that my dream at times have made me feel a certain way. I really like you lens. Jeff

    • spiritualll profile image


      8 years ago

      The person who commits suicide doesn't even realize that after such a death one suffers even more. This is the tragic and horrible destiny produced by Satan.

      Most people don't even realize how controlled are by their Anti-Conscience. They think that they have perfect control over their human conscience and they will never come to the edge of commiting suicide. Even the people who know that they are sick don't want to believe that their condition can get easly worse and they might be advised by their Anti-Conscience to commit suicide, byour wild part who interfers in our thoughts pretending that these are our thoughts.


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