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Bicycle Trailers for Babies and Toddlers

Updated on November 3, 2016

Promoting Healthy Activity By Biking With Your Kids

Biking is an excellent hobby if you want to stay active.

It's fantastic for your health and a clean and environment-friendly way to travel.

Taking kids out to instill regular exercise routines can be developed in children very early on.

After my kids turned years old, they loved riding in a trailer. It was fun for them to see the environment go by through the screen.

You can also take them out to enjoy the outdoors by taking them along on bike trips.

It also gives you an opportunity to share nature and the rest of the world with your young one.

These are activities that children remember for a long time to come and getting out into the outdoors is an important part of natural development.

Below are some bike trailers that give you the opportunity to bring your children with you on your next outdoor adventure.

Croozer 525 Double Child Bicycle Trailer

Croozer 2 Person Trailer
Croozer 2 Person Trailer

The Croozer 525 bike trailer is a great choice for families with two small children. This trailer can fit up to two kids with a combined weight of 100 lbs on its 20-inch wheels.

If you're busy and don't like wasting time trying to figure out how to assemble things after you buy it, then the Croozer is going to provide some relief. It folds and assembles with just a simple patented technique that provides storage or transport.

Each of this trailer's two seats has a 5-point padded harness for the safety and comfort of its passengers. The harness also provides that added reassurance, especially if you have children that are under one year of age.

That support of a five point harness provides stability, including when riding over various terrain or taking turns around a bend.

The Croozer 525 also has bumpers in front and in the back ensuring that the children inside will stay safe as their parents pull them along on their bikes.

This trailer also has a low-center of gravity to make sure that the weight is still distributed well if the trailer is used for just one child.

This trailer can also be used a stroller. A handlebar can be attached on top near the back of the trailer and a 360 degree wheel attaches in the front for easy steering.

Having a trailer that is all weather, ensures that you and the kids can enjoy a stroll any time of year. To help protect the little ones, the 525 has a weather cover which serves a dual purpose. It protect the children from both rain and sun.

In general, if you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll also appreciate that this trailer has the ability to be dismantled from the bike frame and it makes a great accessory to take with you on hikes or jogs out on the trail.

Aosom 2in1 Double Baby Bike Trailer / Stroller

This lightweight Aosom baby bike trailer says it all in its name. It's a bike trailer that can be converted into a stroller making it a two-in-one item and it can fit up to two children which is why it's called a double.

It has a 5-point harness to keep its passengers snug and safe.The Aosom 2in1 Elite can carry a maximum weight of 57 lbs so this is perfect for families with very small children, 18 months or older to be specific.

It has a canopy that protects kids from rain and too much sun.

This trailer has 20-inch wheels on the sides and a 12-inch wheel in the front for mobility. It has a light yet sturdy frame that can be folded easily making it portable and easy to bring around.

Once folded, the trailer can fit in most car trunks so there’s no need to worry about moving this around. If you’re done biking and you just want to walk around, you can convert the trailer into a stroller without any tools.

An extra feature of this trailer is its storage area in the back. It should be noted that this trailer is not recommended for bikes with quick release wheels.

There are a few negatives to the Aosom 2in1 Elite that several customers have noted. First, the wheels in the front tend to get wobbly and need to be retightened after a few hours of use. Second, the instructions could be better written so that people can better understand how to operate it.

For these reasons, I’d recommend going with Instep or Croozer instead, unless you just want to get the cheapest one on the market. Understandably, children only stay small for a short period of time, but I would rather have something durable and useful that go cheap.

InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

The InStep Sync is specifically made for the active family with one child. The trailer is about half the size of other competitors 2 person versions.

A safety flag attaches to the back so that you and your baby are visible to others on the road. The plastic sides roll down to allow for maximum air flow and ventilation when it's warm outside, but maintains warmth on cool days by simply zipping up the sides.

It has 16-inch wheels on the sides that are stylish and functional. The tires are pneumatic which means they are built with the common reinforced rubber and air that is compressed like those standard on bikes.

With its two-in-one canopy, your child will be protected from harsh weather and other unwanted things like bugs flying into the trailer.

The InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer attaches to most bikes with its versatile coupler.

The unique feature to the Sync is ability to fold ultra small and compact. That means easy storage in almost any trunk space without having to bust out some tools to break it down.

A smooth ride is necessary for maximum comfort of the children inside but also important for the person doing the towing. With the Sync, there is no jerking or pulling that occurs with some of the larger carriers, just quick maneuvering around corners and low tension on the person running or towing.

The Sync is also multi-functional. It can be used both with bicycles and with joggers. The ability to tow this behind even a jogger is something unique and useful, as many active parents are looking for new ways to include their children in the activities or exercise they pursue to maintain good health.

This is a great choice for families with small children, but because of the compact size, it's not recommended for bigger toddlers.

Final Considerations

Getting your kids into biking at a young age is so important. After you introduce them to the sport using one of the trailers, they can clearly and easily see what's it is like to pedal around the neighborhood.

Watching you ride a bike is a great way for them to learn some of the fundamentals of riding themselves, making the learning process fun and easy.

Have You Used a Bicycle Trailer Before? Share Your Experience Below.

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