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What Is Inspired Living App?

Updated on March 12, 2013

The Inspired Living App

Personal Development is the conscious choice to improve one's life to become a better person and to grow as an individual.

If you're looking to grow into a better person, whether it be to better manage your finances, become a better parent, further your education, or increase your earnings, this personal development app, the Inspired Living App, is for you.

The Inspired Living App (iLA) is made up of two components:

Number One: It's a mobile app that delivers inspirational, motivational, and personal development content to your mobile device each week in the form of a 7-9 minute video. By watching these videos, you're training your mind to think differently which will help you reach new levels of success in life.

Number Two: Offers a very simple and easy compensation plan allowing the average individual to profit from the exploding application industry. iLA is the only app on the market that allows you to make money each month by referral and network marketing already built right into the app.

If you'd like to learn more about iLA's compensation plan, I invite you to visit my iLA website and take a look around, watch some of the videos, and if you decide to join, simply click on "Join Now" in the upper right hand side of the page underneath my name.

Here's the link:

Topics Of Discussion

Videos & Articles

The short motivational videos consist of gifted speakers offering you a wealth of information on a variety of topics relating to personal development. Then, each week when you get a new video, the one before that will be placed in the Archives giving you access to a library of videos at your fingertips for when you need them.

Topics Of The Videos Include:

  • Personal Motivation/Development

  • Time Management

  • Business Development

  • Leadership

  • Wealth Building

  • Financial Management

  • Goal Setting

  • And More

Articles In The Blog Section:

  • "The Power in Praising People"

  • "Coaching and Being Coached"

  • "Stepping Stones"

  • "Reading Is Essential"

  • "Why The World Needs Personal Development"

  • "7 Life Lessons"

These articles are short, easy to read, and very inspirational. My personal favorite is "7 Life Lessons".


Please continue reading to learn the enrollment options with iLA. You can get this app for free, but you will be missing out on all the full benefits. Learn how in the next section.

Enrollment Options

Get It For Free or Pay a Low Monthly Subscription

There are 3 ways for you to get the app. Now, some people may just want the app and not want to earn money with it, this is perfectly fine. See below how to get the app for free, as a retail customer, or as an associate (to make money):

1. Free - Download the free version and get only the weekly video content delivered to your mobile device each week

2. As Retail Customer - $6.95/month - Get weekly video content and access to archives

3. As An Associate - $9.95/month- You must join through an iLA member (like myself) and get:

  • Delivery of the weekly videos

  • Access to the video archives

  • Get you very own personal website

  • Earn from the matrix program

  • Your own virtual back office at iLA

This is a subscription based application of $9.95 per month which is where the revenue comes from. With iLA, there really is no barrier to entry nor is any risk really involved since your paying a low monthly subscription equal to lunch out at a fast food restaurant.

Also, there are no recruiting requirements with iLA. You can get the app, not refer anyone, and still make money. There are no catches or requirements to get paid, either. Also, if you decide it's not for you, you can cancel at any time by calling their toll free phone number, 1-800-956-3421, emailing the request, or clicking the cancel button on your iLA website.

For a better understanding of all this, please visit my website:

Here's the link:

The Modules You Will See

As An Associate

Once you purchase the app as an associate, I'm going to go through what you will see on your mobile device. Of course, when joining for free, you will only have the featured videos delivered to you each week, so only read if you're interested in becoming an iLA Associate.

Home Screen

This will give you instant access to customer support through email and the home address of iLA:

Inspired Living Application, LLC

1018 NE 3rd Street, Suite D

McMinnville, OR 97128

Featured Section

The featured screen will instantly stream the latest Video of the Week, which is available for free if you decide you do not want to take part in becoming an iLA Associate.

Blog Section

Here you will find up to minute news going on behind the scenes at iLA, as well as milestones. This section also contains a list of excellent motivational and inspirational articles for you to read. I have listed them above in the Topics Of Discussion under Articles In The Blog Section.

Vault Section

This is only available to the active members of iLA, Retail and/or Associate. The vault includes the archives of every video featured, bonus media, and special resources. If you have missed one of the videos, the vault is where you go to catch up. It features a library of videos you will always have access to.

Share Section

This is only available to iLA Associates allowing you to easily share the app with others. You will get an automatically created email with an iLA graphic, a link to one of the promo videos, and a link to your own iLA website. You can Instantly share the app with anyone pointing them to your own website!!

As you can see, iLA offers a free version for those who are not interested in sharing it along and making extra money. The fact that you have your own personal website plus all the benefits of the app itself (which are awesome, btw) makes it very affordable to start your own business.

What I've Learned In My 1st Month

I've had iLA for approximately one month now and I'd like to share with you some of the things I've learned from the videos and articles. I watch the videos a few times because they're just loaded with great information. I've learned:

  • that knowledge is wisdom

  • to believe for great things in life
  • the seven life lessons of an evergreen tree - my favorite article
  • when you believe in yourself, you can change, grow, and achieve new levels in life
  • you must take action upon the knowledge in which you are receiving
  • Greg Reid, speaker and best selling Author, says: "You are the same today as you will be in 5 years except for 2 things: the people you meet and the books you read

  • In other words, the people you hang out with and the information you put in your head will determine the person you will become
  • surround yourself with leaders and you'll become one, too
  • having confidence in yourself is the key to success
  • keep smiling

The Blueprint To Success:

1. Have Passion - Ask yourself, "What would I do if I could do it for free?" What's your passion?

2. Talent - What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing?

3. Action - You must take action each day towards your goals, even little steps will just get you that closer to reaching them

4. Association - You are a direct reflection of the people you associate with the most (remember, surround yourself with leaders and you will become one, too)

5. Faith - Have confidence and believe in yourself

The messages you get from the videos and articles are just powerful for your mind. I encourage anyone who needs to change their lives for the better and who want to grow into a better person, to get this app. Then, there's the added benefits of the compensation plan. That's why they call iLA, the app that pays in so many ways!!

Ready To Join?

If after reading this lens, you're convinced and want to join iLA as an Associate, please visit my website and click on "Join Now" on the right hand side underneath my name. Hope to see you inside!!

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    • OldCowboy profile image

      OldCowboy 4 years ago

      Love it, Melissa! You have it this one out of the park! Keep up the great work. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Have you shared this over at the Hangout? If not, email me and I will be sure to give you an invite.

      Great way to let folks know what iLA is and how it has helped you in your life. Hope to see you around the Squid pond.