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Do you have a Pain in the Neck? The Power of the Titanium Necklace

Updated on August 4, 2013

TheTitanium Necklace makes a Great Gift for those that may be in Pain.

If you have a pain in the neck, other than the person you are living with, you may want to read about these necklaces.

Worn by both men and women and now even children, titanium necklaces and jewelry, especially the ones made by Phiten, have been proven to alleviate many pains in necks, shoulders and somehow, it has helped me to relax my whole body.

I had one of these years ago and it seemed to help me with pain. I don't know why I never bought another until recently.

There are claims that they help in blood circulation which enhances the brain and any other organ you have encapsulated in your body. The company also claims that they work against radiation and also keep you from being fatigued.

While I am not sure what they are doing, I do know that they work for me. I don't think it is a placebo effect and if I can do anything to alleviate those little discomforts, I will.

They come in various colors and styles, sure to suit any taste.

Take a look around and thanks for stopping by.

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What is Titanium and Why does it have Healing Properties?

Is it similar to Kryptonite?

No, it's not like Kryptonite. Isn't that supposed to make you feel weaker instead of stronger?

Titanium was discovered in the late 19th Century in Great Britain. It is a chemical metal that is extremely light, yet dense and corrosion-resistant. It is used in large quantity in sea-water metals, due to the fact that it is corrosion resistant.

Titanium necklaces work by taking your body's system of energy to supposedly align the body. When you are tired and in pain, the body is no longer in alignment and titanium works to stop the disruption of the alignment flow.

I am not sure about the scientific explanation but I know it works. Many think that they are just popular because of the placebo effect that they have.

They became wildly popular in 2001 when Major League Baseball great Randy Johnson started wearing one after visiting Japan and believing in their effect. Thousands of sports personalities now wear them.

I wear one and it helps me and I will try anything that works. You may have different results but I recommend that you try. They also make bracelets and other jewelry. I have included some links below.

A $20.00 or less investment may be just what you need to decrease pain in your body.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Randy Johnson started the Titanium Necklace Craze in Sports after a Visit to Japan in 2001

Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson

This is the Phiten Camouflage Necklace that I Own

Phiten Camouflage Necklace
Phiten Camouflage Necklace

The Phiten Camouflage Necklace that I Purchased from Amazon - On Sale!

Phiten Titanium Necklace, Camouflage in Dark Brown, 26 Inches
Phiten Titanium Necklace, Camouflage in Dark Brown, 26 Inches

This is the model that I own.

While it does sell out, please look at the other styes, colors and lengths through this link and others on this page.

These come in various lengths. The standard is 22 inches or less but they do have them in 26 inches. Mine is that length. If you have a large neck, like I do, the 22 inch model may make it feel more like a choker.

I highly recommend that you try one of these. This is not a substitute for a Doctor's advice, but I don't know of any Doctors who would say that it would hurt you, but please check with yours first!


Another Photo of My Phiten Titanium Necklace

Phiten Camouflage Necklace
Phiten Camouflage Necklace

Magneto and Titanium Man by Paul McCartney - Music to browse by

Titanium Neckaces and You

Had you heard of titanium necklaces before today?

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What are your Thoughts on Titanium Jewelry and it's Healing Properties

Do you believe that titanium jewelry is beneficial and has healing properties?

Some say that the Titanium Necklaces feel like a Million Little Fingers Massaging the Neck and Shoulders - Did it give you that effect?

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      Birthday Wishes 5 years ago from Here

      I don't know it yet, but I will try them out! Thanks for sharing this amazing lens!

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      Well.. that would be cool if it did.. thanks for introducing us! Blessed!