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What to do about my cataract eye surgery situation

Updated on April 27, 2014

Among the most common eye illnesses is cataracts. It is very prevalent in elderly people; nevertheless, it can be seen in young individuals if they've taken an inhaled steroid, if they've received an excessive amount of direct exposure to ultraviolet lighting, especially if they smoke, or if they have diabetes. Cataracts can be seen in children, however it's really unusual. Really the only time children may get cataracts is when there's a genetic disease or an enzyme deficit.

The ophthalmologist is usually the skilled eye professional that would diagnose cataracts. One of the first clues to suffering from cataracts is always that the sufferer complains of a cloudy vision. Changes in the eyes proteins during the course of many years are the main cause of cataracts in a large number of patients.

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When a person is experiencing cataracts, they may tell the physician that it's as though they're looking through a dirty window. Other symptoms and signs that people that have cataracts may complain about is sensitivity to the sun, difficulty driving a car at night due to the oncoming car headlights, along with a difference in color vision, as well as reduced eyesight. When the affected individual complains of these problems, the doctor will test their eyesight. Increased myopia is a really commonplace indication of cataracts. Looking through a dirty windowpane is one of the ways that individuals encountering cataracts describes their eyesight.


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