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About Stress Effects

Updated on September 19, 2012

Definition of stress

If you are looking for an aswer on question what is stress, you came to the right place. A corporeal, chemical, or poignant feature that causes physical or psychological nervousness and might be an aspect in disease causation; a situation emerging from stress; particularly: one of physical or psychological tension emerging from factors that have a propensity to change an existing symmetry. Two aspects to mull over about strain are, stress might cause corporal or mental anxiety that might be a reason in disease causation and stress could vary a "current stability."

respond to stress
respond to stress

How to respond

You must have heard about "flight or clash" response to stress. When faced with intense risk you may run or to rise and battle. The mouth becomes desiccated and additional blood goes to the bigger muscles inside the body to contain utilizing our legs to jog, and the arms to guard us from injury. Don't bear too much - remain pragmatic about what you could do easily. Don't be frightened to twist things down as you believe you might miss on an endorsement. Try to acquire some down-time - permit yourself to detach from daily realism. Engage in your hobby or any other type of recreation. Engage in physical workouts. You can also play a game of table tennis, carom, chess or even squash. You can also go for a meal outside or a latest movie. Try to obtain enjoyment as existence is not constantly serious. Pamper yourself - if you had a hard day at office or home, have a hot bath and expend a few hours drenching your tired body and just reading an interesting novel.

what is causing stress
what is causing stress

What is causing stress

The bulk of individuals believe that stress is due to external conditions and somewhat not within their command. While it's accurate that strain is the consequence of external conditions and circumstances but it is how you would respond to a condition that may lead to stress. Have you ever observed how dissimilar individuals react in a different way to the similar situations? That must clear elements for you. The only aspect that's vital for you to understand is that stress is within a human body and not outside.

smile and stress
smile and stress

Smile may be associated with stress

When you actually smile the face muscles tends to unwind and excite a fraction of the brain that unwinds and makes people joyful. And the finest element is that you can even fake it! A false smile has roughly comparable effects as a genuine smile. You might have observed this at the start of this article. One more advantage of smile is that smile is very infectious. When you grin at somebody, it is approximately impractical for an individual observing you not to smile. When somebody smiles at you, you feel better.

without stress
without stress

Prevent stress

You should not wait for strain to smack you for you to grin. Immediately make it a goal to replicate the above mentioned exercise. If you do that, the smile proportion will amplify and you'll recover your lost sagacity of wittiness. You will then discover yourself chuckling at aspects which you formerly would not have. Existence will be delightful and life situations that might bother you will no longer trouble you.

Stress at work - It's funny how looking at people under stress could also help you relax!

Take a look at this video and you will see ;)


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    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      7 years ago

      It's true, even a fake smile will work towards getting the brain out of fight or flight.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I agree with mojweb, stress is the number 1 killer and the source of sickness and all sorts of health disorders. We must learn to come to rest even when on the go.

    • mojweb profile image


      7 years ago

      Stress is killer no 1


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