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The Amazing Benefits of Oolong Tea

Updated on July 31, 2017

Oolong Tea is loaded with amazing benefits - managing obesity, protecting the heart and providing a healthy skin. This article is about how oolong tea is prepared from the Camellia sinensis plant and its wide ranging benefits on health.

Oolong Tea Proffers A Host of Health Benefits

Boost your Health

Oolong tea is derived from the plant Camellia sinensis; and exerts several noteworthy health benefits. The health benefits of oolong tea are attributed to the presence of potent anti oxidants that act as powerful free radical scavengers and destroyers, and ward off innumerable diseases.

What’s more, oolong tea and weight loss go hand in hand; the tea helps you to stay in good shape always.

How is Oolong Tea Prepared

The name ‘Oolong’ is derived from the Chinese word that means ‘black dragon; and is also known as the ‘Wu Long’ Tea.

Obtained from Camellia sinensis plant, the leaves undergo some level of oxidation that places it in-between the black tea and the green tea. It has a dark brownish color. The raw leaves are sun-wilted, and the leaves get oxidized and start to turn brown.

The leaves are allowed to oxidize incompletely, thus giving them a rich, floral flavor. The leaves are then dried; oolong tea’s distinctive drying process creates the tea that offers numerous outstanding health benefits.

Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

Oolong tea has been used extensively to manage obesity and over weightedness. It will help you get rid of unwanted weight quickly and naturally. It perks up metabolic activity and burns fat rapidly, thus reducing fat deposits. Oolong tea is packed with catechin polyphenols, which burn fat and facilitates shedding of pounds of surplus weight. It is an excellent support to your weight loss program. Here are some facts:

  • Studies and trials state that if you have a cup of oolong tea, you will burn approximately 80 more calories per day than you would otherwise.
  • Consuming oolong tea on a daily basis along with a specialized carb-controlled diet promises quick, as well as lasting weight loss benefits.
  • The tea boosts metabolism and provides you with a burst of energy, thereby fighting fatigue and exhaution, which is commonly associated with other weight loss programs.
  • A weight loss regimen ought to incorporate a healthy diet and regular exercise; however, including oolong tea in to the regime will give you faster and more visible results.

Oolong Tea Helps Burn Belly Fat

Oolong Promotes Heart Health

A List of the Amazing Oolong Tea Benefits

Oolong tea has several other health benefits which include enhancing cardiac health and maintaining a healthy and youthful skin:

  1. Oolong tea promotes cardiac health: Oolong tea helps decrease blood cholesterol levels substantially. It decreases LDL and triglyceride levels and prevents atherosclerosis. Oolong tea helps keep the blood pressure level normal as well. Also, oolong tea, used in combination with oral hypoglycemic drugs helps maintain normal serum glucose levels.
  2. Oolong tea gives you a healthy and beautiful skin: Oolong tea has cosmetic benefits as well; it helps manage cases of allergic reactions such as psoriasis and eczema effectively. The tea treats a range of dermatological conditions and also enhances your complexion.
  3. Oolong tea checks tooth decay: Oolong tea inhibits the activity of the enzymes of the bacteria streptococci and checks the development of plaque. Plaque results in dental caries and tooth decay.


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