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What's Scarier Than A Haunted House?

Updated on October 25, 2015
Those scary dentists!
Those scary dentists! | Source

A Trip To The Dentist!

Dental visits tend to resolve a lot of issues like toothaches but they can cause some extreme anxiety. Some folks would rather choose the scariest haunted house over a visit to one of these skilled practitioners.

Did you know that Dr. Kevorkian started his morbid career a dentist? The original Little Shop Of Horrors features Steve Martin as a sadistic dental practitioner. Thankfully, the dentist you visit today has your health and piece of mind in his concerns. I know mine did when I went in for a root canal not too long ago.

What is it about dental visits that make us squirm?

Why Does A Dentist Scare Us?

Is it the noise?

Is it the smell of the tooth decay spraying up in the air as they scrape and tug and drill?

Is it the fear of pain we know we might feel as we lay helpless in that chair?

Is it those chunks of tooth on the backs of our tongues or is it the blood that will run?

Is it that needle?

Dental Anxiety

What exactly scares you in a dentists office?

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Ria B in the dentist's chair
Ria B in the dentist's chair | Source

Dental Visit

Root Canal

That tooth is throbbing again and it is time to see the dentist. Oh, my. Years ago, when I was a teenager, a filling was used in a top back molar that had a cavity in it. It fell out last summer and since it had not been bothering me and I let it go. That is up until about 10 days ago. Now, I have waited too long and I must do something about the pain.

I have had other teeth extracted, but this one I have decided to save. My only option is a root canal. The damage is too deep. These things happen as we get older; it is a fact of life. I am too determined to keep my natural teeth than have them yanked out one by one and replaced with dentures. Ok, so I am a little vain about that but the false teeth can wait. The better I care for my teeth the longer they will last.

My teeth have taken a lot of abuse over the years. Sugary drinks, like colas, and soft chewy candies etch and wear down the enamel coating of a tooth. This makes them sensitive to hot and cold eventually and and leaves them vulnerable to dental caries or cavities. If left untreated this can be very painful as we all know. I would rather bravely endure a dental procedure than suffer from a tooth ache any longer.

That is why I am here.

My arrival at the dentist begins with a chipper greeting from the front desk staff. They welcome me as a new patient and I sit down with the forms they hand me and I sit and fill in all the blanks on the paper. I sign my name where it is required and hand the forms back to that smiley cute gal behind the desk. Oh, they are so welcoming as you hear that buzzing, whirring noise in the back ground. Is that what scares us about a dentist?

I'll try to read my book while I tune out that drill noise. I know what that thing is. I know what it is doing. And I know why that lady is so nice to me behind the desk as she smiles at me with sympathy. I get to be the next person that dentist is going to torture.

I will be facing a root canal today. Now, that is scary stuff.

Dental Tools - This is a scary sight!

Here we see a Mayo tray with tools and gadgets. Some folks pass out at the sight of a needle. Does this scare you?
Here we see a Mayo tray with tools and gadgets. Some folks pass out at the sight of a needle. Does this scare you? | Source

Dental Tools For The Home - A Few Dollars Of Prevention

A few dollars spent on the prevention of dental problems is worth the price of not having to go to a dentist. There are tools and gadgets you can use at home to promote good dental hygiene and put off tooth problems. Start the kids early on caring for their teeth and they will keep good habits throughout their lifetime.

Make sure they brush their teeth really well when they get done with all of that Halloween Candy!

First We Take The X-Rays

Does the dreaded xray machine scare you?
Does the dreaded xray machine scare you? | Source

Dental Assistant Taking Xrays


My Xrays Are Ready - Xray Films

It seems forever before these films are ready. This is a sign I am going to see.....
It seems forever before these films are ready. This is a sign I am going to see..... | Source

The Dentist!

Is it having to talk like gglgugglg lgguglgg through out your remedy in the dental chair that scares you?
Is it having to talk like gglgugglg lgguglgg through out your remedy in the dental chair that scares you? | Source

Scene From Little Shop Of Horrors - Steve Martin's Role As The Dentist

Little Shop Of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

Crazy movie, catchy jingle! This is one of the all time classic horror movies!


Those Scary Rotary Files - Dental Tools

Dental Files
Dental Files | Source

When I was younger I had root canal work on a lower molar so I knew what to expect this time around. Back then they inserted silver wires, known as points, to support the crown. A crown is an artificial tooth designed to replace the chewing surface that will be drilled away with this procedure. It will be held all together with a medical epoxy for use in the human body.

The modern dental point is made of a medicinal rubbery plastic. It is sent into the drilled out "canal" your dentist creates and then is fused or melted into place. Metals in dental work tend to corrode and break down after a time. They can also cause allergic reactions. This is a new technology at work.

The dentist files out the center of the tooth where the nerve runs through. That nerve has been exposed and that is the source of my toothache. This in itself is a disturbing part of the procedure. My mother compared this with having a wall built in the back of her mouth and she is right. It does feel like they are doing some major construction when they are in there.

The tissue and tooth matter is removed by way of tiny drill bits and files. The delicate tools have threads on them similar to wood screws.

A dentist had to be very patient and have strong hands and nimble fingers. The knack for tedious projects is a plus.

While I know a dentist can be intimidating and uncomfortable, it is best to know about your procedure before they start so you know how to be a good patient. The more you can relax, the easier the work can be done.

Just try to let your mind go and cooperate the best you can.

Share your scariest dentist story with us. These tales truly can be scarier than ghost stories and haunted houses combined!

I would like to thank my dental office for allowing me to take these pictures. They were very cooperative and so was I through out the whole procedure.

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