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When Is The Most Ideal Time Of Day To Do Yoga?

Updated on December 26, 2015

Morning Yoga with Julia

Why Is Time Important?

A yoga practitioner cannot expect to see noticeable results from the practice of yoga unless they have dedicated themselves into its regular practice. Hence, establishing a routine is highly advised. But this is often easier said than done given the hectic schedule most people have on a daily basis. Your time is often consumed with work or household responsibilities that allotting time for yoga is often an impossibility.

A more difficult challenge that yogis had to face would be in terms of picking the best time to practice of yoga. Although you are free to choose the time of day that you find most convenient to do yoga, some offer more benefits than the other. So, if you want to maximize your use of time, you need to opt for the ones that offer optimum benefits into your yoga routine.

Morning Yoga

Yoga in the Morning

Most people are energized in the morning, mostly because at this point of the day the surrounding is still in serene state. It is also for this same reason and more that expert yogis suggest that doing yoga in the morning is most ideal for your routine. This time of day is also considered as sacred by Sanskrit discipline, such that you can gain more benefits when you practice yoga in the morning as compared to any other times during the day.

If you want to do morning yoga, you need to get up out of bed at least 30 minutes or as much as 2 hours prior to your usual bedtime. When you do, your energy level is still at its peak and your mind is still at ease. Therefore, you can practice with lesser disturbances (internal or external) and you can get more out of your practice. Performing yoga exercises will also give your body a boost so you can have more energy to fulfill your tasks for that day. This is best suggested for individuals who lead a hectic schedule since setting aside time for yoga at any other point in the day might lead to neglect of your routine.

Quick Yoga Series for the Morning or Afternoon

Yoga in the Middle of the Day

Although rare, there are still a few people who prefer practicing yoga in the middle of the day. This is more common among stay at home moms who spend the morning and evening attending to chores at home. It is only during middle of the day when the kids are at school or the husband is the office, wherein she has free time to allot to doing yoga. It is also ideal for revitalizing your energy so you can continue on with your activities for the rest of the day.

Yoga in the Afternoon

Yoga performed during this time of day is unlike most regular yoga sessions since it is typically much shorter, often involving only meditation and concentration. This is best suited for working individuals who are constantly affected by high levels of stress such their mental performance starts to dip. Hence, essential oils are aromatherapy candles are often lighted to assist in the process of meditation to soothe both mind and body. This is made possible as the entire room is infused with the aromatic essences of the oil, further facilitating in the act of meditation.

With the combination of healing oils and meditation, you are able to eliminate stress and restore efficacy at work.


Yoga During Night or Evening

Next to morning yoga, this is the second most popular time of day when yoga is practiced for equally significant but highly different results. Like afternoon yoga, this is also the preferred time of day to devote into yoga for working individuals. Aside from the availability of time, it can have profound impact on your mind and body, which is why it is ideal for people who are constantly exposed to a lot of stress on a regular basis.

Evening is the time wherein your body and mind enters its resting phase. Therefore, performing yoga will help to reinforce your ability to relax and enjoy inner peace. One discrepancy to doing morning yoga is that internal distractions might pervade as you constantly have to worry about what you need to get accomplished for the day. On the contrary, evening yoga puts all those worries away after a day full of work and you have nothing else to worry about but putting your body to rest. It is therefore ideal for those who have sleeping disorders due to stress and doing yoga and meditation can reduce exhaustion (mental and physical) so you can bring back all energy you lost during the day.

Best time to practice yoga

Lifestyle Yoga

Deciding on the Best Time To Practice Yoga

People have different reasons why they do yoga. And this reason will ultimately affect your decision on the frequency of your yoga practice, the type of exercises you perform, and also the time of day allotted for your yoga practice. Now that you have understood how each time of day dedicated for yoga practice can produce different results, you can now have something to use when determining how you can establish your own routine.

In some cases, you need to come up with your own guidelines that will help you decide as to the best time to do yoga during the day. By doing so, you can optimize your efforts such that you reap the best possible results through your practice. Below are some important guidelines you need to consider.

Daily Schedule

One factor that you can use to decide on the best time of day to practice yoga is your own schedule, especially for working individuals. For busy people, you can then determine when is your free time during the day. To better evaluate your choices, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many minutes or hours per day can I allot to practicing yoga?
  • How intense should each yoga session be?
  • Is it enough to do meditation for a few minutes each day? Or do you need a more dedicated practice?
  • Can you wake up early in the morning to do yoga? Or do you have enough energy by the end of the day to still practice yoga?

Personal Preferences

This factor will vary from one individual to another, so make sure to truly evaluate your own needs and preferences to ensure that you can get the most out of your yoga practice. But whatever you need to do, avoid settling for the times of the day wherein you are free. You also have to consider whether you are comfortable in doing yoga during that particular day. Your senses have to be at ease, which will enable you to practice it efficiently. After all, experts agree that your comfort level plays an important role in enabling you to reach the proper mindset needed for this journey.

And once you have chosen a specific time of day for doing yoga, you need to commit yourself into it. The need to regularly practice yoga cannot be overemphasized for one to enjoy its benefits.

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