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Where to Buy Monster Energy Drinks in Bulk

Updated on January 4, 2013

Monster is the trendy and popular "tall can" beverage of choice for many caffeine junkies and was one of the first companies to introduce the over-sized value can. Prior to the release of Monster, most energy drinks were known primarily for their small size and high price point (you can sidestep this when you buy in bulk).

Monster shook up the standard in the industry by bringing us the 10-ounce mega can that has caught on like wildfire and forced industry leading brands such as Red Bull to follow suit with their own over-sized product. The company creates a special niche by giving consumers a beverage that combines a smooth and easy-to-drink flavor with ingredients that can jump-start even the slowest of days.

Some of the key ingredients include Taurine, Ginseng, B Vitamins, along with a special proprietary energy blend. Weighing in at 100 calories per serving for the original version, it offers a great energy boost without the bloat that often comes along with colas and traditional soda beverages.

In response to the demand from health conscious consumers, the original version was quickly followed by the release of Monster Blue which is a low carb edition, containing just 10 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving while retaining all the popular energy boosting ingredients found in the original. If energy shots are your thing, they also have the 3 ounce Hitman Shooter to challenge the wildly popular 5 Hour Energy. This is an ideal option for those of you who want a lot of punch in a small and portable package.

Where to Buy in Bulk

Like most energy enhancing beverages, they are a bit pricey if you buy them one at a time in gas stations and convenience stores. If you are going to drink them on a regular basis like I do, the best way to save a ton of money is to buy them in bulk.

By doing so, you can actually get your per unit cost down to almost the wholesale level. Best of all, you don't have to own your own business or have a resale license to buy this way.

Anyone can get volume pricing on energy drinks if you know where to look. The equation is fairly simple here, the more you buy at one time; the more you are going to save. Instead of forking over several dollars per can, you cut the price you pay in many cases down to under $2 each.

You can save even more on the shots which can retail for close to $4 each. When you buy these in case quantities, you can get the price all the way down to around $1.90. While this may not sound like a lot of money at first glance, it really adds up quickly when you take a closer look at the math. If your local corner store is selling them for $3.75 and buying them for $1.90, that's a difference of $1.85 each so by the time they sell just a single case of 60 shots, that's a profit of over $110!

I've even seen college students turn this into a nice part-time business by purchasing them in bulk and selling them to other students directly or through vending machines. I recently read a story about a college student who went around to the fraternity houses on his college campus and made arrangements to put in a vending machine and within a few weeks, he was selling over 800 cans per week and bringing in a weekly part-time income of $1500! As you can see, these beverages are big business for those who are selling them at retail prices.

Buyer's Guide to Saving Money

The answer for consumers to avoid spending a fortune for that caffeine fix is to buy in bulk and stay away from those impulse purchases that can sting your wallet. This strategy doesn't just apply to Monster, the same holds true for the other hot beverages such as Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, Full Throttle, and Rockstar as well.

One of my favorite places to buy is Amazon. Here, you get a variety of reliable sellers competing head-to-head for business which usually results in very competitive pricing combined with the dependable shipping and customer service shoppers have come to expect from them. Another tip that can save you some hard-earned cash is to buy several cases at a time and take advantage of combined shipping. You will usually end up better off by ordering 3 or 4 cases and paying for shipping just once instead of ordering just one case every time you start to run low.

I often find myself consuming several of these per day and it amazes me just how fast I go through them! By sticking to the smart shopping tips above, you can stretch your budget much farther and always have a good supply of Monster on hand for your next late night paper or get together with friends. Like I always tell my husband, I may run out of money but I will NEVER run out of my favorite drink!

Shooters in Bulk


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    • profile image

      Darren 6 years ago

      I am looking to buy Uk red bull in Bulk - as much as possible - regular containerloads. Anyone have any idea where to source this quantity. Prices would need to be tight.

    • saif113sb profile image

      saif113sb 6 years ago

      Great information hub. thanks

    • profile image

      Juan Hernandez 7 years ago

      Can anyone help me find out about monster sponsoring a semi team? The teams name is North Texas Lightning

    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      Thank you soo much for your post. I knew that selling monster would be profitable but I didn't know where to start. Thank you, now I can start bringing in money =D much needed money at that..