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Which Pill Box is Best For You?

Updated on May 20, 2015

Don't Knock the Pill Box!

Becoming chronically ill has given me a large amount of insight into the importance and necessity of the right pill box. Pill boxes are not all the same you know. They differ as much as the amount and types of medication in them. Deciding what type of box is perfect for your needs can be extremely helpful when you suddenly find yourself thrown in to a new medication regimen. Having your pills in sight and ready to be taken means no excuse for not taking them. So do yourself a favor and get serious about remembering and taking your medications.

Recommending the 7-Day PushButton Pill Drawer Organizer

7 Day Pushbutton Drawer Pill Organizer
7 Day Pushbutton Drawer Pill Organizer

If you take an obscene amount of pills per day (I mean 20+) then this is the case for you. The extra deep drawers are designed to hold all of your pills and the locking mechanism prevents any accidental pill spillage from happening. Unfortunately, there is no separation for different pill times in a daily drawer. However, not having to carry around an extra huge pillbox is completely worth it.


The 7-Day Portable Pill Box - You Take Your Pills Once-a-Day

If you take several pills all at one time during the day (e.g. you take two prescriptions in the morning) then consider getting a simple weekly pillbox with one slot per day or a simple pill case to just hold numerous pills at one time. Never feel obligated to pick a pill box based on its medicinal look. So what if it contains your medication, it can still be stylish!

4 Times Per Day, 7 Days A Week Medical Organizer - You Take Your Pills at Different Times

Many people who take a large amount of pills a day should consider a pillbox which separates into different times throughout the day. Most go along the lines of morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Some actually have specific hours or times recommended. I highly recommend this route if you are just getting used to a new pill schedule. Having the right pills in the right time slot will help you remember and get used to getting in the swing of things.

The Alarm Pill Box - You Have Trouble Remembering to Take Your Pills

I remember when I first started taking pills how difficult it was to always remember to take them. When you are not used to something and you get busy, it is very easy to forget. Luckily, someone had the genius idea of inventing pill boxes with alarms to remind you. I suppose it might get annoying but it will condition you to take them. Even if it's just to get the alarm to shut off.

The Monthly Pill Organizer/31 Day Reminder - You Like to Plan A Month Ahead

Some people like to have pills laid out for a month at a time. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is a good way to make sure you have enough of a prescription. For those who like the one-month-system, here are some options for you to try. They may not be as fancy as the small pillboxes but they will do a great job of getting you organized for the month.

The DEEP compartment Pill Box - You Take a LOT of Pills

For those of us taking a large amount of pills, at least ten, you are most likely in need of a very large pill box. The type which have deep trays and large amounts of storage. In your case, time separated slots is less an issue than just being able to get all your pills in one box. If you find yourself using more than one box for your pills, you are sorely in need of an upgrade to the large size. Deep compartments are going to be your best bet for getting all those pills nicely in place.

The Stylish Keychain Pill Box - You Must Have Your Pill(s) On You

If you need to carry a specific pill or pills with you and do not want to take a huge pill box then fear not! There are special options available just for you. They do not scream "I'm sick!" and keep your pills close at hand. Just remember to wear an I.D. bracelet if a situation arises where you need the medication and someone has to help you. This is one time when you do want people to know you have your pills on you.

You. The Pill Box.

Which Pill Box is For You?

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The Travel Pill Box and Organizer - You Travel a Lot With Your Pills

"I was on vacation" is no longer an excuse to not take your pills and should never have been. Now there are pill cases specifically for travel. You can rest assured your pills won't be rolling around outside the case in your suitcase. These have been designed to take the wear and tear of travel and keep your medication in perfect condition all trip long.

The Medical Prescription Travel Bag - Keep Your Pills on the Down Low

No one needs to know you are a walking pharmacy. Keep your pills a discreet business. You are not being shady, you are protecting your medicinal privacy and there is no reason it should not be in style. You do not need to walk around with one of those old-fashioned white boxes with a red plus on them (think MASH era). Today's medical cases can even be stylish. So travel with your pills in style.

The Pill Box Which Wasn't - Now that's one amazing pill box!

Amazon surprised me with a selection of unusual and pretty pill boxes. I decided to give a salute to them by showcasing my favorite choice.

Black Piano Keepsake Box Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Trinket Pill Box Figurine Collectible…
Black Piano Keepsake Box Swarovski Crystals Jewelry Trinket Pill Box Figurine Collectible…

I love how this piano is actually a pill box in disguise. Swarovski crystals and 24K gold make it the perfect keepsake.


Pill Boxes of all Sizes on eBay - Great Pill Box Finds Through eBay

If you want to hunt for an especially good bargain on a pill box then take a good look at this eBay module. Here you can find some great picks for your perfect pill box.

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