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The Journey of white paper

Updated on August 3, 2016

By: Aleksandra Strzelecka

If life is compare to a white paper and soon to be publish as a book, we are the one who responsible to write our own story and its ending. Everything which we are going through should be compare to a tool to write. Bad things could be compared to ink and good ones were compared to pencil.

However, everything you been through will be part of you forever. Same as you can’t just wash out the ink like you can remove pencil with rubber. Which still means life is full of bad things and happiness is just an illusion.

Therefore, since pencil will never be like ink, one should compare their own ending of book to ink, but in different color. Such as blue ink which stands for hope and good things and black for fear and bad things. Or you can make straight line at the end of black ink and paint everything in blue; the line would be like border between two parts in life; depression and happiness after years of pain or suicide attempts.

But if the ink came from a pen, using fountain pen you should not mix colors because it's not good for a pen. So, I would need two fountain pens; x = past and y = future.

The x-pen is used all the time, filling with new ink again and again. And if you use one pen all the time it becomes your favorite, or only one available.

Now, I will tell you how to get the y - pen.

Let’s compare all happiness to that y-pen. Good memories; let’s say they will be the blue ink. But remember that, ink and fountain pen still has its cost as well as black ink and the x pen. The cost of x-pen is pain, depression, feeling worthless, crying to sleep, self-harming.

Now it’s time for the y-pen.

Remember that a human cannot live alone. It needs to be with someone; friend, pal, mate, girl or boyfriend, and etc. When you are depressed, you can’t really change your position by yourself. Sometimes you are like the x- pen with ending ink. You can’t fill yourself, you need someone to do it for you.

In case of depression; you need to hear you’re worthless to pay cost of new ink with tears, and person who said those words fills you with new ink.

So even when you said you are all alone, nobody is here for you. It’s not 100% true. People are always with us, in a good or bad way.

In case of the x-pen, it is the bad way .Then when it comes to the y-pen, people are there in a good way. They give you motivation, compliment you, make you smile and pay cost of the blue ink.

The key to get the y-pen are other people who love you, need you, want you and want you to get better, that’s the cost of the y-pen and what they do for you, your reaction is cost of blue ink.




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