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who i AM, for Ibidem

Updated on April 26, 2016
All about Love
All about Love | Source




i AM Love.

And that’s all there is to it.


I have documented, in previous hubs, the journey and book companions I took in order to get to this place. Does not matter really which path I took; your path is as good as mine as regards to getting to the Summit, where all there is to see is Love in all it’s Glory.

Hmmm. In any case, a previous hub, “Divine Translation”* (link to follow), lists the companion books that I thought helped in formulating all these crazy but delirious ideas about Love and how happy man can be in Love, even on earth.

i am, even I keep punishing the spellchecker from having to capitalize the intended small letter i, the first letter of the sentence and also representing the first person, as if it, the spellchecker knew better than Me, the author of this hub.

There again, typing i_ is such an effort. Now i_ will have to use ‘i_’ instead to keep from having to wrestle control from the persistently irrelevant spellchecker.


Leo/Horoscope Yesterday, my day of glory:

“Stories have the power to change the world, so of course they have the power to change your afternoon. Give some thought to the way you’re going to tell people about your life, because it will matter now quite a lot more than you think.”

In tangible terms, I went to the mall, to the garden restaurants area to look for the best watering hole. After all, I’m a bad smoker, you know. I need to make sure they also have a clean ashtray. After all, I’m an obsessive-compulsive (OC), you know. I hate messing people’s immaculate floors and using used-by-someone-else ashtrays.

So when the crew didn’t give me a clean ashtray, even if they had a panoramic view of the city in an outside dining area, I decided against dining at their resto grill.

I moved on to the next guinea pig and asked if they had a couch dining table. “None”, was the response apparently from considering only the limited couches in the inside dining area, which was air-conditioned. How can I be interested in the inside area? Am I that, without conscience, going to smoke among the children and senior inside an air-conditioned restaurant.

No, no, no, no, no. “Can I dine here where there are couches, in this outside dining area?”

“Yes,” was the answer and the quick response came in the form of their setting up a large fan all for my use to overcome the heat/humidity of the summer noon.

It had been hard for them to sales pitch the outdoor couch. Haaay. I need to train the trainor for these crew. There was money in the outside dining area. People had all couches and may smoke and may drink.

Ribs. “I used to order … Where was that?” running the finger through the menu.

“We have a new ‘Hawaiian something’,” the crew sales-pitched.

“Ooh wow. That looks like half as expensive as the Angus I was considering. Okay.”

“Also I need service (free drinking) water and ashtray asap. Thank you, Ms. Aimee,” I continued, addressing the crew every time with their nick name, as printed on their name badge.

Came back with ashtray and free drinking water. “Thank you,” said I.

“Glad to be of service, Ma’am. Are you ready for your order?”

“I thought we already agreed on the ‘Hawaiian thingee’? We misunderstood it seems. That’s the one, the one you offered, is what I want. Let’s have that.”

“And whenever you’re ready, I might need some toothpicks too. Thanks.”

Service water is for me for going on a strict budget.

But based on the practice of abundance mentality and an inspiration from Ama, God the Father, I felt that I should order for Merlot.

“Ms. Aimee, would you happen to have chilled Merlot? How muchee?” P250ish?, she said. $?

I thought it was good for just one goblet. When it arrived, they gave me one small bottle! I was feeling rich that the reasonable amount of money could actually buy a proportionate amount of wine that was equivalent to the same cost of the same high/euphoria of a quantity of pilsen/beer. Whoa. Go wine.

The only catch here was that they only had Savignon, no Merlot. The blessing there is that I learned I actually enjoyed Savignon and the brand name is … GUESS WHAT?

No. Not GUESS, but:

SANTA LUZ. Am I plugging in a brand here. Let me get flagged for this hub and will just apply the necessary deactivate buttons to turn off whatever-whatever, as regards to advertising and Google2 whatever. That happened to a previous hub “Meandering …”*.

Now Santa Luz. That’s something else. I’m in love with someone who stands for sacred light. That could be Jesus, Sacred Light. But my someone is ‘sacred light’. He inspires people by his mere presence, he could actually play deaf and dumb.

I was supposed to be so full but the heavy meal did not feel like it made any impact on my tummy at all. What is this sacred body all about? I thought I would get tipsy on having consumed the entire bottle of Savignon, I had actually planned on drinking only one cup. I didn’t. What the? Maybe it’s because of the heat. It gets to be 36ish recently, if I am not mistaken.

Maybe it’s my ear phone music: Bill Medley and * “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.”

Maybe it’s the dance of the water jets in the fountain. Everything seemed to be related, coming alive at my mere glance … focus … attention:

Look, the water jets are dancing to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”:

(0-no water jet

1-one water jet, 2, 3, 4 … maximum of 5

E.g. 5,5 when the 5 water jets stayed in place for more than one beat of the music)

0 5 5 5 2

5 4 3 2 1 0

1 2 3 4 5 0

1 2 3 4 5

5 0 (my couch table number #50 at Rack’s, 2/F Trinoma Mall, North Avenue)

5 0

5 5 2 3 3 5 4 4 3 2 1 0

1 2 3 4 5 0

1 2 3 4 5

4 5 3 5 2 5 1 (what dah? … dunno the pattern)

5 0

5 0

5 0

5 5 5 4 5 4 3 2 1 0

1 2 3 4 5 0


I called attention to this intelligence to the restaurant crew and the manager, her name is Mika, wasn’t even aware that there was a pattern.

Blow your mind. If you’re a musician, you might be able to understand what all that was about. Search me. Am an ordinary layman with a knack for curiosity with whatever J





I preach abundance mentality whenever I can. How can I love myself if I don’t feel loved by the Universe? How can I feel loved by the Universe if all I see is what I don’t have?




Jesus Bro will bend his Earth’s Laws for me to make sure I feel loved by an abundant Universe.


Who i_ am? I honor my integrity.

If you don’t trust your material wealth with me, there’s nowhere else you can go.

God knows what’s inside man’s heart. You cannot even trust your own. Your own heart?

Stop counting pennies and cents.

You can get a demented mind if you develop a habit of that into your senior years.

Sacred money asks for more to be of help to many, many, many others more in need, less fortunate than oneself.

Becauxe it is thus, it multiplies. It is abundant to overflowing. My God!


My old phone is low batt.


who i_ am really is not with much material wealth. i_ am merely recreating Heaven on Earth by calling on Ama, God, to let me know His Will to follow Jesus’ footsteps closely, to console the poor and grieving so they will know the God of Abundance.

i_ am a nobody in terms of bank accounts but

was amazed that i_ was able to use a plastic card to pay for my sumptuous meal, replete with Savignon, yesterday. i_ am averse to credit cards due to the fact that there is a life story in the family. It goes on and i_ don’t want to be privy to that.

Now this plastic card is different. I can pay like the rich, using plastic, but paying real time---debit card! Thank you, Debit Card. I love you mwah <3

What else could I possibly ask for.

A clean comfort room with free toilet paper … voila. Abundance.

Free sensuously scented hand soap … voila. Abundance.

Smiles from strangers (maybe I look too happy, happy-weird), they tend to smile back at me. Abundance.

Real estate vacant lot for financing, for capital for establishing a business for my children. Voila: Capital. Abundance.

Ay naku (vernacular). Oh my God, you are God. The Father Almight, of all Mankind.

If they only knew how Kind you are even if you looked like the devil sending Jesus, your only Son, to be nailed on the cross. The Paradox.









i AM Love. And that’s all there is to it.


Who do you need me to be. That I will be.

i have admitted to being a spiritual person, dove, … INFJ/HSP*, in terms of personality typology (e.g. MBTI).

i am a registered electrical engineer.

i practiced information technology, specializing in database and apps and server administration.

These are my superficial titles. The world’s basis, it seems.

What else need you me be?


my greatest fear is losing my spiritual connection, as i’ve admitted to a closely-knit group of friends over a decade ago. It still is. i want always to wake up with Him on my mind.


Even my dreams advise me of His great Love for me and mankind, through key words and songs (“Songs and Soul: A Spiritual Experience”).


It really seems we can never escape Him, it’s just our awareness, our linear minds that are sometimes incapable of feeling/fealing/healing HIM Present.


Even numbers (the engineer) speak to me of His Great Love.


Someone invented a system of mnemonics:

1: t

2: n

3: m

4: r

5: l

6: d, g, j

7: k

8: f, b (?)

9: p

0: s, z



3: Blessed Trinity. The Father, The Son and The Spirit.

1: God

7: Jesus

8: The Father of All Mankind; also Mama Mary

9: God the Father

2: Country, Love of

4: Angel/s

5: Tao (vernacular)/People

6: Sacred (mystery, money; no more devil after resurrection, it’s all Tao: Love vs ego)

0: dumbest, humble man

Humility = goal, apart from the Greatest, which is Love, as per Jesus


AAA 3343 AAA 3 3 – three of the Blessed Trinity loves you, God in Man

C0 8080 CO, companions, 8 God the Father, 0 humble man, 8 God the Son, 0 another humble man. When two are joined together … Holy Spirit in our midst: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

0150 Humble man, God, Tao, Humble man. Trinity of man working with God.

2016 For country, humble man, God, sacred. Sacred things/mysteryies beyond human comprehension happen. DO NOT JUDGE people. Only God knows what’s in the heart of man. What matters is the GOOD intention but learning from previous mistakes is important because subsequent planning can take the past data into account. Minimize risks of same mistakes from recurring. Accidents happen but man can do his part; leave the rest to God. Rest in God. 2016 is a Sacred Project between God and Man. Heaven on Earth finally, after 1914 prediction.

It may take time for others to see their own three-dimensional reality of Heaven on Earth, but we can be forgiving of each other. Love and compassion knows no reason. Needs no explanation.

God can wait forever.

Heaven can be had in the Here and Now, as in abundance mentality. Bahala na si Batman (vernacular). It’s all up to God. Leave the rest to God. Do your best.

239: Country, Blessed Trinity, Ama (vernacular for God the Father). Have a trinity of blessed men, e.g. 2 on the earth plane, 1 a saint in heaven; work with God, e.g. the Father.

1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0: The Engineer thinks that the last number should be zero. The first will be the last and the last will be the first. Humble man.

577: Tao, Jesus, Jesus. The poor can be helped when Jesus-oriented tandem work for their interest.

IL 2443: In Love with your country and fellow men, your angels (4) love you more. (43) = Love You!

TRI 504 (laser, mnemonics): Trinity, Tao, humble man, angels. The poor in our midst can be protected by God’s Blessed Trinity when invoked by the humble leader. Also the angels will come to His/Her aid.

BEP LEO: 89 Leo: Don’t fuck (8) up (9) the hungry lion. Avoid possible events where the hungry poor are subject to oppression, especially if they are they one who fed you and are the one who are going hungry. They have become the Hungry Lion.

The Lion and the Lamb can coexist if the Lamb understands that the Lion’s ferocity is triggered by his urge to hunt for food. This is his animal nature and should never be judged against him.

This may be the metaphor for the Biblical Lion and the Lamb. The Lamb should be those who lead the people.

547: Lark: Sing like a Lark (movie “Sound of Music”, Like A Lark Who is Learning to Fly) when your heart feels pain that is too intense to bear. Uso naman the videoke. This refers to grounding exercises (“Grounding: Connecting the Spiritual to Earth”*) for spirituals, who are sensitive by nature. Feeling the pain of others, empathizing is a big thing with them. Videoke is a form of exercise, good for the lungs. Good for the painful heart.

(This is getting to be lengthy. Which is the common nature of spiritual inspiration. Infinitum Sanctum.)

96.9% Percentile rating at the University of the Philippines Diliman entrance exam,

97.1% Percentile rating the following year, same university of someone competing with me, claiming to be the anti-Christ

99+% Rating, NCEE (National College Entrance Examination) taken 1977

99.7% My percentile rating for abstract reasoning at the DLSU Taft Avenue, Manila.

99.8? What I saw on the UV (van) on my adventure yesterday, which I said was boring because

99.9% Was the rating for SQ (Spiritual Quotient) that God had given me several weeks earlier.

100% (Forgot what this rating was about ...) His response as to whether my statement/guess was true or false. (i_ burp or fart when it's a False so that i_ should always honor my integrity---no lies allowed.


I’m a sucker for God.

And He’s proud of it.

Free for all, a truth each to his/her own:

0 .., 2

Answer: 0 loves 2, humble man loves country

0 .., 5

Answer: ?

6 Sacred, e.g. money

0 .., 0

Answer: ?

0 .., ∞


E.g. I love the Universe, the All in Every Moment that sustains me.

(Ama: [The Father] Tanong mo, sagot mo (vernacular). Why do you insist on answering your own questions?)

0 < ɠ No kidding … Kidding aside!


And by the way, I haven’t told you.

You can take off your tongs in the mall and dippy feet on the gushing water of the intellectual water fountain without the security guard accosting you. No one will even notice your queirdkusness if you’re deeskreet enought. Then you can wipe your happy feet against the inside of your maroon denim pants (i.e., didn’t need to OC a separate hand towel for this), … Ama will guide you every step along the way.


Just like that … walk away. For free =)




i AM Love. And that’s all there is to it.






Note: This is a higher quality, previously flagged down hub. The mutilation by use of asterisks (i.e., '*') on commercial names in this hub has been been brought about by the necessity to avoid having this hub flagged down as spam. Sorry po (vernacular honorific).

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