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Why am i always tired ?

Updated on September 5, 2012
Why am i always tired?  (Photographer: Graur Codrin)
Why am i always tired? (Photographer: Graur Codrin)

Constantly feeling tired ? We more or less learn to live with constant fatigue. But there are simple rules to adopt to help us fight against the recurring sensation of lascitude and lack of energy. 

Why am i always so tired ?

Stress, sleep deprivation, burnout, poor diet, etc.. The causes are not lacking to explain a state of tiredness. Some medications may also be responsible, just as overuse of drugs or alcohol. One can also evoke a diet too rich in sugars and fats, which may eventually lead to a loss of minerals and a state of lethargy. There is also anemia, linked to iron deficiency.

Other causes of tiredness

Fatigue can also result from chronic diseases including diabetes and hypothyroidism, or from chronic conditions that require the body to "work overtime" resulting in exhaustion, such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, heart failure or simply... being overweight! Of course, fatigue is generally common with aging, but sick, anemic or depressive people are the most affected.

Stop being tired!

You can stop feeling tired, provided, however, that you identify the exact cause! If the cause is manifest: illness, recent bereavement, etc., the treatment will be easier to determine. Conversely, if the cause is difficult to detect, you should talk to a doctor. It is your doctor's task to ask the right questions and practice exams needed to know very quickly if it is a disease that is causing your fatigue.  The fatigue disappears when the problem is clearly identified and treated...

How to stop feeling tired

We can not say it enough: a healthy lifestyle is the "backbone" of a healthy body. Often fatigue - especially when combined with low morale - encourages us to choose the easy way: coffee, chocolate and other sweets that offer only more energy in the short term. Here are some tips that have proven efficient:

  • Try not to skip any meals, and replace white bread with wholemeal bread.
  • Limit your intake of caffeine, do light exercises or practice a sport you enjoy... and take time to relax!
  • If you are a smoker, supplement your meals with vitamins, as cigarettes decrease the vitamin intake of the foods you eat during your meals.


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