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why an attitude of gratitude is important with skin cancer

Updated on February 20, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude

In today’s hubpage I would like to look at skin cancer from a different viewpoint then my other articles.
Firstly I would like to bring your attention to some interesting experiments that

have been happening over the past decade that shed some scientific light on the subject of health and wellbeing and how some seemingly unrelated things can and do have a profound effect on our lifestyle and our skin cancer in particular.
In the early 1990’s at the institute of science in Moscow a scientist called Dr. Vladimir Poponin
Got a test tube and created a vacuum even though it’s not a real vacuum because there are photons of light present as was the case then?
The photons of light were random like the stars of the heavens.

It’s not known why he decided to put a strand of DNA into the vacuum
What happened then was interesting the photons of light then surrounded the strand of DNA and took on the shape of the DNA.For some unknown reason he then removed the strand of DNA and you would expect that the photons of light would go back to their random paten.
They did not go back instead they remained in the exact same shape of the DNA even though the DNA was now removed this was then termed the Phantom DNA.
If you do a search on Google and type in Dr. Vladimir Poponin and the phantom DNA effect you will find a whole host of data some of it very complex I explained it as simply as I can.

In 1995 Dr C Backster was asked by the U.S. army to do some experiments with volunteers and some DNA cultures taken from the volunteers mouth and nurtured in a Petri dish in the next room.

The volunteer was shown emotional type movies in the next room
Violent, erotic sad and different types of emotional movies. As the person was having an emotional reaction according to the type of movie he was watching the DNA in the Petri dish a few hundred feet away was having the same instantaneous reaction.

When the Army stopped the experiments Dr Backster continued with the experiments and even recorded the same instantaneous results with the emotions and the DNA even at 350 miles apart.
The heartmaths institute of boulder Colorado has been doing many different experiments with emotion and its affect on DNA
They have found that when the emotion of anger, fear, depression the negative emotions are held the DNA actually recoils and gets smaller yet when the positive emotions of love, gratitude, caring are maintained then the DNA actually uncoils and lengthens. Even the Bible points out that anger is rottenness to the bones.
Why do I mention all this? Because if you suffer from skin cancer its more important then ever to keep a positive mental attitude and especially an attitude of gratitude because it has such healing properties.

Put it this way has being depressed and miserable improved the quality of your life so far? Does being miserable make you happy? If you ask people what they want out of life and they tell you and you keep asking them if they achieved that what would that do for them there would come a point where they would reach that they would answer “then I would be happy.”
Happiness is what we all crave yet we try to reach that state in so many unusual ways.
Another important ingredient is to have hearty belly laughter because this releases endorphin’s they not only are great pain killers up to 30 times more powerful then man made drugs yet the endorphin’s don’t have bad side affects.
Endorphin’s also help increase the bodies immune system another very good reason to have a positive attitude and an attitude of gratitude and laugh a great deal every day especially at your oneself so you don’t take yourself too seriously and start to recoil your DNA

Remember we only have one life and that’s it so its important to not only enjoy each day and be grateful for that day but we need to go out of our way to make it a great day for as many people as we can especially for those we love.
Remember the carpenter from Galilee said it is better to give then to receive and to love one another.
So till my next article
Keep laughing

Joseph  Ripolles
Joseph Ripolles


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    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 9 years ago from Central United States of America

      Good statements and I think right positive idea factor, though sometimes it is more difficult to do rather than put into permanent action. But thanks for the vital reminder that is so needed! The phantom DNA reactions are very interesting too. I read of this several times trying to garner understanding. Very interesting!