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Why Anger is Good for You!

Updated on March 30, 2016

Of course, everyone knows that stress isn't good for you.

Neither is merely anger... but anger shows that you are a human capable of emotion! And that's good!

But stress however is often built up emotions that you don't allow freely to ventilate 24/7. Most of the time we are often compromised to be confined to a "perfect" attitude that deals with everything. Most of the time it is more accepting to lie to yourself and your most deepest instincts.

Sound familiar?

Yes, and to the 99% of the people we surround ourselves with.

Bottling up emotions today are when people become falsley reactant when they really need to react the opposite way of what is expected. Trying to make things seem as though they are happy when they are merely dealing with the fact they aren't, yet still putting on a face; simply because it is more accepted. It is more accepted because everyone feels pressured to do this, so no one has to experience any unpleasant reminders that they feel the exact same way as everyone else.

The consequences of forcifying an untrue identity such as this, is almost all the time irreversible. As people build a routine of each day being someone they are not, until they disappear and become someone else's perception of what they "should" be like. Without being honest to ourselves, we lose ourselves- Either way it's a total loss of life. Your life then remains largely without the fundamental things you need to be content.Your happiness.

This leads on to people feeling incomplete most of their lives, without realising why. They find comfort in superficial things, get bad habits, or worship an idol to the point of blind conformity!

Do's and Dont's on how to be true to yourself:

  1. Do pursue in what you feel good at. Most find that if you enjoy the job you have, life is alot better. Whether it is mastering the moonwalk or perfecting your painting, as long as you enjoy it you can soar.
  2. Do let others give advice on what they think, so you can take it away and find your own answers. A bit of constructive criticism is always helpful!

  3. Don't let others impose what they think is right for you upon you. They can give advice but that is as far as it goes. :Note, with the pressure that people receive from normal standards of what is "right" and "wrong", it is natural to question everything you want afterwards. Often it can be hard to resist peer pressure of what you "should" be doing.
  4. Don't compromise yourself unless it is for your own well being.

Why you should make the change immediately

Cutting the short straws.

Once you start to be open and honest, first in yourself, you will find that all the people around you might do the same, or, they might retreat and you won't see them anymore. This is a great way to find the real friends and the ones that are leeches.

You will live LIFE longer

The experiences that you once limited yourself to when you confined yourself to the shackles of mediocre acceptance, will reveal themselves at an amazing rate! You will gain interest in subjects and other things that you never even considered, and this is all helping create you as a human.


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 21 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      There is much truth in what you presented here. A thoughtful work of art that will be beneficial by encouraging your readers to to take an honest & deep look within. Peace, Paula

    • Bella Sames profile image

      Annabella 22 months ago

      Quite often emotions can display an imbalance inside ourselves, whether it is mentally or physically. I think this post points out that if you allow yourself to acknowledge them, you will find more understanding, and hopefully start cutting the cycle of bottling things up.

    • profile image

      Verum Occultum 22 months ago

      Resplendent post. I feel unseen mental energies pouring to this world of thoughts and mirages, disseminating from the author's intentions.

      Sadhguru has said that anger is intensity and it can be channeled. He says one does not have to be angry at a certain thing or a person, and in that intensity of energy it can be channeled. Changes can be made.