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why are our kids overweight and how can we help kids lose weight ?

Updated on April 21, 2012

I was shocked

I was watching tv in Colorado and a news story caught my eye. It appears that the state is having to replace desks in elementary schools not because they are old or need replacing but because of the number of obese students now in the schools. The kids it seems wont fit into the desks.

Do we really have to ask.

When a kid can sit in his or her room and facetime ,text,talk to friends all they want what do we expect? Don't get me wrong I make my living with the latest greatest and best Satellite tv products I love gadgets and my kids have all the high tech gadgets I can manage to obtain for them.

BUT (yes there is a wild YABUT here lets catch it) my kids so far are slim and healthy. My wife and I are not strict with our kids per say (they might say different) we just make an effort to keep the family active. we will be doing the Denver heart walk on June 2/2012 if this is before that date please help me raise funds for the American Heart association Had to throw that in sorry. Back on task WE do things like this walk or just a walk around our neighborhood .We ask them to join us at the gym to swim or walk.

Most parents don't think

If your a parent now days you may not think but consider this. When we wanted to see a friend we got on a bike or walked over to see them. If we wanted to call we took our turn on the family telephone and called them . Cell phones were for the rich LOL. We could walk or ride 10 miles and back to have fun and our parents did not have to worry about us. Now days we keep them on shorter leashes because of crime.

How are your kids doing

Are they over weight?

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Is it right

WE don't want to worry about them so hey if they talk on face time and stay home that means they are safe right. Yes safe to die young from bad health. I want my kids safe I don't think I could survive loosing one of them. But like every thing in life you need balance. I will not go so far to keep them safe that I turn them into unhealthy couch potatoes.

Find a balance

We can be responsible about safety and not kill them with kindness. Tough love I know you have heard it before but yes it is real. My 15 year old son says can I have a ride to so and so's house. My answer no it is less than a mile its not cold and you have a bike so ride it. Another one (me) Son please go rake up the leaves (him) Right after this round dad. 5 minutes later if he is not on the leave raking duty I unplug the game and say round is now over. Don't be afraid to anger them. They will be glad you did later.

Lets eat

Yes I have to mention this .Mostly because my wife and I only started doing it recently our self's.

I love junk food (here's the YABUT again) But remember that thing about balance? We drink 6 ,7 or 8 Glasses of water a day we enjoy a soda but only every few days . Don't let them have 8 sodas and one glass of water turn that around.

We serve salad with each meal and love it but once a week we may have pizza or burgers that's ok ( in our opinion ) but don't let it be the junk 4 days and healthy one.

I think you get it so I'll stop raving. I hope this article can get you thinking and help in some small way. Thanks so much for reading it.


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    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 6 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      Thank you

    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 6 years ago from California

      You made some good points in this article. We certainly do have a terrible thing going on in America with the extent of obesity, even in the youth. I hope that we can whip ourselves into shape sooner then later. Thanks for the article!