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Why are Rich Women Thin?

Updated on October 6, 2015
Angie Harmon: Thin and rich
Angie Harmon: Thin and rich

Why are rich women thin? Well, while not all of them are thin, statistics show a great deal of them are. In fact, university studies show that women who have a household income of over $500,000 a year are three times as likely to be in shape as women whose household incomes are less than $100,000 a year.

Why the disparity? There are a lot of reasons. A lot has to do with personality traits.

  • Rich people are oftentimes competitive. Think, how skinny can you get? The body trend for the past 40 or so years in the United States has been "thin is in." When you get a group of competitive people together, they will try to outdo each other, sometimes excessively. Women tend to be competitive in the looks area. So a challenge ensues for who can be the skinniest.

Skinny and Tall Angie Harmon
Skinny and Tall Angie Harmon
  • Some of it is selective breeding. Some people are naturally very lean. If skinny is the preferred look in a society, then the people who reflect this ideal will sometimes float to the top in terms of mate selection. Hence rich men marrying thin women, many of whom are already rich themselves..

  • Rich people tend to be very driven. Self-made business people, Ivy League graduates, doctors, attorneys, celebrities, and wealthy investors tend to be people who drive at a goal and do not stop until they attain it. The goal of many rich people is to rise to the top of their field, and even be the best at everything they try their hand at. If you are raised in an environment where near-perfection is expected and second best is failure, then you too might obsess, practice extreme self-control, and even starve yourself to look perfect.

  • Rich women have more resources to ensure that they can maintain a very skinny figure. Modern society has almost removed the need for people to be physically active - hence a major reason for the obesity epidemic in America. Rich people can get plastic surgery, expensive gym memberships, buy an abundance of healthy food, hire help to prepare meals, buy exercise equipment, and get supplements that make them skinny You certainly don't need to be rich to get thin, but sometimes having more money equals more means to accomplish fitness goals.

Skinny Saffron Burrows - Why Are Rich Women Thin?
Skinny Saffron Burrows - Why Are Rich Women Thin?

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