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why are you so tired?

Updated on July 2, 2009

Instead of taking a lot of medicines,learn to know the origin of your tiredness and discover how to recover fitness.

Stress,tension,fatigue,tiredness all these words are sometimes used the one for the other.for a lot of people,tiredness is the evil of the century or a phenomenon of civilization.You're tired if you would like to rest or sleep.Actually,since man exists,tiredness is his companion.In a country like France,according to medical sources,more than ten million people consult for tiredness.The sentences you usually hear are "Doctor,I don't feel well.Doctor,I am weary."Most of those who consult are women. But in the cities those who suffer from fatigue are generally men.The so called "strong sex" complains of fatigue around the age of forty whereas, for ladies it is around thirty ,maternity oblige.

talking about tiredness is not simple.there are a lot of symptoms and a lot of causes.tiredness can be physical(after a race for example) or nervous due to an internal tension (i.e. after a frustration),it can be intellectual with memory trouble or it can be vertebral(the famous backache called "the evil of the century").Tiredness can also be visual,sexual with a loss of appetite and competitivity in love affairs.A French journal" Medecines Douces" did a very interesting opinion poll some years ago. according to this poll,25 per cent of subjects are physically tired;35 per cent are nervously tired ;27 per cent are tired due to an ordeal and for 13 per cent tiredness is from other origins.

Overcoming tiredness doesn't depend only on medicines,drugs or techniques. First tip :to be happy.The most sure elixir of fitness is happiness.Be radiant,don't let yourself be overwhelmed by routine.The chronic tired men do foolish repetitive work.Lack of responsibility,boredom,monotony are sources of tiredness.Even though happiness stimulates fitness you should not forget dietetics.

It seems to the overworked person , that ,when he feels his stomach, he will feel well.It's true that ,after a good lunch ,he spends a good moment.But ,after a while,he can feel sleepy and the symptoms of the morning reappear then he feels completely tired.

These are some advices.

2500 calories:the ration is sufficient for a must not neglect vitamins,minerals salts and water.Proteins are necessary but don't abuse of red meat which"gives strenghth." Beware of fats.Choose glucose of slow absorption.Rice and spaghettis are good according to nutritionists.Be relaxed, don't forget to sleep.Among non-medical techniques,there are yoga and different forms of relaxation,gymnastic and physical go barefoot is like a massage and makes you relaxed.Don't forget acupuncture.Sports is very useful.Your tiredness is from muscular origin?Do cross words or scrabble party.Is it psychical?Physical activities can help you to get relaxed.Sports stimulate the secretion of natural tranquilizers from the body.It gives you a good appetite.You must choose endurance sports(swimming,cycling) which demand moderate efforts instead of resistance sports which demand big efforts.Jogging is good but you must first ask for a medical advice before practice.

Questions and answers sports and diet.

Question:I usually practice sports before going to work in the morning.I go without eating. What about it?

Answer:Yes,it's a good idea,especially if you practice a cardio activity(cycling jogging...).Afterwards eat something before lunch.Prepare yourself some food with proteins like white cheese,chicken,jam...and glucose.Don't forget to drink.You can't go without eating?Take a light breakfast(fruit,milk...),and after the effort,take a fruit :banana for example.

Question:After two hours doing sports,I take chocolate.Will I digest it instantly?

Answer:No, after sports activities and some times later your body consumes more calories than usual .So,a sedentary will digest the chocolate better than you.Choose fruits.

Question:Upon my usual Sunday running,I take roast beef is it good for the muscles?

Answer:No,cereals are better or fruits or bread.

Question:Before to swimming I take fruits and biscuits. Is it good?

Answer:Yes.An apple or a peach is OK.Biscuits also.But avoid soft drinks.When returning home from office ,take at least something with 600 cal.

Question:I play tennis in the evening then I go to bed without eating.Is it good?

Answer:No.Next time ,when you eat your body will make more reserves than usual.If you want to lose weight ,do a diet with vegetables, proteins ..

Laughing is good for your health.

Laughing is very good for your heart and for the whole body.Among the benefits there is the fact that it fights against cardio-vascular diseases,reduces or eliminates pain sensation, boosts the immunitary system improves the cognitive functions and removes stress.To laugh while taking meals permits a good digestion by boosting saliva secretion.

These are some advices which can be useful if you follow then regularly.


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