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How Does Water Help You Lose Weight

Updated on October 19, 2015
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Haris is a registered dietitian and health blogger providing clinical counseling. He writes under name of Bilaras on health blogs.

Water is a chemical substance, which has many advantages for the human body, one of which is its aid in losing weight, eight of which will be discussed in this article.

Gives the feeling of ‘fullness’

Drinking lots of water before eating a meal is a good idea because it helps in suppressing hunger and you lose some of your appetite before you are ready to indulge in your favorite fatty food. According to dieticians and weight loss experts, this is an excellent exercise, because in this way you can easily control your portions and reduce weight quickly. Drinking water at room temperature is suggested, water too cold or too warm can be unpleasant and harmful as well. Drinking water during meals provides the quickest feeling of ‘fullness’ and this enables a stop during food consumption, and hunger is not felt later. It is suggested that continuous consumption of water throughout the day provides the most desirable results.

"People who drink water before meals eat an average of 75 fewer calories at that meal. This may not seem like much, but if one eats 75 fewer calories at lunch and dinner for the next year, they could lose about 14½ pounds easy!" -Journal of the American Dietetic Association

Reduces Cholesterol level

Cholesterol is a lipid (fat) which is produced by the liver and it is very important for normal body functions. But high cholesterol is very dangerous for health, especially for the heart. If the bloodstream contains high Cholesterol, the excess may be deposited in arteries, including the coronary arteries of the heart. Losing weight with high levels of Cholesterol is again a hard thing to do. Water helps the problem here, drinking plenty of water helps reduce cholesterol levels which in turn reduces weight.

Zero Calories!!

As we all know that water contains no calories, or fat and cholesterol and on top of that it is low in sodium. It is an absolute gift from nature, and it is also nature's ‘hunger suppressant’, and it helps the body to metabolize fat easily, and which helps in weight loss.

It has no impact whether you over consume water, not calorie wise at least, but it does matter if you under consume it. Its advantage of zero calories proves there is nothing to lose even if tries the water weight reducing techniques on trial bases.

Just by Drinking 2 Glasses of Water Before Every Meal You Can Lose 5 Pounds in Two Weeks

By Drinking 12 Glasses of Water Daily You Can Lose 10 Pounds in Two Weeks
By Drinking 12 Glasses of Water Daily You Can Lose 10 Pounds in Two Weeks

Benefits of drinking plenty of water

1. No craving for snacks

Snacking is one of the biggest problems that people face, eating food at odd hours of the day or the nigh creates lots of problems for dieters especially when they trying to lose weight. Snacking packs on to the calories required for a day of consumption and makes it difficult to lose the extra weight. According to many dietitians and nutritionists, when a person gets the craving to snack on food, they should drink water and wait 10 minutes, and in many cases they will feel relieved of the feeling to snack.

2. Muscles are more tone

Drinking plenty of water not only helps in reducing weight, but it also tones the muscles of the body and gives a person a healthy skin. Muscles show toning when they are properly hydrated, and if water intake of a person exercising is poor, no matter how much they work out, their muscles will not appear to be toned, which is why drinking plenty of water is essential here. This also enables skin to be moisturized; water does wanders for the skin.

3. Helps in digestion

The digestive system of a person needs to function normally, so the food consumed can be properly digested. Water aids in the digestion, fresh water is required daily to properly digest food. When food is not properly digested, the fat is not properly metabolized, which gives a person the feeling of tiredness and bloating.

4. Improves liver function

One of the main functions of liver during digestion is to metabolize fats. Liver breaks down the fat and digestion is normal as a result, naturally it is understood that this very important when one is trying to lose to weight. If the fat is not digested and metabolized, a person cannot lose weight. To enable this process in the liver to take place at a normal rate, water is key, everyday body needs fresh water as a result. We can hence easily form a connection between water requirement and importance for the body and weight loss as a result.

The recommended and ideal intake of water (per day):

1. For Men is 3.7 liters

2. For Women is 2.7 liters

It is recommended to increase water intake, when physical activity is part of the day of a person.

Ways to increase water intake

1. Drink water as soon as you wake up, even before you brush your teeth or wash your face.

2. Carry a water bottle to work or college (especially during physical activity).

3. Do not forget to track your daily intake, take a bottle of a certain size and refill it throughout the day.

4. Do not forget to drink lots of water before meals.

5. Pick water over cold beverages.

6. To change up the taste, a lemon or lime can be added to water, they also aid in reducing weight.

I published a 7 day diet plan few years ago and it was a big success, my main advice was to drink plenty of water during that diet routine.

How Much Water Do You Drink Every Day ?

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    • profile image

      Debra 4 years ago

      good article here- thanks

    • KimmiS profile image

      KimmiS 5 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Really great hub, but there is one distinction that must be made.

      Do not gulp down large quantities of water immediately before eating!

      This will impair your digestion, as it grossly dilutes your stomach acid, needed for proper digestion. Leave at least 15 minutes before your meal and an hour afterwards before you drink full glasses of water. Of course it is fine to take small sips during your meal to cleanse your palate, just don't overdo it.

      Otherwise this is a fantastic hub, no one can deny the benefits of a properly hydrated body!