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Why is my stool green?

Updated on February 29, 2012

Do I have to be concerned about a green stool?

The first thing I to note is that if you happen to poop has blood in it, go and see a doctor, it may be almost nothing, but it needs to remain checked properly, and your doctor is the only person who can, check it properly that's. So no more reading, pick up the telephone and make the appointment.

why is my stool green
why is my stool green

Why is my stool green

Chances are if your still reading we'll assume your stool is green without the need of blood in it. Well the first thing to realise is that quite often, and I mean most of the time, the reason for it's quite simple and non-toxic. Before you start worrying about some of those nasty possibilities, have a think about what you have eaten within the last day or so. It is funny that the brain always goes for any worst case scenario when it is not sure what the biology behind something may be.

what does it mean when you poop green
what does it mean when you poop green

What does it mean when you poop green

It are probably not something green that you might have eaten but black candy (sweets), spices on ice cream, these have all been recognized by make ones poop natural. If you have ended up out to dinner with friend, and you are feeling brave enough you could always ask them if they are having the exact same problem. So food is by far the most common reason for your green poop.

Another reason but much less common is about you stomach producing bile. As the dish passes through your stomach green bile is introduced to aid brake down your food, it goes from there into the small intestine and then eventually though into your stool, now should it be going through the good sized intestine to quickly, again sometimes it is through eating a lot of fruit. Then the bile can have not had enough time for you to work on your foodstuff, and is still visiting be present in it's green form hence your green stool.

what does it mean when you poop green
what does it mean when you poop green

What does it mean if your poop is green

So put all people nasty thoughts aside and lets look into the most common causes, which as we have said normally turn out to be what you have eaten. So have an imagine, and think of that which you have eaten in the last couple of days? Have you eaten a lot of vegetables? Its good for you, but vegetables contains clorifil, which attributes needed vegetables the green colour. Now if you eat a whole lot of green vegetables all at once this can make your stools green.

As long as you are sure what has produced your poop green, one of the best remedies, apart from not eating the food etc that gave you the condition in the beginning, is to get what is known as a colon cleanse, what this does may be to clean out any waist that may be stuck to the wall in the colon, make you feel much more comfortable. It is a good idea to do every now and, just because of genital herpes virus treatments eat, have a good get rid of as it were.

Why is my stool green

Therefore, if you have blood in your stool, have other signs, like diarrhea, constipation, it started when you started to take relief medication, then go and view a man who knows, your doctor. If on the many other hand your stool provides just changed color, and it happens rarely, which is 95% almost daily, then the lightly cause is that it is something you have eaten but will more than lightly go daily or two. Then you might have nothing to worry about.

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