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Causes of Obesity in America

Updated on January 4, 2011

Obesity has become a greater problem and a greater concern for American citizens. recently somebody asked a question on HubPages that why obesity is such a big problem in America but not in other countries. It is true that Americans are becoming obese more than any other citizens. Though Americans know that obesity is striking them rapidly but until now no effort has been made by the people to bring any change in the lifestyles or in their habits which basically causes obesity. Due to increased obesity there is also an increase in heart problems, cancer prevalence, diabetes and in hypertension. These diseases have become common among young people too. 

We all know that obesity results from either environmental factors, from hereditary factors or from the combination of both. People who have their parents and other close relationships obese will have greater risk of gaining weight beyond normal range and if they have lifestyles that favor weight gain the chances of being obese or overweight increases manifolds.

Natural and fresh food
Natural and fresh food
Dates a healthy alternate to junk food during snacks
Dates a healthy alternate to junk food during snacks
Food rich in vitamins and fiber is far healthier than processed and junk food
Food rich in vitamins and fiber is far healthier than processed and junk food

Lifestyle patterns of Americans:

If we look at the lifestyle patterns of Americans we see that their are lots of junk food, processed packaged and fast food as well as lack of exercise and fats burning activities. Most of the Americans use to sit more than 10 hours daily and use cars and other vehicles for going to a furlong. This has all lead to obesity in Americans but we see no change thus far.

  1. Junk Food: Junk food is available everywhere and no one is at a bay from it but in America junk food is twice cheap than fresh food (fruits, vegetables and other fresh items). In most of the underdeveloped countries still junk food is expansive to purchase and people could not afford it that is why they are more safer. Americans are therefore at more risk of gaining weight. Soft drinks are very cheap and average Americans use to drink more than one drink a day. The Negative Effects of Soft Drinks could not be denied but in-spite of having awareness of the negative effects they do not avoid them. Soft drinks are rich in sugar and as we eat pizzas and other nutritionally poor diet we take drinks too and these drinks cause more harm. 
  2. Snack and Between the Meal: Between the meal they eat ready-made food which is low in fiber but high in saturated fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. An average American is eating more than people of other parts of countries but they do not burn it.
  3. Processed Food: Processed food is also very common and even in houses as women and men both are working out of home; they have no time to cook and thus prefer processed meat, vegetables, fruits, pulses and rice. Processed food is low in fiber, vitamins are lost during processing and the guarantee of their nutritional benefits can not be assured. Processed meat on the other hand is causing many other health risks like diabetes, coronary diseaseas and cancer.
  4. Technology and Internet: The trend of watching TV shows had always been greater in America than in other countries. The American couch potatoes eat fast food while watching TV which adds to the harm. As internet has penetrated in life it has taken the place of TV but the problem has grown more worse because now Americans spend more time on internet and again no exercise, walk or activities. Other technologies too are available which has made the life easier for an average American but at the cost of obesity. In Pakistan and in other underdeveloped countries a woman has to cook bread on bread baking pan, wash dishes with cold water in winter and clean the house as well as she goes outside for job, as a result, she could not become obese. In America and other developed countries women work outside for living but they have all the ready-made facilities at ho,e. Ready-made bread to ready-made meal and even disposable kitchen crockery that need not to be washed. This all adds up to less activities that can burn weight and obesity in turn.  
  5. Sugary and Salty Foods: Junk food are rich in sugar and salt and these two things are more responsible for obesity than anything else. Americans have become use to of these foods too much than any other nation and that is why they are putting on weight but if you look at other countries like UK and Australia the trend is also changing there and they are also becoming obese due to excessive use of these foods.
  6. Weight Loss Methods: There are many easy weight loss methods other than strict weight loss diets and medicines but most of us do not give them any damn. Walk is a good and healthy exercise but who cares that walk can help shed weight. Green tea help a lot in losing weight as well there are other simple but they are often overlooked. To read about Green Tea and Weight Loss read my hub.


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