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Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat

Updated on August 14, 2012

Put the Science of Quantum Physics to Work for You; Inject Your Diet with Rocket Fuel!

Modern diets and exercise plans are based on old, less accurate science. Science that is only partially reliable, at best. The science upon which diets and exercise programs are based is about taking an action and receiving predictable results from that action.

We now have new science which teaches us that this is not really how any goal is finally achieved; this is not how our universe really functions.

But, until now, this new science hadn't begun to make its way into the field of weight loss.

The old science, on which all standard diets and exercise programs still are based, has been replaced with an infinitely more reliable and accurate one- quantum physics. Quantum physics reveals to us, repeatedly in pinpoint detail, exactly how the universe really operates. And here's one of the biggest revelations: we now realize that our universe is actually not action based. In fact, we now grasp that action is usually one of the least important components for achieving any desired result, including losing weight.

Old Science vs New Science

Classical Physics vs Quantum Physics

"Anything you can do in classical physics, we can do better in quantum physics."

Daniel Kleppner


Let's look at the new rules for how the universe really works by examining, side by side, the old science against the new.

For almost three hundred years, classical physics (the old science) was the best and most accurate science we had - so the way we did things was almost entirely based upon it.

However - the new science, quantum physics, is much more reliable and accurate than the old science and the way we do things will be almost entirely based upon it from now on.

Here are the four main tenants of the old science examined side-by-side with what the new science now tells us about how the universe really functions.

  1. First, the old science said that each thing in the universe is made up of smaller parts with predictable functions; each thing in the universe is akin to a machine in the way its parts function together. We now know that this is not a true description of our universe. Quantum physics has taught us that a thing is actually made up of smaller whole systems that are often greater than the sum of their parts.
  2. Second, the old science taught that for every action in our universe, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Quantum physics has now shown us, however, that this is also not true. Strange as it may sound, action is not always caused by something else exerting its force upon the object in motion.
  3. Third, the old science told us that the observer and the thing being observed (as in a scientist conducting an experiment) are two separate things. Not true at all! Quantum physics corrects this by showing us, weird as it might sound, that the observer is an active participant in everything she observes and, in fact, co-creates what she observes through her expectations.
  4. Finally, the old science showed us that events occur in a logical, rational, linear fashion. But (you guessed it) this is not true either. Quantum physics reveals that there is a general lack of cause-and-effect in our universe and that, in fact, logical sequence and correlation are not at all the foundation for systems or their outcomes.

Although it can sound crazy, quantum physics is so accurate that many scientists now believe that, through it, we've come as close as humanly possible to deciphering exactly how the universe functions. When viewed side-by-side, quantum physics irrefutably supersedes classical physics. The new science is what we need to listen to and allow to guide us.

Why Quantum Physics Matters in Your Weight Loss Success

"Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination."

John Dewey


Science influences your life beyond the inclusion of flat screen televisions, cell phones, and iPads. Science is the reason you believe the things you do, the reason you see things the way you do, and the reason you do the things you do. Science creates your paradigms.

Historian Thomas Kuhn coined the term "paradigm" in his 1962 book, "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions". He argued that scientists must always be aware of paradigm shifts which open up new ways of understanding things that they may not have previously considered valid. The terms "paradigm" and "paradigm shift" are now in our everyday lexicon and are applied now to anyone, scientist or not.

Put in layman's terms, a paradigm is your framework, or lens, through which you understand the world. It might help you to think of your paradigms as the web browsing software you use. Everyday you visit a vast array of websites, for personal, business, and entertainment purposes, and they are all distinct and unique. But your web browser (whether Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or any other you might use) is always the constant framework for all the websites you visit, providing the structure for their use and display; you might not even have realized this, but a website often looks and functions completely differently in different web browsers. The web browser you use presents the web sites to you in a certain format and provides you with unique web surfing options (which are different from other web browsers) while browsing the Internet.

You probably don't ever think about which web browser you use because you are accustomed to it and it is familiar to you. You wouldn't really ever have any reason to think about which web browser you use either because the one you use works just fine for you - you get to the web sites you want to visit and you're able to do everything you want to on the Internet. Why would you think about it?

But what if your web browser didn't work for you anymore? What if you weren't able to visit the web sites you wanted to go to, what if you couldn't purchase the items on the Internet you wanted, or what if you could no longer do the things you wanted to on the Internet, like being unable to connect with friends via email or social networking sites?

Your first thought might be to tinker and experiment with the particular websites you've been using. But what if, no matter how many different websites you tried, you still couldn't do the things you wanted to on the Internet? You might consult a tech-savvy friend and that friend might tell you something like, "The web browser you're using is too limited; you should install Google Chrome (for example) and start using it to surf the web."

Your learned friend, it turns out, would probably be correct. If you followed her advice, you would have to go through a slightly awkward adjustment period where you became accustomed to the new ways that Google Chrome worked and got familiar with the new format. But, once you were familiar with the new web browser, you would realize that the slight inconvenience of learning the new ways of operating it was worth it because you could now do all the things you want to on the Internet.

That is exactly how paradigms work. If you replace "web browser" with "paradigm" in the previous example, and replace "do the things you want to on the Internet" with "lose weight", you will have a good illustration of how a new paradigm will work for you. In the previous example, the "websites you're visiting" can be replaced with "your weight loss plans and programs." Just like using a new web browser would suddenly allow you to do exactly what you want to on the Internet, with new paradigms you'll find that your weight loss efforts suddenly become super effective.

If you're like me, you'll even find that with new paradigms, your weight loss efforts become more effective than you were originally promised!

Because, if you're reading this lens, your "web browser" (of course, I am referring to your "paradigms") are not allowing you to "use the Internet" (and, of course, I really mean "lose your unwanted weight") the way you want. It's time to consult your "tech savvy friend" (in this case, I am really referring to this lens) and get a new "web browser" (once again, I really mean "paradigms") so that you can "do what you want on the Internet" (again, "lose your unwanted weight"). Your old paradigms have failed you in your continued quest to lose your unwanted weight (hint - don't blame yourself because it's not your fault) and it's time for new ones (which you are about to learn and are infinitely more effective)!

And, since our paradigms are created from science, learning about quantum physics will be the single greatest investment you'll ever make for losing weight. Quantum physics, you'll soon learn, is an amazing and supremely accurate science which shows us that we should completely rethink everything we thought we knew about how the universe operates. And the changes which you'll make from it are easy, fun, and incredibly effective for weight loss!

Classical Physics and How it Shaped Our Thinking

"I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."

Stephen Hawking


Nobel Prize Winner

Before the first scientific revolution (classical physics) was fully integrated into the world, even the most learned, educated, and successful people considered these "facts" to be absolute truths, and everything in their world was predicated upon beliefs culled from such facts. Strange practices and beliefs were commonplace:

  • People wrapped urine-soaked hose around their neck to fight off colds.
  • People thought that the planets moved around in the "universal aether" because they were being pushed by angels.
  • Surgeons carved holes in skulls to cure migraines, seizures, and mental illness.
  • Beaver testicles were ground up and mixed with alcohol as a female contraceptive.
  • Mercury, a deadly poison, was applied externally to cure wounds and consumed internally to cure a wide variety of ailments such as constipation.
  • People believed that bad smells and malodorous vapors caused illness.
  • Women rubbed puppy urine on their faces as a beauty treatment (and even brushed their teeth with it).
  • Farmers believed that having sexual intercourse under an evergreen tree produced abundant and fertile harvests.

The day has come where we can now view the following "facts" from old science from the first scientific revolution (classical physics) with the same skepticism as the ones above:

  • Each "thing" (including the universe itself) is made of smaller parts with predictable functions. The smaller parts play roles in making the larger thing work. That is their "job."
  • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every movement has a cause. Every action is determined by something else exerting itself upon the thing that acted.
  • The observer and the observed are two separate things. A scientist, a teacher, a manager, an administrator, etc., are all distinct and separate observers of what they are observing or experimenting with.
  • Things occur in a logical, linear fashion. When a certain outcome occurs, you can always find the cause by tracing the multiplied effects backwards. Action is like a row of dominoes falling after the first one gets pushed.

This is great news for you if you have struggled to lose unwanted weight because the modern weight loss industry is built upon those four "facts".

Quantum Physics and How it Re-Shapes Our Thinking

"Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

Sir Arthur Eddington


Over the last hundred-plus years, quantum physics has virtually rewritten everything we thought we knew about our universe. And, as radically different as quantum physics is, perhaps even more intriguing is how accurate it has proven to be.

What follows are four of the main tenants of quantum physics:

  1. All matter is made up of organic, or unified, wholes that are often greater than the sum of their parts. This concept is called holism, and it is the polar opposite of the machine metaphor of the first scientific revolution.
  2. There is not necessarily a relationship between cause and effect. Action is not always caused by another force exerting itself.
  3. The observer and the observed cannot be separated. The observer's observation and expectations, literally, become a part of what is being observed. In fact, the observer and the observed may be said to be two different perspectives of the same thing.
  4. Systems are not linear; systems are equations whose effects are not proportional to their causes. There is a lack of logical sequence, correlation, or cohesion found in the universe where we once thought that everything was neatly and logically ordered.

If you have unwanted weight, from these four findings of the new science, quantum physics, you can now use two new paradigms to take off your unwanted weight much easier (and quicker) than you ever thought possible:

  • The Universe is Energy-Based. This paradigm supplants the old paradigm (from the old science) of the universe being action-based. Actions are still important in losing unwanted weight, but it turns out that your beliefs about your eating and exercising are infinitely more important than the specific weight-loss actions themselves.
  • The Universe is Holistic. This paradigm supplants the old paradigm (from the old science) of things being like machines, with smaller parts playing predictable roles in the larger entity's functioning. You body, it turns out, is not a machine and should not be treated as such when losing unwanted weight.

A Healthy Body Through the New Paradigms of Quantum Physics

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Albert Einstein


Nobel Prize Winner

I am 44 years old and, in addition to my writing, I have a busy, full-time profession and I am the primary, full-time caregiver for my three sons. After applying the science of quantum physics to my own diet and exercise routine, I can now wear the same pants size I wore in high school and, believe it or not, take my shirt off at the pool without feeling embarrassment. I often get pegged as being 10 years younger than I am because of my lack of body fat (although the increasing salt-and-pepper color of my hair means that happens less often now). And while that's a description of how I look, it's how I feel (check the new paradigms listed above) that's really most important.

So how do I feel? And how might you, too, feel when you use the principles of quantum physics to reach your ideal weight? If you're like me, you'll feel:

  1. Strong: Able to climb hills and stairs without losing your breath
  2. Desirable: People give you second looks
  3. Confident: You have a physical asset - your body - that far outshines any expensive wardrobe
  4. Penny-wise: No longer do you have to buy new clothes just to get a better fit for your expanding body
  5. Excited: About buying new clothes to fit your shrinking body (don't worry, you can get them on sale)
  6. Attractive: And often mistaken for someone 10 years younger than you are
  7. Healthy: You look in the mirror and your belly is gone
  8. Proud: Friends and family see you and exclaim, "Wow! How much have you lost?!"

The truth is, no one can tell you how much you should weigh and what you should look like. Some people who have used these two new paradigms to finally lose their unwanted weight began with what they considered to be a gross amount of unwanted weight, while others simply wanted to finally lose those troublesome last five pounds. Whether you have five pounds to lose or 205 pounds does not matter. You can lose it.

Perhaps the greatest encouragement you can take is that the problem you've been having losing unwanted weight is not because of you. You've worked hard at losing unwanted weight and, yet, it's still there - but you are not a failure! You have been let down by the old paradigms from the old science.

Armed with these two new paradigms, you will quickly and finally defy conventional wisdom and amaze your family and friends as you reclaim your youthful figure (and vigor).

Follow Along With Greg Live

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Author Greg Kuhn updates his blog, Why Quantum Physicists..., regularly. Click on the link in this sentence right now to visit.

Why Quantum Physicists... is "...entertaining, uplifting, and educational...". Greg discusses weight loss (and other topics) through the amazing new paradigms of quantum physics, the most accurate, reliable science known. Give Why Quantum Physicists... a read and you'll soon find yourself following Greg on a daily basis!

What Are Your Current Beliefs About Using Quantum Physics to Lose Unwanted Weight?

"The paradox is only a conflict between reality and your feeling what reality ought to be."

Richard Feynman


Nobel Prize Winner

Start your journey with these two new paradigms, created from the super accurate and reliable science of quantum physics, by publicly declaring your current beliefs about weight loss. I encourage you to be optimistic about yourself!

Can I (and Will I) Lose My Unwanted Weight Using These Two, New, Super-Accurate Paradigms?

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About the Author

Author Greg Kuhn is a professional educator and a futurist, specializing in framing new paradigms for 21st Century living.

Since 1995 Greg has written for his father, Clifford Kuhn, M.D. about health, wellness, and personal growth, crafting five self-help books for him and over thirty self-help articles for publication. Recently Greg published Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat, which is a portion of his larger self-help quantum formula, teaching people with unwanted weight how to finally lose it using quantum physicists. Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat has earned praise from both nurses and physicians alike.

In addition to performing entertaining and well-received speaking engagements and media interviews about quantum physics' power for personal growth, Greg also collaborates and speaks with Intentional Wellness, a Louisville, KY-based organization of doctors, nurses, and nutritionists who actively train people to have healthier lifestyles.

In his new book, Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat Greg finally unveils his cutting-edge research into revolutionary new paradigms culled directly from the amazing science of quantum physics.

Always entertaining, Greg reveals simple, easy-to-use, "street-level" techniques for losing your unwanted weight sooner than you thought possible. You'll not only master these techniques quickly, you'll also have fun using them.

Future topics in Greg's Why Quantum Physicists... series will unmask new paradigms for successful teaching, parenting, romantic relationships, financial success, divorce, and blending families.

" won't put this book down..."

Doreen Banaszack

Author of Excuse Me, Your Life is Now

Interested in Using Quantum Physics to Lose Your Unwanted Weight? - It's Really Pretty Simple to Do and IT WORKS!

Finally say goodbye to unwanted weight!

  1. Have you tried to lose weight only to wind up gaining it all back (and more)?
  2. Have you repeatedly dieted and been unsuccessful at losing your unwanted weight?
  3. Are you tired of trying to hide your weight gains from family and friends because weight loss plans just don't seem to work for you?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you're no different than millions of Americans; you've been frustrated by your seeming inability to lose your unwanted weight. It might surprise you, though, to learn that the specific diets you've tried aren't the problem. Would it surprise you further to learn that YOU definitely aren't the problem either?

The problem is not the weight loss plans and neither is it you. The problem is the science! The diets you've tried have failed you because they are based on old, outdated science. Science that has, in fact, been replaced, right under your nose, by an amazingly accurate and incredibly reliable one called quantum physics.

Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat will teach you, in simple, everyday language, to unlock the awesome power of quantum physics to inject any weight loss plan with nitroboosting rocket fuel. You'll quickly find that the great-feeling, slender body you've dreamed of is just around the corner!

"...this is a breakthrough...Read this book..."

Debbie Moss

Registered Nurse

Salt Lake City, UT

"...You'll laugh, you'll learn AND you'll lose weight..."

Barbara Galant

Frederick, MD

You Simply MUST Listen to This Radio Interview

If You're at All Interested in Using Quantum Physics to Lose Unwanted Weight

Have you listened to the Matt and Phil LOA Show on Blog Radio?

I had a wonderful, fantastic interview on The Matt and Phil LOA Show (click that link to go the recorded episode) that you will not only love listening to, but will teach you a lot more about the information in this lens.

From the Matt and Phil LOA Show:

"What is the scientific proof of the LOA? Can quantum physics explain how LOA works? How can we use a better understanding of the science behind LOA to improve our lives? Special guest Greg Kuhn will help us answer these vital questions!

Author Greg Kuhn is a professional educator and a futurist, specializing in framing new paradigms for 21st Century living. For the last fifteen years, he has written primarily with his father, Dr. Clifford Kuhn, M.D., about health, wellness, and productivity. Greg lives in Louisville, KY with his wife and four sons without whom he couldn't have published his new book ; you can read more at: and See Greg's new book on Amazon."

The Matt and Phil Show, by the way, is one of the leading blog radio law of attraction programs in the nation, regularly getting thousands of listeners. Phil, for example, has over 68,000 followers on Twitter - so this show "is kind of a big deal" (to quote Anchorman)!

This is My Second Most Important Weight Loss Client (After You) - Our Cat, Katie, Who, Unfortunately, Doesn't Understand English!

Do I Need to Translate "Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat"? - From "English" to "Meow"

After seeing Katie above, what do you think?

Does Katie Need to Read

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Some Important Stuff that You Ought to Know

All information on this site is copyrighted by Greg Kuhn. Nothing here may be used or reprinted without permission of Greg.

Just ask. Thanks.

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      Very interesting read and a nice fresh perspective to the thoughts!

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      Great lens with good ideas.

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      Fantastic ideas. I like your approach.

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      Great lens, it was very well written.


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