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What is meditation ? Know your energy center or chakra benefits.

Updated on May 24, 2014

Meditation - Introduction

Dear Readers,

Let us try to understand, what is meditation and why we need to meditate at this age ?

Some of my understanding on meditation (as I practiced & realized) are given below.

  • A simple process to keep ourselves calm or have inner peace in ourselves.
  • It is not just closing our eyes & sleeping or sitting in same position.
  • Its a process to awaken our consciousness to higher levels.
  • Its a process to raise our intelligence to further levels.
  • Its a process to have a balanced connectivity between body, mind and spirit.
  • Its a process to control our uncontrolled thoughts.

Sometimes we don't know if we really have control over our thoughts. Or we think that, we have more control on our thoughts and what we do.

Do we have control on our thoughts or mind ?

If we have a willingness/desire to do something (say like eating a sweet).

But do we have a mindset to control eating the sweet at that moment ? When we see the sweet, very moment we loose control & start listening to our mind & tongue(sense of tasting).

Controlling our mind & not falling prey to our mind is key to be aware of being conscious.

When we start listening to 100's of thoughts running in our mind, we start losing our energy that we have stored in our body. Those thoughts might not be relevant at given point of time. What I meant to say here is, thinking about the past & worrying about somethings or repeated patterns. Thinking about the future and missing the current happenings or thinking about insecurity of the future.

Ultimate thing is, we forget to be in present. Rather our mind either goes backward or forward. But resists again and again to be in present. That is our smallest/biggest problem as we see it.

What about the thoughts ?

People used to ask me, what am I supposed to do without thoughts. I will feel boredom if my thoughts don't run in my mind.

A simple question to ask ourselves.

  1. Where is head ? Can we identify a physical part in our body called head ? Yes
  2. Where is Eyes ? Identifiable in our body ? Yes
  3. Where is hand ? Identifiable in our body ? Yes
  4. Where is fingers ? Identifiable in our body ? Yes
  5. Where is mind ? Identifiable in our body ? NO. Why ?

Let us put this question to ourselves why are we not able to identify our mind physically.

What is Mind ?

Mind is collection of thoughts. A virtual space which doesn't have anything physical in our body.

But we strongly believe that mind exists without which we will not survive. Only by thinking we assume ourselves that, we can't survive. We ourselves attach some patterns of thoughts which represents our past experiences (good/bad) or attach some patterns of thoughts about our future.

Either while doing some work, we think about the past or think about the future; but fail to be in present. Fail to be in awareness. Failing to be in consciousness. Failing to be in completeness. Let us see the energy center/chakras and its benefits.

Energy centers

Explanation about energy centers

  • Muladhara :Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.
  • Swadisthana :Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.
  • Manipura :Our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.
  • Anahata :Our ability to love.
  • Vishudda :Our ability to communicate.
  • Ajna :Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.
  • Sahasrara :The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

What good can happen if we control Mind ?

Mind is something which we can control to save the bio energy which we receive from cosmos during our night when we sleep.

A question: During the night, when we sleep; what happens ? We just get into a no-mind zone (provided that we don't have any dream).

No-mind zone what I meant here is we are in total rest without any thoughts. During such time, our body has a higher intelligence which receives the energy from the cosmos & charges our body. Every cells in our body stores the cosmic energy in our body. To be more precise, our mitochondria cells stores the bio energy.

Mitochondria acts as a battery to store such energy. When we get up in the morning, we feel so fresh (provided that we don't have any dream and had very good / sound sleep). During the day for all our activities that we do, apart from energy from our food we eat, bio energy stored in mitochondria is also used. That is the reason, beginning of our day we will feel so fresh.

When we move towards the end of the day, we feel tired (irrespective of what we eat during breakfast, lunch & dinner). Still at end of the day once after our bio energy is drained from our mitochondria cells, you will feel tired.

Cosmic energy

We might ask, what is the energy that I am talking about. Its the cosmic energy which cosmos has given to all beings to receive and heal ourselves. Cosmic energy & cosmos is again another big ocean to explore. Let's not deviate.

Meditation Benefits through Mitochondria cells

By meditating and taking yourself to next level, you have an opportunity to increase your mitochondria cells. People also used to say, increasing mitochondria cells more than a range takes you towards anti-aging process. This is how people of ancient times, were living for quite long years than what our current average age of living is. So people of this age definitely have to meditate diligently. Not just to increase your average age of life. But

  • To attain clarity on life
  • To lead a life with awareness
  • To live a life that is driven by your consciousness
  • To live a life what the DIVINE/Cosmic energy wants you to live

The Human Body Energy Centers Part 1- truth that is hidden in you

The human body energy centers - Part2

The Human Body Energy Centers Part 3


The videos give above, guides you and says what changes can blossom in you, which happened as a glimpse of realization in me as well. Many preachers/saints/enlightened masters have said that, only a human being can reach up to this DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. Having a life with us, its good that we utilize our own capabilities we posses in us. Raise ourselves to the level of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS & live a peaceful life forever.

I thank one & all for taking your time in reading my hubpage with patience.

Let all of us be in peace, share the peace, enjoy the peace within & outside !


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