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Why Mosquitoes like to Bite Certain People More

Updated on April 25, 2016
Mosquito | Source

How Dangerous are Mosquito Bites?

Have you ever wondered to ask why mosquitoes prefer biting others more than they bite some other people. Well, the truth is that there are some people who attract mosquitoes to themselves; whereas there are others who tend to keep at arm’s length mosquitoes from getting closer to them. The question is that there has been research into why this is the case, in this juncture; we would be looking at the reasons why mosquitoes tend to bite certain people more.

It is no doubt that the bite of a mosquito can be very unwelcoming, as they leave you with red itchy spots on your skin, whereas they also pose a serious treat if they bite you frequently, because you stand a chance of being infected with the dangerous sickness called malaria. According to research by Professor Jerry Butler, mosquitoes do have favorites when it comes to choices of whom to bite (Source: WebMD). So let us look at people who are more attracted to mosquitoes, or in order words, let us say mosquito magnets.

People Who Attract Mosquitoes
There really is no evidence so far according to research on what type of human flesh that mosquitoes consider as favorites, even though the research is still on and just some day there would be a breakthrough, but until then, let us base on what is currently available to us according to scientists. The researches from scientist have it that sensitivity to mosquito bites depend on our genetics which is estimated to account for about 85% of the human body’s sensitivity to mosquitoes.

According to Butler, speaking to WebMD (Source), he said “people with high concentration of steroids or cholesterol on their skin surface attract mosquitoes”. What this means is that people with high cholesterol on their skin surface does not mean that an individual’s with a high total cholesterol level would be susceptible to mosquito bites, but what it simply means is that the byproducts of the processed cholesterol that remains on ones skin determines your susceptibility to mosquito bites. So simply put, I would say that if you have a high level of byproduct of cholesterol on your skin surface, then it means that you are likely to be a target for mosquitoes to prey on.

According to the spokesman of the Entomological Society of America Mr. John Edman, mosquitoes also are attracted to people who produce huge amounts of uric acids. He suggested that huge amounts of uric acids produced by individuals provoke a mosquito’s sense of smell.

Individuals who produce a lot of carbon dioxide can also spark the sense of smell of a mosquito, thus making them vulnerable to being beaten by a mosquito. The thing with carbon dioxide is that the bigger you are the more you produce carbon dioxide that is why mosquitoes tend to bite bigger people than smaller people, in order words mosquitoes like to bite adults more than children.

How deadly are Mosquito Bites?
Some people don’t know the dangers that mosquito bites can pose to them, mosquito bites mean a lot more than just a couple of days itching, mosquito bites can be very deadly and pose a lot of health risk, especially to children. Mosquitoes carry many diseases and most of them can be very deadly. Let us take the United States for instance; the deadly virus West Nile virus is one of the most deadly and commonest of diseases spread by the bite of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes also spread malaria, which is also another deadly sickness which can have severe effects, especially on children.

Some of the most common signs that an individual is suffering from mosquito related sickness such as malaria occur between two days to two weeks and include symptoms like; headaches, fever, dizziness and body aches. (Source; FoxNews, article by Dr. Manny Alvarez)
You need to avoid getting beaten by mosquitoes in order to avoid getting mosquito related diseases such as malaria and West Nile Virus as we mentioned above. You can follow these steps to reduce your chances of being beaten my mosquitoes;

1. Avoid stagnant water around your surroundings.
2. Always use mosquito repellent when you expose your skin in mosquito infected areas.
3. Sleep in Mosquito treated nets.

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