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Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Typical American Diet

Updated on January 13, 2017

Nature's Candy

An Over Looked Fact

If you are tired of being on the yo-yo diet ride, then listen up. You know our ancestors didn’t have half the battle with their weight then we do. Have you ever wondered why? Our ancestors were mostly farmers and they ate foods directly from the land. Take a look at the typical American diet. French Cappuccino with a doughnut for breakfast, A sprint to the local restaurant for a burger and fries for lunch, for dinner, perhaps meat and potatoes, with a slice of pound cake for desert, topped off with a big bottle of Coke. Do you see something here people?

Where are the enzymes, vitamins, and fiber? Over time these processed foods make you age faster, you may develop some health problems from this…and, oh yeah, you get FAT ! You’ll find yourself sitting on the couch in front of the TV Looking like a Mr. Potato head. Why? These foods will cause your body to blow up with added weight, I don’t think you’ll like that- would you?

The secret? Getting rid of the typical American diet and treat yourself to real food- whole foods, eliminate processed foods! I Most nutrients are lost in foods that are processed, Foods are processed because they need to have a long shelf life. Don’t be fool by the good taste and how smooth and easy it is to chew and swallow that stuff. You are really taking in lots of empty calories when you eat processed foods. All you’ll going to do is turn into a lard ass. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Apple, oranges, fresh vegetables is what you need a lot of. If you have to eat meat make sure its meat from animals- chicken, beef, fish, turkey not pumped up with hormones and other chemicals, free range, and grass fed preferably, and make the meat a side dish not the main course. Because we are programmed by TV resturant comercials that feature meat as the main dish to meals. People who are suffering from debilitating diseasesthe raw-vegan diet is the way to go. These foods are real foods you should do all you can to make sure your diet consist of these; and watch your excess body weight fly right off.

You need to balance cooked foods with raw foods. If you are dealing with a health problem you should be all raw, if possible. include all the raw vegetables and fruits you like. Search the web for raw-vegan recipes you might enjoy (if you’re going to go raw-vegan).

Fortunately, we all don’t have to be farmers to eat right. All the food we need is at the local grocery store. Removing processed foods from your diet, and adding healthy sources of protein to your personal menu will help you feel energized as you lose some unwanted pounds.

Indeed, an overlooked diet fact is the need to get rid of your typical American diet. Healthy foods will give you a healthy weight loss. Treat yourself to real food. Real foods have enzymes, vitamins, and fiber. Make sure your diet include them.


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