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The Virgin Diet - It Has Worked For Me

Updated on February 22, 2014

I've lost 10 pounds already so the Virgin Diet has achieved success already. But this not a diet in the sense that it is a plan to loose weight, but it is a diet in the sense that it is a selections of foods chosen (or avoided) for a specific reason. The comes from the author so you don't have to be a virgin to follow this plan and sadly you won't regain that status by following this plan either. Me, I followed the plan for health reasons.

Idiopathic Urticaria - a condition I have been living with for four years now - whole body hives and under-skin swellings that have hampered my life severely at times. They come and go with no apparent reason. I've been to numerous doctors and tried all sorts of treatments - most of which make the matters worse and not better. The drugs I am currently on for treatment have some nasty side effects so I just want to be off the drugs.

Enter J.J. Virgin. I caught her doing a promo spot on the PBS station one weekend when I was flipping channels. The whole premiss of her system is to find out what food or foods are causing inflammation in your body. It is not a food allergy but a food intolerance. This food intolerance - if left unchecked - may lead to serious health issues. It is more of a grand science experiment than a diet plan you follow blindly. I think that is what appealed to me first.

There are seven foods proven to cause some people problems and the premiss behind this diet is to eliminate these seven foods for three weeks to clear your system of their inflammatory effects and then reintroduce them one at a time in a controlled manner and record the results. If reintroducing them cause a shift in health status negatively then you know what food types to avoid.

The most difficult part is the first of three weeks - I've passed that point and like J.J. says in her book, it does get easier. I am antisipating the coming second cycle where I get to reintroduce each of the different foods in turn. Having given up, gluten (wheat), dairy, eggs, soy, sugar,corn and peanuts - I miss wheat, eggs and cheese the most. I have a month of testing to still do so I will keep you posted.

The Virgin Diet Cookbook: 150 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Lose Weight and Feel Better Fast
The Virgin Diet Cookbook: 150 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Lose Weight and Feel Better Fast

In case the recipes in the original diet book were not enough - you can extend you stay with this wide variety of new recipes. Enjoy.


What this experiment has taught us it that there are ways to enjoy the same food we grew up with and still make it healthy without too much effort.

Example: Shepard's Pie

  • Use grass fed beef. Also replace 1/4 of the beef with finely shredded carrot.
  • Finely puree white garbonzo beans or chick peas and mix with the mashed potatoes.
  • Use more spices than you normally do to off set the lack or dairy and cheese. Then compare that recipe with cheese on your third week of cycle two. You'll be surprised.

I'll be adding more recipes when I can... Enjoy!

Have You Tried This Smart Way Of Finding Your Way?

Share your thoughts and recipe tips and things to look out for or avoid. Anything to make someone else's trip easier.


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