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Abs Workout Machine - Check The Kind Of Body You Want

Updated on February 19, 2015

Simple Without Fail!

In order to get a sexy body, you have to become a Woman Workout Machine! I have heard of and known women who think that they can diet and look great.

Well, sure if you think skinny looks good. But thankfully, that fad has died and society now knows better.

Skinny isn't healthy, and isn't sexy.

Women with nicely sculpted muscles and curves in the right spot look good and are healthy too! No more starvation for the best body, just become a woman workout machine!

Body Shaper Machine
Body Shaper Machine

How You Can Get Sexy Slim Body

With This New Woman Exercise Machine

What do I mean by a woman workout machine? Simple, you need to workout, daily, habitually, without fail! I don't mean kill yourself through exercise. I mean do something everyday to challenge your body, condition your body, and shape your body.

This will get your metabolism way through the roof. You will be able to burn tons more calories than those poor dieting skinny women. You can eat and enjoy your food right in front of them. Feel free to stick your tongue out at them, too. There is nothing wrong with eating like a human instead of a bird.

You are doing something great for your body. By becoming a Woman Workout Machine, you are not only getting a sexy body but you are also preventing many health problems down the road.

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Lady Slimmer
Lady Slimmer

Woman Workout Machine - Benefits?

If you do a daily workout consisting of strength and aerobic exercise you are doing yourself a world of good. You are strengthening your heart, your bones, your lungs, and your immune system. You are also helping to ward off stress, prevent age related illnesses, and balancing the chemicals in your brain, resulting in a happier, go-lucky you!

Like it mentioned earlier, by being a woman workout machine you are burning calories during your workout but also burning more calories after your workout. It's all in the muscles. Exercise builds muscles. These muscles need energy to work. They get their energy from the food you eat as well as extra fat deposits in the body. This makes you look very swell because not only do you have nice lean muscles but you are also getting rid of the excess fat that looks awful and causes heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, and much more.

Recommendations for a Woman Workout Machine

A Woman Workout Machine is free to workout however she wishes. However, there are some recommendations that may help her to build a stronger, sexier body in less time. They include working in both aerobic and strength training in her workout routine. Also, experts say that interval training is the quickest way to burn fat, especially abdominal fat. It is also recommended that for the best woman workout machine, she should switch up her routine every two or three weeks to keep her body from reaching a plateau. Don't restrict your diet excessively but use a sensible eating plan with plenty of water, fruits and veggies and lean meats. With all this you can successfully become a sexy woman workout machine.

All Over Body Toning Workout

There are mainly three areas for women that need to be focused on for a body toning workout. There can be more, however to create an all over body toning workout. The three main areas are the butt, thighs and stomach. The extra areas we will look at today are the shoulders, hamstrings, back and arms. By toning all these areas a woman could not only get a good body, she can get a great body.

Let's look at how incorporating these other areas in your toning workout can benefit you. We will take each area one by one and examine them.

Shoulder Toning Workout

For one thing, creating stronger shoulders will help to create more of an hourglass figure. Having a bigger top will make your waist look smaller. Also, having strong shoulders will help to prevent many back injuries and daily pains. When summer time rolls around, having nice shapely shoulders will help you look sexier in those tank tops and sleeveless dresses.

Do these exercises for a great shoulder toning workout:

Arm Circles - Pretty self explanatory, just make sure to keep your back straight and your core engaged. Do it big and small, forward and backward.

Overhead Press Hold - To do this, hold two dumbbells or cans of food in your hands by your ears. Push them up to the ceiling five times and on the sixth time hold them up there for 20 seconds.

Hamstring Toning Workout

The hamstring is the muscle in the back of the leg that runs from your knee to your butt. It is a complimentary muscle to the butt. It is also a problem area for cellulite. No matter what pills or creams you try, the only cure for cellulite is spot toning and fat reduction.

Here is a good hamstring toning workout:

Hamstring Lift - Get on hands and knees and lift one leg up with a bent knee. Kick it up to the ceiling five times and then bend the leg in to touch the butt with your heel five times. Then straighten the leg and raise the leg up to the ceiling five times. Repeat this process once more and switch to the other leg.

Back Toning Workout

Like the hamstring is a complimentary muscle to the butt, the back is a complimentary muscle to the stomach. You can't effectively hold your stomach muscles tight without having a strong back. A strong back can also look very sexy in a bikini.

Here is a good back toning workout:

Supermans: To perform this move, lay on the ground face down with your arms and legs extended. Lift both your arms and both your legs off the ground about 6 inches and hold for 10 seconds. Make sure to breathe. Repeat 6-8 times.

Arm Toning Workout

There are two main parts of the arm that should be focused on; the triceps and the biceps. The triceps are the muscles on the back of the arms that tend to get flabby when out of use and the biceps are those muscles that men can build by brushing their teeth. Women on the other hand, have to work harder to build biceps but that is okay, because the best type of biceps for women are long and lean.

Here is a great arm toning workout:

Tricep Extensions - Hold a weight behind your head with both hands. Raise it up towards the ceilings until your arms are completely extended. Slowly bring it back down and repeat.

Bicep Curls - This is probably the most performed arm exercise but it is very effective. Simply hold a weight in one hand at your side. Bend at the elbow and raise the weight up towards your chest with your palm facing your body.

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