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women grow beard hair is a kind of disease

Updated on November 10, 2011

Women grow beard hair?

In our everyday lives, we sometimes see some women have beard hair on their upper lips, cheeks and jaw, some of them even bigger than men’s. This does not only affect their beauty but also brings huge mental burdens and sufferings to them. What on earth this kind of things come about? Let’s take a look at it.

The reasons to grow beard on women: the hair growth is controlled and adjusted by nerve, internal secretion system. Among them, the influence of the internal secretion of testosterone is the most obvious reason. The testosterone can stimulate the growth of hair cells. Testosterone can stimulate the hair growth on the parts of body, four limbs, armpits and pubic hair. So for people who are short of armpit and pubic hair, locally injecting testosterone can make the hair regrowth. So when testosterone metabolism becomes abnormal, the hair growth would become abnormal and see the long beard of women.

women grow beard hair

women grow beard hair
women grow beard hair

The symptoms and treatment

Most women experience different degree of facial hair growth during pregnancy, it disappears after 6 months. This is also the outcome of the changes of testosterone level. It is a biological change, some women grow hair after menopause is also a biological change.

The indicative symptoms: women growing beard can be seen in some syndromes, the most frequently seen in diabetes syndrome and bilateral polycystic ovarian syndrome.

1. In the diabetes syndrome, the growing beard women can often be seen during menopause. The main symptoms are women grow beard, hair growth over body and obvious obesity, often accompanied by diabetes and high blood pressure. There are no other male properties besides beard. The disease is mainly caused by the testosterone level rise due to the pituitary tumor and adrenocortical tumor.
2. Bilateral polycystic overian syndrome started during puberty. The menstruation is normal at first, gradually the menstruation decreases till none. The hyposexuality, sterility, hair growth on multiple parts of body and accompany with obesity and slow growth of mammary gland. The symmetry of bilateral ovarium increases.
In summery, women growing beard is not only caused by biological but also pathological change. Once you have found the symptom, you should go to the doctor immediately and find out the cause. For treatment, don’t make it on your own and pluck out hairs. You can only make it worse.


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