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Women’s Health Issues: Why It Is Important to Take Care of Your Health

Updated on October 30, 2015

All people, regardless of their age and gender, wish to be healthy and strong. There is nothing surprising about this fact, because our wellbeing and success depends a lot upon our health condition. However, medical reports show that women are more subjected to facing serious deceases as compared to men, which is explained by the hormonal changes and the busy way of life they lead. This means that women should pay special attention to their health. Listed below are a few recommendations that may help prevent serious health problems.

Regular medical checkups may help prevent life-threatening diseases
Regular medical checkups may help prevent life-threatening diseases

1. Importance of Immunization and Medical Checkups

People mistakenly think that immunization is the term that concerns the babies and elder children only. This, however, is not right, because some vaccines are specially developed to help prevent serious diseases in adults. Thus, women are recommended to be vaccinated against the cervical cancer, because this disease has become widespread nowadays. Moreover, women have to undergo regular medical checkups, which may help detect and prevent symptoms of life-threatening diseases. Such tests as a Pap test, for example, should be undergone at least once a year, although the frequency should be determined by the doctor with regard to the age, health problems and risk factors a woman has.

2. Family History

The risk factors a woman may face are closely connected with her family history. That is why this will be one of the major questions your doctor will ask you about during the first visit. If possible, try to find out as many information about the health problems your relatives had. This especially concerns your close family members, such as your parents, grandparents, siblings, nephews and nieces as well as uncles and aunts.

Healthy lifestyle is extremely important for everyone!
Healthy lifestyle is extremely important for everyone!

3. Lifestyle

Much has been told already about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This concerns both men and women, but as far as ladies have to carry and give birth to children, they should pay special attention to this issue as well. Thus, women have to control their weight, because obesity and extra kilos may result in hormonal changes and problems triggered by them. Furthermore, it is important to consume healthy foods and beverages, avoid smoking, alcohol abuse and stressful situations. Another crucial aspect, the importance of which is, by the way, frequently underestimated, is physical activity. Women, who regularly go in for sports, are more likely to stay vigorous, healthy and full of energy.

Happy pregnancy starts with proper healthcare
Happy pregnancy starts with proper healthcare

4. Medical Checkups Before Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most responsible and important periods in the life of any woman. That is why it is crucial to take care of your health before you get pregnant. As soon as you decide to have a baby, visit your doctor and undergo a series of medical tests he/she will recommend you. Discuss everything that disturbs you to make sure your current health problems and risk factors you may face during pregnancy won’t harm your baby. These steps will help you avoid problems, which frequently occur during pregnancy. These are preterm births, miscarriages, low-birth-weight babies etc.

A healthy woman means a healthy family!
A healthy woman means a healthy family!


Taking care of health should be a priority for each woman, whose goal is to be healthy, strong and full of energy. Of course, there are some risk factors that are far beyond your control, such as congenital diseases, traumas etc. However, there are lots of other health problems you may prevent by undergoing regular medical checkups, tests, screenings and leading active way of life. Keep that in mind if you wish to live a long and happy life with your loved ones!

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