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Health benefit of peppermint oil on the skin, hair and health

Updated on March 23, 2016

Let me ask you a question, you are using peppermint oil? Do you know what is peppermint oil?, Is an herb beautiful smell has a lot of benefits diverse us know what they are:

What is a mint oil, mint oil, oil is extracted from the Yellow Herb color is very beautiful smell and makes you feel refreshed and cold, and the peppermint oil contains vitamins "Omega and Omega 3 3 Plus - and calcium - and vitamin - A and vitamin C - and magnesium - iron - and potassium - and manganese - copper, and many vitamins in this oil is very cool by every word of this Flanqom in knowing what are its benefits.
Vzi mint his hair and skin private and public health benefits.
First, peppermint oil and its benefits for hair
It helps hair growth: Helps mint scalp oil in that it promotes blood circulation in the head, which stimulates the growth of blood circulation and keeps the hair roots because it is helping the scalp from hair roots and give nutrition it needs.
- The peppermint oil to coat the hair with mixed with some oils: When confuse almond oil with olive oil, along with mint, this mixture is very effective to moisturize the hair, we put this mixture on the scalp and then we put everything on the head for no more than half an hour.
-kzlk Is very useful for scalp hair: If you suffer from dry scalp or oily, the peppermint oil is suitable for all hair types, it is known that peppermint oil has many properties and these properties is clutch rid of sebum and gives you the scalp clean and also sense a refreshing and cool as It helps to treat the scalp of dandruff and prevents itching as well as dry scalp.
Second, the benefits for the skin
Of peppermint oil benefits hair can it also benefits for the skin yeah health benefits for the skin recall, for example, and not limited to the following:
- Peppermint oil makes the skin very bright and brilliant: Fd add a little of it to your day in order to the care of the beauty of your skin and affixed to it it does improve them and because it contains a "Almitnol" and who is cooling very good hydration, which helps in the pale skin treatment.
- Peppermint oil also helps in controlling acne problem it is controlling the secretion of excess sebum and prevents clogged pores, which prevents the appearance of acne and makes the skin is always refreshed.
- Also uses peppermint oil as an act Mask Face: If we prepare (3 tablespoons salt - and 2 tablespoons of olive oil - and 6 drops of peppermint oil) and we are conflating all well and then we massage the face and also figure in a circular motion Fessaadna this mixture on the face peeling which is blamed for the natural color.
- Also it can be used to treat skin and get a clear complexion: This is through the work of a face mask prepare the following:
(Two tablespoons of cucumber and must be grated - and 5 ml Mint diluent oil - and Mlaqitin tablespoons of green clay) then we conflating all thoroughly mixed and we work Mask "full face mask" and leave it to dry and then we wash the face with warm water utility of this The mask that the peel dead cells of the skin and absorb excess sebum and return the freshness of the face.
- Also we can get soft skin Nadharh: Using a very easy way a preparation (Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water - Add 30 drops of peppermint oil) and we are putting them on the face by hosing them it and place it in the refrigerator after each use.
Peppermint oil has other benefits for the wellness including:
- Peppermint oil for respiratory device: known it contained "Almitnol", a biomaterial to protect the person from cough and cold and sinus infections, bronchitis and is also used in the case of sinus congestion Kastnchaq.
- Peppermint oil and treatment of headaches: it is handling headaches and migraines and hottest skin.
- As for peppermint oil of great significance in facilitating the process of digestion: it handles cases of indigestion as we added to food for flavor and wonderful aroma, or we can put 3 drops in half a cup of warm water after eating every meal in order to expel the bulges of the stomach and facilitate digestion.
- Is also used in the treatment of Alathian and vomiting: is placed on the front or inhalation it helps in the treatment of nausea and uses a sedative to relieve headaches Eklaj topical.
-as Peppermint oil is used in the treatment of colon _inecat.
-as Peppermint oil is used in the treatment of viruses in cancer and TB treatment and help reduce the chances of infection and spread of the disease.
-omma Did we know that it helps Nail interest in the case of a fungicide and other
-as Used in cases of jihad and exhaustion.
-umvid Too for the treatment of sunburn and skin irritation.
-as Used in the case of exfoliation children coolness.
These are some of the benefits of all its uses and not as a whole.


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