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Losing Weight One Bite at a Time

Updated on January 1, 2014

Workout at Home on a Budget

We don't gain weight over night. It is one bite at a time and so that is exactly how we can begin to lose the weight. With helpful tips, like eating with chopsticks to help you eat more slowly and cutting down on portion sizes, you can lose those extra pounds one bite at a time.

"Working out never Works out!" used to be something you would hear me say all the time. Now I have changed my tune.

We all know how important staying in shape is, but we don't all need to run out and join a gym, invest thousands into a trainer, and spend several hours a day driving back and forth to our expensive exercise facility.

Eat with Chopsticks!

Smaller portions equals smaller waistline.

I have tried several ways to cut down on my portion sizes. When we were kids my mom used to order chinese food at least once a week. I loved trying to eat my dinner with chopsticks, but it took some time and a bit of effort. Eating with chopsticks makes eating more of an event rather than a task where I'm just hungry and gobbling down everything I can to get it done. I've noticed that when I take smaller bites and eat more slowly, I actually sometimes end up getting full before my plate is empty. I have also found that I don't find myself feeling stuffed later and regretting that I ate too much.

Workout Books to Help You get Started - Don't take one person's opinion and live life by it.

Be sure to educated yourself. Trying something one person tells you works for them will not necessarily work for you. God has created all of us differently. Don't get discouraged if your "bestie" lost 12 pounds the first week and you only lost 2. Continue to learn more about how to properly workout, how to eat healthy, and keep these thoughts in your mind. It helps when you are reading about health rather than fliping through your favorite cupcake recipe book. Put down the magazines and romance novels and start using your time wisely to learn about how to be the best, healthiest you!

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to get your heart rate up and it is very inexpensive. It does take a little bit of space, but there are no expensive pieces of machinery taking up the extra room in your home. If you have high ceilings and a spot to jump rope you can start out trying this little trick. I like to jump rate during the commercials of my favorite television shows.

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