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Working with Crystal Skulls

Updated on August 23, 2017

How to Use a Crystal Skull

Do you want to learn how to use a crystal skull, or learn more about the crystal skulls legend? Have you been drawn to working with crystal skulls?

I have been working with crystals for over a decade, but it wasn't until more recently that crystal skulls decided to make themselves known in my life.

Now that I have been working with them for a while, I can fully appreciate not only their mysticism and otherworldly beauty, but their power, their energy, and their incredible ability to manifest things in your life, from healing to awakening, knowledge to material needs.

This page explains more about crystal skulls, where to find them, and how to use them.

Photo Credit: All images on this page are copyright of the author unless otherwise stated

The Crystal Skulls Legend

Crystal skulls are fascinating and mysterious objects. There are numerous ancient skulls that have been found around the world, in places such as Tibet and Mexico. Ancient skulls are deemed as those over 1500 years old, and some have been scientifically examined to reveal no visible signs of tool marks. How they were carved remains a mystery. There are also old skulls, which are between 100 and 1500 years old, and contemporary skulls, which are modern skulls carved with modern tools today.

While you can now find crystal skulls carved from many different kinds of crystal, the originals were always quartz. It is thought that quartz was man's original computer, with the ancients believing that it stored energy, knowledge and information. Many legends surround the original crystal skulls, with the belief that they contain masses of encoded ancient information that will be activated during 2012.

Follow the link to read about the incredible Legends of the 13 Crystal Skulls, spoken about by Mayans, Aztecs, Native Americans and other indigenous groups around the world. offer this superb book on the Mitchell-Hedges skull, as well as a fascinating free e-book on crystal skulls. Click the image for more information.

This publication, The Skull Speaks, was originally published in 1985. According to the site, "This has become the most prized book by crystal skull enthusiasts, recently selling at over $2000 on Amazon. However, it is very, very rare to see the "THE SKULL SPEAKS" for sale because anyone privileged enough to afford this book values the information it contains too much to part with it."

The book contains the history of this most famous skull, along with channeled information and in-depth sessions that reveal its secrets. A sequel is also available, along with a bundle purchase of both books with a crystal skulls meditation MP3.


Crystal Skulls: Emissaries of Healing and Sacred Wisdom
Crystal Skulls: Emissaries of Healing and Sacred Wisdom

While there are numerous books on crystal skulls and their mysteries and origins, this book actually looks to contemporary skulls and how to work with them.

It contains stories of those who have experienced extreme healing and spiritual growth through working with skulls, and provides information on how to choose and work with them, meditate with them, dream with them and more.

An extremely useful and insightful guide for anyone wishing to work with their own skulls!


Finding and Choosing a Crystal Skull

In actual fact, a crystal skull is often more likely to find and choose you! When choosing crystals, most people, including myself, will hold them in the hand to feel whether the energy of the stone resonates. The same works for skulls but it goes deeper than that.

You can see a skull, either in person or in a picture, and know instantly in your soul that it is the one meant for you. You may also receive messages from the skull, or signs or synchronicity telling you something,

You may also feel strongly drawn to working with a particular crystal and want to have it carved in skull form.

If you are not viewing the skull in person, you can tune in intuitively to sense whether a skull online is the right one for you, or perhaps if a picture is available you can tell by looking at it whether it resonates.

Once you and your skull have chosen one another, the bond is instantly very strong. Even if you have to wait for it to arrive in the mail, you might receive intuitive or channeled messages from the skull.

Sometimes, you may feel you want a skull, but you might not be ready for it. The skulls have creative ways of coming into your life on their own terms, only when you are good and ready!

My first skull was reasonably rare and hard to find - I had been called to work with larimar stones and came across a skull on eBay. I immediately felt resonance with it and bought it. I waited and waited, but it never arrived. I eventually gave up hope and got a refund. I was very disappointed because larimar skulls, as I later found, are near on impossible to find, and also because I had connected with the skull and even knew his name - Aetis.

Some time after I received the refund, I received another connection and message from Aetis. He would come to me when I was ready - I needed to do some energy work and balance my chakras, among other things, first.

Eventually all that was forgotten, and I ordered two new skulls, both clear quartz. On the day that one of them arrived, I opened the door to find two parcels for me. One was the quartz skull, and one was Aetis. Three months since being posted, he had finally and mysteriously decided to arrive. When I checked back on the message he sent me, I had indeed worked on all of the things he had listed. Now, according to him, I was ready!

Visit for High Quality Activated Crystal Skulls

Most of my crystal skulls come from - many of their skulls are activated in the presence of old skull Amar, and they have a truly wonderful range available as well as expert advice on hand. I love browsing this site and can spend hours on it! I have a beautiful ascension skull activated in the presence of ancient skull Sha Na Ra, a clear quartz skull, and a Nuummite skull on the way. Their skulls have a beautiful energy and are very powerful.


Skullis are a reputable seller of extremely well carved crystal skulls. My larimar skull was sourced from them.

Activating your Crystal Skull

Just as you would cleanse, charge and program crystals for wearing and healing, you also need to activate your skull. However, once activated, you do not need to cleanse them, because they maintain their pure energy field.

If you already have a skull, you can place new skulls in its presence. Crystal skulls very much like the company of other skulls and draw on each other's energy fields.

You can also sit with the skull in the palm of your hand and visualise it connecting to the energy grid around the planet, or a funnel of divine light coming down to activate it with loving intent.

Do you Believe in the Power of Crystal Skulls?

Can crystal skulls provide wisdom, healing and insight to mankind?

See results

Connecting with your Crystal Skull

To connect with your crystal skull, take the time to sit quietly with the skull sitting in the palm of your energy receptive hand (usually the left). You can go into a meditative state or, if preferred, just sit quietly, allowing the mind to slow down and receive any insights.

Initial connection usually reveals the skull's name to you, along with any purpose or key attributes that the skull wishes to work with you on.

You may receive visions, words, feelings, memories or insights. If you are already awakened to your psychic ability, you may receive messages or channel the skull directly, receiving its words of wisdom.

Incidentally, how does one handle a skull? Carefully and with respect. My skulls have cited a preference for being gently picked up at the back of the skull, and placed in the hand or part of the body you wish to heal.

Working with Crystal Skulls

Meditating with Crystal Skulls

If you are new to meditating with skulls or even crystals, then the Crystal Skull Meditations available from are excellent. They help you connect not only to your skull, but to the crystalline grid and the ancient skulls as well. Even though I do regular meditations myself now I still like to use these meditations as well, Grace's voice is one of the best I have experienced in guided meditations and I always feel so peaceful and energised after using them. There are several available via the link, including ones to activate and connect with your skulls, as well as for healing and wisdom.

To meditate with your skull, sit quietly in a comfortable position and hold the skull in the open palm of your receptive hand. Breathe deeply, focusing on your breath, and let your mind quieten. Ask the skull to connect with you and impart any visions, healing, insight or knowledge to you.

Psychic and spiritual knowledge comes through the third eye or brow chakra. My clear quartz skull Maueal recommended placing himself or any other skull to the third eye. I find this an extremely powerful way to receive information and healing from the skulls - but be prepared for a very strong burst of energy to come through if you try this method! Hold the crystal skull gently by the base/back of its head and press its forehead to your brow, so that you are connected third eye to third eye.

Healing with Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls have the ability to impart intense healing, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. If you wish to use a skull for healing, then a clear quartz skull is ideal, or if you have a particular crystal in mind that you know is recommended for your ailment, then a skull carved out of this crystal will be even more powerful than if you just use the crystal.

You can place the crystal skull on the part of the body to be healed just as with crystal healing, or you can hold it and ask for its healing to enter you. Be open to ideas and suggestions that it might have about improving your health or letting go of emotions that no longer serve you.

Crystal Skulls, 2012 and Ascension

The crystal skulls had a huge connection to 2012, not least because of the legends surrounding their activation to raise human consciousness. You can follow this link to read more about Crystal Skulls and the 2012 Prophecies if you wish. But even on an individual level, crystal skulls have so much to give,

They are key ascension tools, containing such energy that they can accelerate the ascension process if you are ready, allowing you to open up to higher consciousness and develop spiritually at a faster rate.

I am extremely fortunate to own a very powerful skull, Maueal, who is both an ascension skull (made from extremely pure quartz that is completely see-through, very powerful in itself), but who also was activated in the presence of Sha Na Ra, one of the verified ancient crystal skulls. Ascension skulls serve as a tool to raise human consciousness and perfect the mind in preparation for ascension. According to

"Ultra clear or flawless quartz is a marvel of perfection - when quartz is free of inclusions or fractal planes, it means that it was formed in a place of calm where it was protected from traumatic shifts in the Earth throughout its growth over millions of years.

Ultra clear crystal skulls are powerful amplifiers and magnifiers for pure intention. They hold and store more light, and almost seem to glow in the dark. Ultra clear crystal skulls can help cleanse and purify the mind, and raise one's vibration in preparation for ascension - this is why ultra-clear quartz crystal skulls are referred to as Ascension Crystal Skulls."

Follow the link to learn more about or purchase your own Ascension Crystal Skulls.

Crystal Skulls - Real or Fake?

Crystal skulls - genuine mystical objects of stored power and energy, or just mysterious carved crystals? Have your say here!

Working with Crystal Skulls and the Crystalline Grid

The Crystalline Grid is a complex energy field surrounding the Earth, along which all energy beings, ourselves included, are connected. Crystal skulls are extremely powerful at helping you connect to this grid, through which you can call upon ancient knowledge or even manifest desires.

I highly recommend the Crystal Skull Meditation to Connect to the Ancient Crystal Skulls, which introduces you to the Crystalline Grid and connects you to it, allowing you to absorb the knowledge of the ancient crystal skulls around the world.

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    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 

      2 years ago from Mobile, AL

      I've experience a lot of synchronicity in recent years. I have yet to own or use a crystal skull. I hope to receive one soon.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      2 years ago from Beautiful South

      Great job on skulls and very on target. I have a pink quartz skull and it received a download from Max the Crystal Skull in 2012. I placed it beside my bed, and a day or two later, I had to remove it because of the vivid dreams and the energies wouldn't let me sleep.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great job on this lens. I also write about the

    • Steve Dizmon profile image

      Steve Dizmon 

      4 years ago from Nashville, TN

      I was interested in the Skulls for a few years and had spent time with a few of them when something quite unexpected happened. A Shaman friend who was moving to Ecuador gifted us the Guardianship of 13 Crystal Skulls of Synergy's lineage that he felt we should look after. It has been an interesting experience.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have had one ever since I read the book about the Mitchell Hedges one in the early 90s. I also have a lens on Crystal Skulls - great job here.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I heard about these on Ancient Aliens episodes. I hope people will find all crystal skulls, because I want to know what power do they have. Nicely done and I love your lenses, because you have many similar interests that I have, too. Blessed*

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      nice lens

    • modernchakra profile image


      6 years ago

      We tend to believe what we would like, and usually what we are told or sense directly with our classical 5 senses. But if you truly believe in the beauty of life then there is no doubt there are powers and energies that have not been made "easily" noticeable but are grown and understood through personal spiritual journey's. An object made of such structured and organized information must provide a positive and beneficial experience. This lens is awesome! Thank you for the in depth and beautiful work. Take care.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      this is something new. great to know

    • BLouw profile image

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      I'd never heard of crystal skulls before, but I'll be keeping an eye open for them from now on. They look beautiful.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am still waiting for mine to show up. I guess I have more work to do. Lovely pictures.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Fascinating subject, and well written article. I think I will do more reading on this area.

    • franstan lm profile image

      franstan lm 

      6 years ago

      Very interesting lens. I know absolutely nothing about crystals or crystal skulls so you have really got me wanting to learn


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