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Night Shift: How to stay alive and focus in a healthy way

Updated on November 1, 2012

I am working in a night shift for more than a year now. It’s hard to adjust and it took time for me to realize things that need to do to stay alive and focus. Here are the dos and don’ts that can help you stay alive and mind in focus when working in a night shift:

1. Have a cool and peaceful place to go home. If your house is very far or noisy or hot, move to a place where you can reach home early and have a peaceful living after work.

2. Go home as early as you can. Some tends to go out with their team and take breakfast together. This is not bad idea as it promotes camaraderie in the team but I recommend doing this during weekend after shift so that you can stay together as long as you want and as long as you body can.

3. Don’t exceed your sleep to 8 hours. Sometimes you tend to get sleepy in office if you had very long sleep at home. Just set your alarm 6-8 hours sleep and if you still have long time before work, spend it watching T.V. or listening music, stretching and eating. Use it in a lively way.

4. Wake up 2 hours before you travel to office. Two hours is enough to stretch, prepare food, eat, take a bath and dress up. Move as fast as you can so that you can be lively. You can bring this liveliness in your work.

5. Eat. Eat before you go to work and on you breaks. Have some healthy food intake on your break. It’s good to have coffee and biscuits on your first break and eat heavy on your lunch break. Then, on your last break, have sandwich or bread but don’t drink coffee because it may keep you awake even until you got home.

6. Sleep right after you got home. You can clean your face, brush your teeth, change cloths then sleep. I recommended eating on your breaks in office so that you don’t need to eat in your house after work as it may bring distraction on your sleepiness. Don’t watch T.V. Slow music might help but never mind turning on. Be soundly asleep.

7. Don’t eat junk food or chocolates or candy everyday. It may help you awake but it might just cause you overweight and bloated. You can have it sometimes and in moderation.

8. Take some time getting along with your officemates/teammates. Have a lively and funny conversation with them whenever you get bored, stress or tired, but go back to work as soon as you are relived.

9. Don’t try smoking just to relive from stress or stay alive because if you try and start from it, you will never stop which will just bring you to a health and attitude problem.

10. When you’re in the office, always keep in your mind that it is morning and your working time, not night.

As I said, the adjustment is really hard, so you have to start it in a right and healthy way until your mind and body become used to it and be productive.


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