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Overcoming My Fear of Using Essential Oils

Updated on July 11, 2015

Being a mother of 7, I found it vital to research essential oils before using them.

Dealing - No- Failing with STRESS

Looking back, I feel like I could laugh about the situation, but at the time it terrorized me. The reason I heard my girls giggle as I applied mayonnaise to my hair in a panic, a response to the note sent home from school about lice. I knew I didn't have lice, but I did it as a precautionary measure in hopes to avoid it occurring. But that was not what they were laughing about. Finally able to control their giggles, one of the girls asked if I knew I was missing some hair at the back of my head. Grabbing a second mirror I was able to see the back of my head and view a bald spot about the size of a nickle just behind my right ear. It took me months to finally figure out what was causing my baldness and about $800 worth of tests. Stress had caused my body to attack itself in the form of losing my hair, a condition known as Alopecia Areata There was a treatment that could be done, but it involved lots of needles and hurt like bee stings, it had about a 40% chance of working, and cost a boatload of money, and being a single mother of 4 children at that time, made it impossible on so many levels. So I prayed my heart out and ended up going to Dahn Yoga instead and after 8 more weeks, my bald spot which had grown to the size of a quarter started to grow hair again. That was my first introduction to energy medicine. I had had a friend show me some therapeutic grade essential oils, but she focused more on building a business and since I was not sure if it would work for me I decided not to try them. It wasn't until years later that I decided to research them when I was suffering high blood pressure after giving birth to my 6th child. Up until then, I thought of myself as strong as a work horse. I was being threatened that I would need to stop nursing and go on stronger medication if the meds my doctor had given me didn't work. For three weeks I walked around with a head ache that did not permit me to turn my head to either side and it felt like my soul was being dragged out of my body. After researching it in one of the books I had purchased, I ordered some the next day. I could not believe how I felt just minutes after I applied it to the areas where I hurt the most. I felt so much relief and gratitude for finally being released from my prison of my head feeling like it was in a vice and like my soul was being dragged out of my body. And when I went to the doctor for my 8 week check up my blood pressure was 120/80. I cannot put into words the gratitude and relief I felt, having been able to find relief for this problem which would have turned my life upside down if I didn't find the wellness support that Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils gave me.

If you have any questions, just contact me.

Being a mother of small children can be stressful if you don't know how to enjoy the little sweet moments.

Understanding how to use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

It's one thing to find relief from the oils, but a whole other thing to feel confident to use them on my children. I read that it is important to understand that if the Essential Oil is not processed correctly it may contain properties that may harm the cells of ones body. Also, I knew I needed to consider the integrity of a company. It has been found that some companies have mixed petrol chemicals into their oils, which it is now becoming common knowledge that petrol chemical are toxic to the body's cells. An Essential Oil of Therapeutic Grade quality will normally assist in achieving the well being of the user, however I could never find much on how to use them on little ones until I read that Dr. David Stewart Ph.D. said in his book, "Healing Oils of the Bible", that one drop of oil can cover the cells in an adult body 400 times. Then he later shares how Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as Coconut Oil can penetrate the cells walls just like an Essential Oil can. That's when I decided that a good way to mix diluted oils for my little ones was to use maybe 5 to 7 drops of an oil and then fill the rest of an empty 15 ml bottle to the top with either Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. And I learned that when I did apply an Essential oil on the skin and it starts to feel irritating, I then just simply apply vegetable oil on the location for immediate relief. I also learned that certain oils are safe to ingest and will aid the body in the relief of certain issues such as controlling blood sugar much faster than if just applied to the skin. I am not suggesting anyone do any of this, I am just sharing what I learned to help my family.

Suffering is not an option.

Just a few of the issues I have used essential oils to deal with.

Having 7 children comes with lots of issues, as most people know. I often run into people who approach me with a look of amazement when I share how many children I have been blessed to have and all seven have been born by c/section. They almost seem to think I have all the answers and that life is smooth for me. However, life is not meant to be smooth, I've come to understand, instead I feel we are given hard times to help us grow in faith and love. Having the oils really assists me in my endeavor to do just that. I have used them for little things like help to relieve itching from a small bug bite to big things like my Father's paralyzing stroke, Diabetes type II, Chiari I, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Diaper Rash, Burns, Bruises, and so much more. They have come to be the first thing I do after encountering an issue, along with saying prayers. Words cannot express my gratitude for Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, for they have been the answers that I have been seeking for in my prayers.


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