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Gratitude - It's and Energy that Brings Good Things in Life

Updated on July 11, 2015

How I have Accessed the Power of Gratitude to Better My Life

There is a way that I have come to see energy work in my life and in the lives of those around me. I have learned that when I want something to be in my life, then I must express gratitude to our Maker for it first. And while I am at it, I express appreciation for all the things I have, that I never asked for.

Gratitude is a moving force not to be reckoned with. It is a force to be recognized as an expression of love that carries dreams into reality. It is a power of creation. A glory that is delicious to anyone who practices it on a regular basis.

Gratitude is a blessing! With it's expression nothing will ever fall outside or beyond a grasp. With it as a foundational piece of character, life will be one of great meaning and purpose, as well as accomplishment.

Being an Influence of Gratitude

Those around will see the wisdom in simple ways. Those who don't understand where joy arises from, will, at times, mock, laugh, even criticize or knock it down. It is gratitude that will keep things moving forward, away from the harshness of those mockers, into the creation of the sunlight of deepest wishes, establishing them as a constant reality. And life will come to be an experience of humble gratitude and a spirit of meekness within when those very mockers return, wishing they could be kindred friends.

Bring in Love

One of my favorite quotes have been,"Bloom where you are planted." I'm not sure who said it, but I am so grateful for those wisdom filled words! I found it helpful to visualize when I felt like I lacked love, and I spent time feeling like my soul mate was already in my life. I saw with my mind's eye what treasures of memories I wanted to create with him. When I went anywhere, I would go with that vision of unity in my mind. And I did find that he did appeared in my life at a time when I could recognize him.

Address Money Issues

I can't begin to share all the times I needed money to achieve some high costing activity and when I expressed gratitude for it, I was then either given the money, or given the very thing I was asking money for.

Addressing Building a Family

When I wanted more children, I would see them in my mind and visualize them in my home and all around me. I found it helpful to study books on parenting. I learned new ways to care for my children that I saw in my mind. I wrote them letters and would tell them about my day.

Giving to Others

In my church I found that when I would pay my tithing and give extra that I was blessed for it. I learned that you cannot give to our Maker a slice of bread without him giving you a loaf in return.

I looked around and found things that I could make better and did it with gratitude.

I cannot say enough about Gratitude!

Just try it and see how it manifests in your life.

Experiencing Gratitude is the only way I choose to live my life! Does that make me perfect? No, but it makes my mistakes visual reminders that I am human and that I can be grateful that life isn't over yet because I am willing to learn new things and grow. And where there is growth, there is life. And where there is life, there will be love. And love is a real part of gratitude and gratitude is a real part of love.

Hope this helps you. Sunshine and Blessings, Linda


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    • profile image

      Laurie 4 years ago

      Nice! Positive brings for positive. A happy heart is a thankful heart.