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Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Updated on March 26, 2011

fruit smoothies are now very popular thanks to scientific studies that show, fruits are some of the healthiest foods available. So then fruit smoothies would be a great way to consume fruit and make yourself that little bit healthier. Also my personal opinion is that it tastes much nicer when fruits are mixed together and made into a drink. It is also a great way of keeping on top of that target of 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Many people also make some quite disgusting smoothies, while not actually thinking about whether the ingredients work together. So I thought I would provide you with some recipes to make saw you have a very tasty smoothie. Witch won't put you off being healthy.

Drinking a fruit smoothie is always going to be one of the healthiest drinks you could ever drink. All the fruit in it that contains so many vitamins mineral and antioxidants inside that keeps your body in good health and to be able to function to the best of its abilities. Also Fresh fruit are very good for our digestion system and the absorption of food into the body because of the rich enzymes in the fruit. So i would highly recommend you to start drinking smoothies. They can be really tasty, there are loads of people who don’t eat fruits mainly because of the taste or even sometimes people find that they do not like the texture but find. When drinking a fruit smoothie that it tastes so much better compared to eating. A solid apple or pear etc.

Here are some amazing fruit smoothie recipes for you.

Strawberries blackberries and raspberries smoothie

For every 180 ml of smoothie you want add the following

¾ of pressed apple

½ a squeezed orange

¼ of a mashed Banana

1 crushed strawberry

2 ½ crushed blackberries

2 crushed raspberries

This smoothie is just amazing, It's filled with fruit which will be so great for you. I drink this smoothie every morning with my breakfast it's really quite refreshing.

Strawberry, Kiwi & Banana Smoothie

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 kiwi

1 banana

1 cup strawberry yogurt

1/4 cup grate fruit juice

I don't know what heaven is like but I'm sure they have got this smoothie up there. I normally treat my self to this smoothie on a Sunday morning. When I've got a bit more time to prepare. i would highly recommend this smoothie to you trust me it's tastes amazing.

Grapple smoothie

400g red grapes, stalks removed

2 apple, quartered and cored

12 fresh mint leaves (apple mint is nice)

Ice – cubes or crushed to serve

Juice together the grapes and apple. Stir in the mint leaves. Pour into a glass over ice. For a long, cool drink dilute with sparkling mineral water.

Sweet Mango Smoothie

1 mango (seeded and cubed)

1 small cup of skimmed milk

2 tablespoons honey

1 teaspoon lemon juice

ice cubes (if desired)

Another great smoothie and still as healthy as the last, hope enjoy drinking this one i saw did

Bursting Fruits Smoothie

1 large slice melon (cantaloupe, cubed)

2 oz fresh raspberries

5 fl oz unsweetened cranberry juice

3 tea spoons natural yoghurt

very tasty smoothie this one is.

some great blenders to make your tasty smoothies with


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    • profile image

      no 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Jane 16 5 years ago

      All of the smoothies made me sick.I am never going to try them again.

    • profile image

      Jane16 6 years ago

      I will definitely give this one a try!

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter1 6 years ago

      Thanks for commenting jane16 um there is one smoothie that which is quite simple to make it's a Banana and orange Smoothie here is the ingredients -

      1 banana

      1/2 cup orange juice

      1 orange yogurt

      And couple of cubes of ice

    • profile image

      Jane16 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing these recipes. Smoothies are so good for you. It can seem as though we can just throw fruit in a blender but its not so easy as that - its good to know which fruits go well together. Do you know a cheap but still tasty combination?

    • profile image

      Delrond 6 years ago

      This is freaking awesome! There are plenty of fruit smothie receipes out there that are just plain boring. These make me want to whip out the smoothie maker and start cooking up a storm (Although i probably wont as im disabled and too fat to leave my bed - but i really want to!! i really do)

    • bojanglesk8 profile image

      bojanglesk8 7 years ago

      Looks and sounds delicious.