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XL Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor | Large Home Blood Pressure Cuff | Extra Large Blood Pressure Cuff

Updated on April 27, 2012

Find the Best XL Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

If you take regular blood pressure readings and need more room in the cuff, an extra large blood pressure cuff may help. These manual or automatic personal monitors are ideal for anyone with a large bicep, and helps to provide accurate pressure reading for anyone who may have high weight or body builders who have large upper arms.

Many XL cuff blood pressure monitors have large displays to make readings easy to read. An automatic pressure will squeeze your arm after you set it, and a manual machine will require you to pump it.

Most people who regularly check their blood pressure appreciate a quiet and accurate personal blood pressure machine, and one that is portable. Having an option to plug it in with an AC adaptor or using batteries is a big benefit.

Some machines offer a memory function, to allow you to track your pressures and note any changes for your doctor as well as yourself. It is great to be able to track lifestyle choices that may be affecting your pressure numbers.

Below are some of the best large home blood pressure cuffs available for anyone with large upper arms. Popular manufacturers include Omron, Accufit, Homedics, and Lifesource. You can view buyer star reviews and compare prices as well, to make a quick purchase decision.

XL Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with XL Cuff

LG Blood Pressure Arm Monitor

Large Home Blood Pressure Cuff

Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor Types

There are 2 types of blood pressure monitors that can be found on the market today, manual and automatic. The blood pressure manual monitors have been around the longest and most medical facilities continue to use them. Emergency room and nursing homes still rely on manual devices for blood pressure. Most doctor offices still use the manual blood pressure monitors too. The place the cuff around the arm, use a manual pump to build up pressure, stethoscope and check the pressure gauge to determine your actual blood pressure. Manual blood pressure monitors are considered to be the most accurate, comfortable and efficient to use. The average manual and automatic blood pressure monitor in retail stores cost approximately $20 to $100.

The blood pressure automatic monitor can be found in an arm, wrist, or finger cuff. It is has a clear digital display and comes in many different shapes and sizes. The features and pricing will vary on blood pressure digital monitors. This type of monitor can be used without a stethoscope. The automatic/digital blood pressure monitor is much easier to use, it has a manual cuff, and hand pump. Automatic blood pressure digital monitors comes with a manual pump and cuff in the event your batteries are not working or there is no electricity available. It will allow you to still take a manual blood pressure measurement.

The cuff can be set to automatically inflate too. Please understand if there is too much movement, the digital blood pressure monitor will not inflate. Occasionally, the monitor will show an error message, you will need to reference your user manual for the solution.

Since people are many shapes and sizes, you will need to think about getting the appropriate cuff for your arm. Do you need a small, medium, large, or x-large sized cuff? You can also get an aneroid monitor with the stethoscope and gauge built-in to the cuff. The wrong cuff size will make it impossible to do an accurate blood pressure reading and the monitor will be completely useless to you.

Whether you decide to get a manual or automatic blood pressure monitor, there are many features to consider that could be beneficial. You can purchase an automatic monitor with manual features. Do you need a monitor that can store your blood pressure results? Some automatic monitors have a printout feature. The type of blood pressure device you purchase will heavily depend on your personal spending budget.

Do a search online, read the descriptions and features before making a final decision. Think about the types of features that you want in your automatic blood pressure monitor and research. You can do a search by name on a specific make and model. You will need to do price comparisons on blood pressure monitors too. The internet will also give you the luxury of reading through customer reviews on which monitors to select.

You can also look at the manufacturer's warranty and return policy on blood pressure monitors. If you are still not sure about which monitor to select, ask your doctor or local pharmacist.

Do You Need to Take Regular Pressure Readings?

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