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Yoga and Meditation Help During Holiday Season Reflection

Updated on November 2, 2010

Yoga For The Holidays: Inspire Your Spirit

Holidays and Stress

Majority of people look forward to the holidays. After all, it is a time of celebration, break from school and work, and the ability to spend quality time with your family or friends such that you can unwind. This is not the case though for everyone since holidays has also been associated with bustling activities in the metropolis, lots of shopping, and that overall sense of rush that people are having can lead one to feel overly stressed during the holiday season. Unless you are able to handle stress really well, it could overcome you and will even start to affect your health. If that happens, then you'd have no opportunity to make the most of the holidays.

This is why yoga experts recommend that one undergo holiday season reflection. The ultimate goal of doing this is basically to find your center and regain focus. Moreover, it reminds you of what the true essence of the holiday really about to avoid stressing out on unimportant things.

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Reflections During Holidays

Now that you understand the need for reflecting during stressful holiday times, there are two big questions that often follow: how to do it and how can you get started? This undertaking is undeniably difficult; therefore, you need a certain level of persistence and will power in order to overcome the difficulties.

Below are some tips that will get you off on the right path towards fulfilling your holiday season reflection objectives:

  • Learn to use your time efficiently. The most common cause of stress is the idea that you lack time in order to fulfill whatever you need to do. Learn how to meditate properly so you can slow down the passage of time and enjoy every moment of it.
  • Eliminate any negative vibe that attempts to take over your mind and body. Reiterate your holiday season objectives in your head such that it is instilled within you.
  • Aside from trying to engage in external activities, you must also allot enough time to rekindle with your internal self. Without this, you won't be having success with your season reflections.

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Overcome Holiday Blues Using Yoga and Meditation

Holiday blues is the term to describe this overwhelming feeling that you often get during the holiday season. There are several reasons for this, such as when you are physically away from your family during a supposed time of the year wherein you can reunite with them, or that you might be overcome by the feeling of rush and stress that is experienced. Because the holiday season is an important time of the year, you cannot simply let stress or holiday blues rule you over. This can be possible with the use of yoga and meditation techniques such that you can establish focus and think only positive thoughts.

Remember that it is difficult at start since thoughts of anxiety could get in the way of your objective to meditate. But you can choose a yoga tool or resource that will enable you to overcome the initial problems. Some have resorted to using relaxing yoga meditation music to inspire calming thoughts and feelings. You can also perform graceful and smooth yoga poses in combination with relaxing breathing techniques to restore balance in your life. But the key point to consider here is learning to identify areas in your life that act as the source of imbalance.

Holiday Reflections Through Yoga and Meditation

Tips on Enhancing Your Reflections

There are two areas you need to focus on when performing holiday reflections: yoga exercise and meditation. Below are some additional notes you need to keep in mind on how you can fulfill each component to gain maximum benefit and results.

*Yoga Exercise – In order to eliminate holiday stress, you need to begin by working on the physical body. Combine your yoga poses with breathing exercises that enable you to release tension and provide you with the ability to focus primarily on what you need to get done. You will notice a heightened alertness of your physical surroundings such that you become increasingly sensitive and this mindful awareness is a crucial step during reflection.

*Meditation – This is one component that must never be missing when performing holiday reflections. As the yoga exercises target your physical body, meditation will work on your mental and emotional core. In the case of holiday reflections, meditation is far more important since your mind is constantly at work. You must also use meditation as an opportunity to renew perspectives about your own body, the season, and everything else around you.

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Why is Pre-Meditated Yoga Ideal for Holiday Reflections?

Most yogis would like to perform meditation after the completion of their yoga routine. But experts suggest performing pre-meditated yoga for a more successful holiday reflection. During pre-yoga meditation, you need to focus on your reflection objectives such that it becomes instilled in your consciousness and that drives you forward in your practice. With meditation, you can expect the succeeding components of your practice to transition naturally and flow smoothly.

The biggest advantage of meditating prior to performing your yoga exercise would be to awaken your senses. You need to begin by heightening your visual senses and then moving onto the auditory and to your sense of touch. The idea for the meditation tool is to establish that rhythm inside your body. Once a rhythm is established, it will stimulate your senses and enable you to reach the most ideal meditative state for a successful holiday reflection.

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Performing Your Own Holiday Meditation

If you want to know more tips on holiday meditation and reflection, read on:

  • Start your meditation with deep breathing. Focusing on remaining still and being relaxed.
  • Once you feel completely relaxed, your next objective is to eliminate tension buildup around your body and its muscles. Enjoy the relieving sensation after releasing tension.
  • During your exchange of inhalation and exhalation, release your both in a forceful manner such that you could produce an audible sound.
  • Start your visualization. Focus on positive and joyful thoughts that you associate with the holiday season until the feeling starts to envelop you.
  • After you have acquired that joyful sensation, you can establish a connection with your spiritual body.

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  • tonymac04 profile image

    Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

    Thanks for some really good advice. The holidays do tend to become so hectic that time for refelction is lost and we get lost in the rush also!

    Love and peace