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Yoga and Meditation: Tools for Holistic Detoxification

Updated on January 9, 2016

Yoga for Holistic Detoxification

Yoga is praised by health enthusiasts and yoga practitioners alike for its ability to boost health and fitness. These two are essential components in ensuring that your body stays healthy and that all vital organ systems function the way they should. But another equally important aspect of your health that yoga has been able to address is the detoxification process. Read more below to learn how yoga affects the internal aspects of your physical and mental well being.

Holistic Treatment

DETOX YOGA ; With Esther Ekhart

Importance of Detoxification

The process of detoxification produces massive health benefits, which is why alternative form of medicine bank on it to deliver those excellent results. One very important emphasis to be made during detoxification is the ability to improve function of the body. Unless your organs are functioning efficiently, the entire health system is affected.

One reason that could cause dysfunction on different aspects of your health system is the presence of toxins and other harmful wastes. These toxins build up as a result of exposure to various substances found in your environment, whether through pollutants from the external world or through residues left behind by the food that you eat. Therefore, it is important to stay informed on what factors can cause toxin formation to avoid them and keep your body functioning properly.

Detox and Destress with Kundalini

Yoga Cleansing Routine

The most ideal time to perform yoga cleansing is during the morning. As soon as you wake up, avoid moving around too much and instead do some stretching to awaken your muscles and mind. Performing deep breathing will also help to cleanse your lungs. After that, you can start with your morning yoga cleansing routine, which should consist of the following:

  • Always start your day by heading to the bathroom and performing necessary biological functions. This will help to facilitate in the proper functioning of your vital organs and naturally cleanse them in the process. These are vital indicators on the the condition of your internal organ systems while also enabling a smoother flow of kundalini energy.
  • After your internal health system, you can move onto cleansing your mouth and tongue. More than just trying to attain whiter teeth, you need to look at it as a means to improving your health.
  • On to your nasal passages, you can use a cleansing technique known as Jala Neti. For this one, you will need to use a Neti Pot, water, and organic sea salt. Yoga experts believe that nasal cleansing plays a vital role in improving both your mind and body's physiological state.
  • As the final step to your yoga cleansing system, you need to take a cold shower. This is very beneficial for improving overall health and you can also try adding essential oils for optimum benefits.

Meditation: Holistic Treatment

Mind Detox

Yoga has always been known for its body-mind-spirit integration. Here are some yoga cleansing techniques you can use to improve your mental capacity, in addition to health benefits of cleansing.

Kapalbhati is very useful for individual suffering from extreme level of stress and will enable you to rid of any negative emotion. This will be done on a sitting position wherein you breathe normally for the first minute. Then, perform quick and sudden exhalation through your nostrils. Focus on fully expelling all the oxygen out your lungs instead of the inhalation process. Each round of this exercise shouldn't take no more than a minute for you to feel the de-stressing effet of this exercise.

Kundalini Yoga Basics : Nostril Cleansing in Kundalini Yoga

Body Detox

When it comes to your body, you can follow the methods used for Hatha Yoga cleansing system. Each one focus on specific areas of the body and completing the entire system will enable all areas of the body to experience cleansing.

*Neti – this method of cleansing helps to improve nasal function.
*Dhauti – this method of cleansing affects various organs such as ears, eyes, tongue, esophagus, scalp, stomach, and anus.
*Nauli – this method of cleansing massages the abdominal region.
*Trataka – this method of cleansing improves your visual ability.

Techniques You Can Use For Body-Soul Detoxification

The technique that you are going to use for yoga detoxification lies on your cleansing goals. For instance, you need to use different techniques or methods of detoxification for your internal organ systems as compared to achieving mind detoxification. Whichever you use though, it will involve two main components: breathing exercises and performance of yoga asanas.

Breathing Exercises

No yoga asanas is ever complete without combining it with breathing exercises. This isn't just for added style since the breathing exercises do serve their own purpose as well. It provides cleansing both ways: for your body and mind.

Deep breathing is one of the most common and beneficial breathing technique utilized in yoga. You could also use this same technique for yoga cleansing while working out your lung muscles. By increasing oxygen supply and expanding your lungs, you get to improve respiratory function and improve circulation. The presence of oxygen also facilitates in the faster elimination of harmful toxins that provide blockage to the flow of energy inside your body.

Intense Yoga Tutorial

Yoga Meditation Exercises : Yoga Breathing for Meditation

Intense Yoga Exercises

An integral aspect towards yoga detoxification is the performance of advanced workout exercises. The yoga asanas remain to be one of the core components of the yoga philosophy, which is responsible for producing significant health benefits. Whenever you perform stretching and twisting exercises, it work outs your joints, muscles, and ligaments. In the process, you are also massaging the internal organs boosting its function and improving circulation.

In combination with those physical executions are breathing exercises that are combined with those poses. This is a crucial aspect of your yoga detoxification process since the increased supply of oxygen in the body helps to eliminate cellular waste that have built up over time. But since your constant exposure to harmful environmental and dietary factors will gradually cause these toxins to form inside your body, a regular and constant practice of yoga will ensure you of a complete cleansing system. As you sweat intensely, those toxins are released along with your sweat, enabling your body to preserve its natural health.

Why Do You Need Yoga Cleansing?

The process of detoxification or cleansing can offer substantial health benefits, indeed. But in terms of yoga cleansing, it does serve a deeper purpose. This process is basically undergone to prepare your physical and spiritual body for a deeper journey. Yoga has always emphasized the need for body purification and this is one of the methods you can use to achieve that. It will also pave the way for you to easily perform meditation and relaxation.

Being able to eliminate any form of toxins or blockages in your system will enable you to achieve clarity of mind. Without this, you cannot expect to proceed onto the next stages involved with the practice of yoga.

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