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Yoga At Home Using CDs and DVDs

Updated on December 26, 2015

Introduction to Yoga CDs and DVDs

As more individuals come to realization about the wonderful benefits of yoga to the body, there is also an increasing demand for it. As a consequent result, more styles of yoga are being developed to cater to the varying needs of its practitioners and to facilitate in an efficient yet easily comprehensible learning process. Thus, yoga at home using CDs and DVDs is fast becoming a trend knowing the ease of instruction that such resources offer.

Several people nowadays prefer to just stay at home and practice their yoga routine at their own living room, instead of going to a yoga studio to join a class. All you need for this one is a yoga instructional CD or DVD and you are good to go. You can even choose specific yoga tutorials and expertise level depending on your individual needs.

Attaining Three Expertise Level for Your Home Practice

The rise of yoga materials in the form of CDs and DVDs have resulted in an increase of practitioners opting to adapt a home exercise routine instead of the typical yoga class setting. Aside from the conveniences mentioned above, it is also a more flexible option. You can simply adjust your own approach to your yoga practice knowing that you have different needs from others, while also enabling you to work at your own pace. The ability to evaluate your own skill level and working on your home yoga practice while keeping that in mind is crucial to your success.

If you want to purchase yoga CDs or DVDs, there are three expertise level that you can choose from: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. The expertise level of the instruction material must be one of the first few factors you must consider since you have to work on a progressive manner. To learn about the different qualities and components of each yoga instruction material based on the expertise level, read further below.


Out of all three expertise levels available in various yoga instructional materials, this is probably the most common. Indeed, beginners need the highest amount of guidance from professionals in their practice to ensure the safety and accuracy of their practice. At its core, a yoga instructional CD or DVD for beginners is intended to establish your yoga habit. Some of the beginner yoga DVDs are created with novices in mind, particularly those who have not attended any yoga class in the past. It might even involve familiarizing with basic terms, movements, and other types of information vital to your practice.

Aside from trying to execute yoga poses properly, you will also get supporting information on safety precautions, supporting your back against injury, specific tips for children or seniors practicing yoga, choice of proper clothing, how to use yoga for weight loss, among others. Only when all of the basics are covered will you move onto the actual execution of the poses themselves to ensure that they are done safely. Unless you have learned the basics of the physical component of doing yoga are you able to proceed onto learning about mind-body integration.

In order to cover all these vital points raised throughout the instruction video material, yoga CDs or DVDs are often broken down into several chapters that will tackle each topic in-depth. At the end of the video, you will also find tips and techniques that you can adapt for variation such that you can create your own personal yoga routine.


Unless you have completed the beginner's level, one cannot move onto this step in your yoga tutorial. After all, you have to be limber enough to execute the yoga poses required to complete your entire routine. For this type of expertise level, you will incorporate basic to intermediate difficulty of poses. Even the intermediate poses can be difficult for a beginner to execute though, which is why the beginner's expertise level must be complied first.

As the beginner's expertise level is focused on providing you with basic knowledge, here you'd learn more about the physical and health benefits that you can derive from executing yoga poses properly. At this point, you will also be introduced to some common yoga styles that you can adapt if you have specific goals for practicing yoga, whether it be weight loss, fitness, or muscle toning, etc.


The third and final expertise level you can learn from yoga CDs and DVDs is the advanced stage. You will also find a lot of these types of resources nowadays, which take on a more specific approach to specific goals. Aside from the intermediate poses, you will be asked to take on complex poses that require a certain level of flexibility. At this point, you can also adapt your own unique routine based on your own skill-set and you can use the guidelines provided in the yoga instructional material to complete that.

Some of the common unique yoga routines available for you to choose from include power yoga, completely body yoga routine, and yoga trance dancing, among others. This is where yoga becomes a medium for freedom of expression such that you can develop your own routine that would reflect your own personality and goals.

Daniel Head's Power Yoga DVD::The Yoga Room of Redlands

Benefits of Using Yoga CDs and DVDs

Using yoga CDs and DVDs for practicing yoga at home has a lot of advantages to offer. Some are listed below:

*Whether you are currently enrolled in a yoga class, you can provide additional support to your learning through home instruction and practice.
*Buying yoga CDs or DVDs offer portability such that you can always take it with you wherever you go conveniently, which eliminates the need to purchase a new one.
*Aside from executing yoga exercises, yoga instructional materials also offer a comprehensive take on learning yoga such that it incorporates meditation and other techniques.
*With a one-time purchase, you can already avail of getting vital information from yoga experts themselves without paying for the same cost as hiring a personal yoga teacher.

Availing of Home Professional Instruction

As mentioned above, probably one of the biggest benefits of yoga at home using CDs and DVDs is the ability to directly get instruction from field experts. In fact, there are a lot of famous yoga personalities and instructors that are coming out with their own yoga instructional video materials that are reproduced via CD or DVD format that you can avail of. Therefore, it is as good as hiring a personal yoga instructor right at your own home, but without the staggering cost that is involved with hiring their expertise.

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