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Yoga Can Help Develop a Balanced Personality

Updated on November 26, 2017
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Personality is something that is not easy to define but is usually considered to be the sum total of the external or internal qualities you might possess. It is the personality that dictates behaviour in society and also directs the response you have to various situations. A well rounded and balanced personality is one where emotions, thoughts, intent, desires and impulses integrate to bring about positive responses to life situations. Sometimes you can have certain personality traits that bring about negative outcomes. If your responses swerve towards the negative, then practising yoga can help you to bring balance into your life.

Balanced Personality

According to tenets of yoga, attaining balance is what creates a holistic personality. Yoga considers a person to be a physical, mental and spiritual being. To bring about balance in your personality yoga develops all the three areas so you become self- aware. Through yoga you also develop your inner and outer self and discover who you really are. Through this self-awareness you are able to recognise your strengths and emotions and how to use them in a judicious manner. A synthesis of your strengths and emotions, through yoga develops your personality in a balanced manner so you are neither are you perceived as being over intense nor are you seen as a weakling.

Personality Layers

Yoga defines personality development as an unravelling of layers till your essential personality shines out from beneath. The first area of personality development begins with the physical self. In this layer yoga emphasises the need for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle which is enshrined in the yoga tenets of yama and niyama. The second layer is the flow of prana of energy. Yoga asana or postures remove obstacles in the flow of energy to various parts of the body and bring vitality and alertness. Yoga develops your mental ability so you remain calm and focused no matter what the provocation or pressures. The final layer is unravelled when you reach the stage of blissfulness. In this stage you gain the ability to overcome physical, emotional and psychological shortcomings and transform into a magnetic yet balanced personality.

Meditation and Personality

Meditation is an integral part of yoga and neither is complete without the other. If you are an active person you also require meditation practice to bring about balance. In meditation you breathe in and breathe out, and this focus on the breath increases concentration. Breathing techniques strengthen what is called your mental personality, which is really your ability to relax emotionally and physically. Breathing and meditation allow you to enhance your perceptions and observation skills and bring clarity in thinking. Since meditation steadies the mind and increases your self- control you can remain balanced and steadfast even in negative situations and that is the mark of a balanced personality.

Confident Personality

Anyone who has ever practised yoga will tell you that they have gained in self- confidence through daily yoga practice because you become aware of who you are and with that comes acceptance. Yoga gives you the confidence to be who really are in thought and action. It teaches you to be comfortable with yourself and to remain in the present. Since yoga teaches balance, you neither brood over your past nor feel insecure about your future but accept life in a positive way. Yoga gives you the ability to be able to handle with self-awareness and moderation any trials and tribulations you may encounter. You understand that these trials and tribulations develop your willpower and capabilities and help your spiritual education; which is really the aim of yoga. So you will evolve and develop as a person and move towards your spiritual goal.

Materialistic Personality

The tenets of yoga are such that they guide you towards living a less materialistic life and instead to strive towards bettering the universe through love and peace. When people strive for only materialistic success they often lose the ability to live their life with contentment because materialistic pursuits create ambition and desire to succeed. While the ability to resolve problems is also seen as success but the burnout from constant pressure to resolve issues can take away from what life is all about. Yoga shifts your focus to other important things in your life including your physical, emotional and mental health.


As you can see, yoga works on several planes, your physical, emotional, mental as well as your spiritual self. When these aspects are fully in tune, your personality development is on the right tracks and from here you can only move forward. Daily practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation bring about good health and enable you to look at situations objectively so your decisions are wiser and better. Through yoga you learn that nothing is really as important as the concept of self and striving towards the blissful self.

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