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Yoga for All Ages

Updated on December 26, 2015

Kid's Yoga - Yoga for Kids

When To Practice Yoga?

There is a growing number of people who gain interest in yoga but some of them are quite adamant thinking that they are either too old or too young for yoga. However, yoga experts would insist that you can practically engage in yoga practice regardless of your age and still reap benefits from it.

When people hear the word 'yoga', they immediately associate it with complicated and demanding poses that are either too difficult for young children or too challenging for older individuals. It is important to note that there are a variety of yoga techniques available and so are different branches of yoga catered to various age groups. Hence, you must seek the advice of a qualified yoga instructor near your area if you are interested and they can suggest techniques that you can use depending on your goals and age group.

Yoga for Children, part 1

For Young Kids and Children

The idea of young kids and children engaging in yoga is no longer new today. In fact, yoga classes offered range from infants, pre-school, and grade school ages. Engaging in yoga for children is important as it enables them to cope with the various sources of pressure and stress that they have to deal with at a young age. It sharpens their mental capacity and improve their physical well being.

Here are some benefits that children can gain from joining yoga classes:

  • Most children and younger kids engage in intense physical activities that can alter their mood significantly. Meditation would help them combat those moods and provide more emotional ease.
  • The chaos that is brought about by their active lifestyle can be overwhelming sometimes. Yoga helps to introduce more balance into their life.
  • Stability and proper alignment of the body is essential for children to avoid injury, which is a great possibility considering their active lifestyle.

Yoga Classes for Children

There is a wide range of choices for yoga classes that children can participate in. For example, those with special needs can engage in yoga classes that were specifically designed and structured to improve their learning and developmental abilities.

Yoga classes are being offered for children at least 6 years old and up to 14 years of age. Among the various yoga components included are eye exercises, responsive singing, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, and yoga exercises.

Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga

The puberty stage is probably the most pressure-filled and anxious years that an individual has to go through in their lifetime. Hence, parents and teens alike are facing a difficult challenge when it comes to dealing with various causes of stress in a teenager's life. Aside from the physical changes caused by hormonal changes that their body has to go through, the social aspect is probably the most challenging part. The pressure from trying to fit into groups and forming one's own identity can be stressful and a teenager has to deal with this on a daily basis.

Therefore, there is a growing number of yoga classes specifically offered for teens. The different approaches used in yoga practice will help them build confidence with the physical, mental, and social aspects of their life. Also, these teenagers typically lead an active lifestyle (like kids) so they can really benefit from yoga exercises recommended for them.

Important Elements in Teen Yoga

The biggest challenge facing yoga instructors when they teach yoga to teenagers is establishing rapport and mutual respect. This will enable teenagers to reach you on a personal level and will make it easier for them to follow your instructions. That way, the learning atmosphere helps them to focus simply on attaining the benefits that yoga has to offer and gain confidence within themselves and about their performance.

After you have established that relationship, you can move onto the sequence of asanas designed specifically for their individual needs in a smooth transition. For teens, the sequence typically involves low-impact workout exercises that incorporates a lot of backbends and Handstand or Adho Mukha Vrksasana. These exercises are incorporated to help a teenager create more body awareness, improve flexibility, self-expression, sense of accomplishment, and stress reduction.

Yoga for Elderly

Stronger Seniors Yoga Sun Salutation 1

Yoga for Older Adults

Its accessibility has contributed to the increased popularity of yoga. Unknown to many, however, is that in the ancient Indian texts of yoga, they have pointed out to the age of 50 as the most ideal age for practicing yoga. This might come as a surprise to many who thought that the complex poses and exercises in yoga is impossible for older adults to practice.

However, there is a deeper aspect to practicing yoga amongst older individuals. Ancient teachings of yoga stipulate that people's perspectives in life change as they continue to age. Hence, the older a person is, the more wisdom s/he has. This wisdom then serves as a good foundation in practicing yoga.

Recommended Exercises

Most elders complain about various physical conditions including weak bones, muscle cramps, back pain, osteoporosis, joint pains, and decreased mobility. There are several yoga exercises specifically designed to address these issues.

However, due to the sensitivity of the elders' bodies, it is important to begin with gentle movements. For a period of weeks and months, older adults must begin with warm up exercises. This incorporates a yoga philosophy known as gradualism that enables them to build up and take a step-by-step process during yoga practice.

Overall Benefits of Yoga

As if yoga is not a potent philosophy intrinsically, it offers a wide range of benefits depending on which point of your life you decide to practice it. That are also several variants of yoga postures and exercises intended for different age groups.

Here are the general benefits that yoga offers for corresponding age groups:

*For Children: Yoga helps produce more energy that will enable them to keep up with an active lifestyle, while also providing more stability for injury prevention.

*For Teens: The multi-faceted approach in yoga helps teenagers cope with the physical, mental, and social changes during their puberty stage.

*For aged 30 and above: As people age, their bones naturally weaken and lose vitality. Hence, yoga exercises for elders are designed to increase bone and muscle strength, while also making one feel re-energized and relaxed.

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