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Yoga for Awakening Your Inner Self

Updated on December 26, 2015

Importance of Inner Self Knowledge in Yoga

Yoga is unique in its holistic mind-body integration. In fact, samadhi or pure bliss represents the final stage of yoga and is something that is not attainable without proper knowledge of the self. When you reach this stage, it is said that you are able to open up a new consciousness wherein your spiritual self attain pure ecstasy outside of the body.

There are different methods of awakening that inner self and experiencing ultimate bliss through yoga. You can learn more about them below.

Kundalini Awakening in Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga is the style of yoga that is distinctive in its approach and objective. Unlike other yoga styles that look at attaining self-fulfillment and self-awakening as the end of its practice, the concept of kundalini awakening in Sahaja Yoga believes that creating self awareness is the first step in the succeeding practices of this particular yoga style.

In comparison to other yoga methods, Sahaja Yoga is unique in that it utilizes a deeper form of meditation to create that inner awareness. In fact, the term “Sahaja” literally means “in born”. As a result of that self awareness and internal awakening, the person realizes that s/he is a part of a larger universe governed by a divine power or force.

Yoga Asanas or Posture

The asanas or yoga postures are the most common associated with the overall discipline of yoga. But it is important for beginners to understand that the execution of these physical exercises are not just limited to the physical benefits. Rather, it acts as a gateway towards your internal body and self.

In accordance with the performance of basic yoga asanas, it also advovates developing a healthy lifestyle and diet in order to optimize the benefits. After all, a health body consequently leads to a healthy mind.

Yoga Deep Breathing Techniques : Humming Yoga Breathing Exercise

Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic yoga has its roots in the orient and is known for its enormous benefits to one's health. There are two elements comprised within the practice of dynamic yoga. The first element involves the physical wherein you must perform exercises in wide range of styles and approach. However, these are all done with the same purpose of subjecting your body to dynamic variations in its motion.

Second, dynamic yoga is also philosophical in nature. There is an emphasis in a three-way approach involving mind, body, and energy. Other benefits that can be derived from practicing dynamic yoga are internal organ toning, improved breathing technique, correct alignment of the spine, deep relaxation, and purification of the soul.

Pranayama or Breathing Exercises

Breathing is known to help ease one's tensed muscles and nerves. Hence, it is an essential component in practicing yoga towards your goal of awakening your inner self. The most important concept during execution of breathing exercises in yoga is the life energy or prana. The act of performing breathing exercises act on the energy inside the body to normalize and regulate functions. Without this energy, one loses vitality and often results to a wide range of ailments.

In terms of creating self awareness, breathing helps build up that level of awareness by starting with the body. Once you become aware of your breathing and the body, you eventually move inwards to create a new dimension in your consciousness.

Yoga Meditation Visualized


True meditation is a very vital in yoga since it represents the deep spiritual journey aspect of the practice. Hence, many are intimidated by this practice because it requires one to enter a deep, contemplative state before any benefit were to be experienced from practicing meditation. At its core, meditation is a very simple exercise that everyone knows how to perform. In fact, the simple act of paying full attention and focus on a single object or thought is already an act of meditation. But only a select few are able to do it successfully and experience yoga, instead of just merely doing yoga.

Once you are deep enough into your thought and meditative state, you reach a connection with a divine power. The process of self awakening with the use of meditation consequently unleashes your inner self in the process wherein both your mind and body are in harmony with each other. This is what is considered real meditation.

Yoga relaxation pose meditation

Energy in the morning - Yoga breathing exercises in standing

Condition Requirements For Inner Self Awakening

In order to experience inner self awakening through yoga, you need to meet a few requirements first. This will help facilitate in reaching the most appropriate state of mind during meditation.

Choosing the most appropriate clothing is an obvious but relevant tip to remember. In order to fully extend or stretch your muscles, choose soft fabrics of clothing or those that allow a full range of motion. And aside from removing any form of physical limitation, you need to wear something that you are comfortable in such that nothing takes the focus away from what you are doing.

In terms of eating condition, you must do this at least an hour and a half before starting your yoga session. But most importantly, you must neither feel hungry nor too full.

Choosing the ideal room or spot to practice yoga in is another one that you should look into more closely. If you intend to perform yoga at home, you need to opt for a room that is free from any form of physical distraction and noises. To facilitate in proper relaxation of mind and body, your chosen yoga room has to allow fresh air into the room and must exude a calming effect. Unless your mind and body is relaxed, you cannot attain proper concentration and focus for an internal journey. To get the best meditation results, you can ideally perform yoga in the morning or during the evening when it is more peaceful and your mind is at ease.

Dynamic Yoga - Three Step Rythmic process( 3srb)

Tips During Exercise or Yoga Performance

Performing yoga to attain internal and spiritual benefits is never easy. Hence, you might need the guidance of an expert yogi in order to gain actual benefits. But if not, then hopefully these tips will help you in doing so:

  • During inhalation of breath for the pranayama exercises, make sure to get all of your internal organs involved.
  • Avoid exerting sudden and forceful exhalation as it could strain your lungs. Just do it in a manner that would empty out air off your lungs.
  • Always take note of proper steps and procedure to avoid causing damage while performing breathing exercises.

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  • profile image

    kemal 6 years ago

    I think Islam can get you reach your inner self , we had in the past stories of people who were living another life while performing their prayers.

  • Patti Ann profile image

    Patti Ann 7 years ago from Florida

    Great information and very well written - I have never tried yoga but I am interested in starting. Rated this up!!

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    easetravels 8 years ago

    Excellent hub.Tell me how do you collect all these photos and videos.By the way how do you manage to create at least a hub a day. The best hubs always.Thumbs up.