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Yoga For Busy People: What Are Techniques To Use?

Updated on December 26, 2015

Restorative Yoga : Yoga Relaxation Pose

Yoga For Busy People

Think you're too busy to do yoga? Think again. Even busy people need to allot some time each day to perform yoga, knowing that you are exposed to high levels of stress that can affect your health in the long run. It is not too late to get started on a yoga routine and you can get valuable tips below.

Benefits of Yoga For Busy Individuals

An emphasis on the benefits of performing yoga for busy people is important in order to instill in their minds the need to dedicate a few hours of each day for yoga performance. With such a hectic and stress-filled schedule, isn't it time that you put some time off for doing yoga.

Time is a huge factor for busy individuals since most of them already have difficulty trying to make do with their time to ensure that all responsibilities are accomplished. But your health is far more important. Therefore, you cannot afford to neglect your health since there are several yoga exercises that are simple enough yet can offer optimum health benefits. First and foremost, relaxation is the simplest yet most profound benefit yoga can bring. Aside from improving your body's condition, it can induce mental alertness and enable you to regain all energy that is lost.

Yoga Assisted Poses : Assisted Yoga Sukhasana

Yoga Relaxation to Overcome Stress

People who are too busy spend most of their free time sitting in front of the television or reading books to gain what they call as relaxation. But in reality, neither of these activities offer the true concept of relaxation. This does not meet the standard of relaxation as defined by expert yogis. First off, watching television introduces you to all sorts of emotional baggages that you can absorb as a viewer. This is not healthy since you want to rid yourself of all types of emotional burden, as much as possible. The same goes with reading books since your mind is constantly at work, depriving it off the opportunity to rest and experience internal peace.

On the other hand, only yoga can deliver optimum relaxation, which integrates both mind and body. Some activities will only offer relaxation on a superficial level, meaning it only relaxes your body but leaves out your mind filled with all anxiety and pressures associated with your busy schedule. Since yoga combined physical exercises with breathing and meditation, it produces a balancing effect. Thus, you have a more effective way of combating stress and achieving emotional upliftment.

Easy Poses To Incorporate Into Your Routine

Incorporating yoga into your daily routine is not impossible at all. In fact, you do not have to spend countless of hours each day practicing yoga just to experience its benefits. There are several yoga poses that are easy to master and require only a few minutes each day to perform to get results. Therefore, there is no reason for you to avoid practicing it altogether.

For busy people, the best time of day to practice yoga is during the morning. Try to wake up an hour or 30 minutes earlier than you are used to. This should give you enough time to squeeze in yoga in your daily routine. Plus, it will energize your body and give you mental focus so you can face the challenges of the day ahead.

You can get started with relaxation exercises, such as shava asana and combine it with rhythmic deep breathing for at least 15 minutes. If you simply want to focus on performing rhythmic deep breathing, then you can certainly do that for 3-5 minutes. Yoga Nidra is another holistically relaxing yoga style that you may perform to release tension from both mind and body.

Easy Pose or Sukhasana

The Easy pose or Sukhasana is the classic meditation pose that most people often associate with yoga. It is typically perform right after the Corpse Pose but you are free to perform it at any point during your yoga routine. This is one of the beginners' poses that you can adapt to ease your way into yoga and enable to master it. Some of the benefits to performing the Easy Pose include straightening your spine, slowing down your metabolism, improved mind focus, boost in your concentration, inner tranquility, and ability to remain calm even in pressure packed situations.

Cat Pose or Bidalasana

Since stress affects you both physically and mentally, it will have its impact in your performance at work. Hence, it is important to use yoga to re-energize your body and bring back vitality in your mental capability. One such pose that is able to achieve that is Cat Pose. This is an effective natural stress reliever that also promotes mental alertness. Performing this pose will enable you to focus movement at the center of your body and incorporate breathing into your yoga performance

Corpse Pose or Savasana

This is one of the most recommended pose in yoga for anyone desiring to achieve total body relaxation. It is quite deceiving, however. Someone performing the Corpse Pose appear to be just merely lying down while doing nothing. In reality, there is actually a lot of concentration going on to ensure that you are able to release tension off vital areas in your body. Mastering this pose is very easy though since you just have to identify which areas need to be relaxed.

You can begin from your toes while eventually making your way upwards to ensure relaxation in all body parts. It is for this same reason why the Corpse Pose is used as transitional in between two yoga poses in a sequence.

Kapalbhati Cleansing

Detoxification through yoga is vital in promoting and maintaining overall health. The process of cleansing helps to ensure that all internal or vital organs of the body are functioning as they should. Performing Kapalbhati Cleansing at home is very easy and it will take only a few minutes of your time each day. By doing so, you can cleanse your nasal passages and eliminate any sort of blockages that intervene with your body's normal function.


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