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Yoga For Improved State of Mind

Updated on December 27, 2015

Impact of Yoga to the Mind

Although common perceptions of yoga would look at it as a mainly physical activity, its mental aspect is far more significant and profound. Therefore, it is responsible for yoga creating that distinction against any other physical or fitness activities. This is more true in the West wherein yoga is basically viewed as a fitness tool and is often stripped away off its distinctly spiritual and religious principles.

But yoga has largely remained as an effective tool in bringing peace of mind or a healthier mental state. This is caused by yoga affecting two key points in the human body's nervous system. First, the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for producing stress hormones. Second, the parasympathetic system regulates one's breathing pattern to bring about relaxation and ease tension in your nerves.


Using Kapalbhati Mind-Cleansing Techniques

Kapalbhati is a cleansing technique widely used in yoga to provide purification of the mind. In fact, it has been commonly referred to by expert yogis as a mind-detox system that requires a very simple process that is really effective.

To perform this cleansing method, follow the steps below:

  • You will perform this on a seated position. Make sure that your spine is properly aligned and find yourself the most comfortable position possible before starting with your breathing exercise.
  • Use your nostrils to perform sudden and deep exhalation. This is a very effective exercise for your diaphragm. Pay more attention to the exhalation process than your inhalation.
  • When you expel air out of your lungs, try to draw your abdominal muscles inward. After that motion, you can let your abdominal muscles relax.
  • You can repeat the method above in a total of three rounds with 11 strokes each per round. Each round will last to as long as a minute.

By strictly following the steps outlined above, you will be able to experience the wonders of Kapalbhati technique on your mind.

Chakra Meditation

The Seven Chakras

According to the principles of yoga, the body is made up of energy channels better known as chakras. Any form of vibration or activity affecting either of the chakras can have different manifestations.

*Root Chakra
– This particular energy channel concerns your ability for survival, trust, and security.
*Abdominal Chakra – This particular chakra affects your emotions and desires.
*Solar Plexus Chakra – Among the emotional impact of energy fluctuations in this channel affect your confidence and perception of the self.
*Heart Chakra – This energy channel concerns your ability to handle relationships, whether romantic or platonic.
*Throat Chakra – This energy channel represents your ability to communicate and express yourself.
*Brow Chakra – Since this channel comprises your 'third eye', this affects your sensory perception abilities.
*Crown Chakra – This one affects your ability to function mentally and perceive consciousness.

Yoga relaxation pose meditation

Yoga Meditation Visualized

Importance of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is another key component when practicing yoga to improve overall well being. The benefits of producing positive thoughts in yoga are manifested in several different ways. But it all begins with creating harmony between your mind and body that eventually leads to self awareness and knowledge.

When an individual develops positive thinking, it produces a wide range of other physical and mental benefits. The most evident impact of establishing a positive thought is in finding peace of mind. When you have peace of mind, you are most likely to become happy. On the other end of the spectrum, lack of peace of mind could lead to other psychological problems such as stress or depression. There are several meditational techniques taught in yoga that will enable one to establish positive thinking.

Reduce Worries by Taking Action

Worries or negative anxieties are one of yoga's mortal enemies. It can lead to the eventual degradation of one's mental and physical health. Therefore, the mental aspect of yoga is very crucial in maintaining that balance in your mind and body. The more you worry, the more vulnerable you are to diseases, either physical or mentally related. After all, your state of mind is an important factor in preserving your health condition.

Yoga vs Stress

Stress could largely impact your mental performance. And yet, it is an inevitable part of the fast paced nature in the modern world where an individual is constantly subjected to a lot of pressure and demand. Although stress is good in enhancing your performance level and reacting on certain impulses, it can be detrimental to your health when present in excessive amounts.

Yoga is a very effective method for de-stressing that helps release tension off your mind and body. This will enable you to reduce symptoms associated with stress such as vertigo, nervous tension, decreased vitality (for mind and body), and chronic sleeping disorders. Several yoga exercises are ideal for targeting specific areas of the body that are subjected to stress and providing relief. Meanwhile, yoga meditation helps your mind and body to relax. It increases your sensory perception and allowing you to have better control of your nerves.

Curing Lifestyle Diseases with Yoga

Since the turn of the century, there is an increasing number of lifestyle diseases recorded in the health industry. Hence, it has also resulted in shorter life span for most people. The practice of yoga has proven to be one of the most effective health care system ever introduced. It emphasizes physical exercises and meditation in combination with healthy lifestyle choices to improve quality of life and prevent diseases – which is still the most effective cure there is.

Yoga, Yoga, Yoga, Yoga on the lips of the Mind

Benefits of Meditation

Yoga is never complete without meditation. This particular aspect of yoga is responsible in producing a healthier state of mind. Therefore, you can try performing different meditation exercises regularly to sharpen up your mind's ability and eliminate any negative form of thoughts that affect you mentally.

If you are able to perform effective meditation, you could very well experience the following benefits:

  • When you focus during meditation, it increases blood flow that helps in proper assimilation of nutrients through different parts of the body.
  • Meditation helps improve your ability to concentrate. Plus, you also increase your mental strength and mind control.
  • With proper meditation,you can reduce anxiety attacks and control your responses more effectively.
  • Attaining a deep sense of relaxation is good for your overall well being.

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