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Yoga For Preschool Age

Updated on January 7, 2016

Yoga for Kids

Is Yoga Safe for Kids?

Yoga has seen an immense rise in popularity over the recent years. Yoga enthusiasts and experts alike would point it to the rising number of health issues that concern various individuals and the rising costs of medcal care. Thus, using natural means such as yoga to promote health and prevent ailments offer a lot of cost savings.

But not too many are aware though that even kids in their preschool age can already begin their practice of yoga. This would ultimately raise concern among parents who fear that their child's body is not yet fully developed to expose it to such rigorous exercises. There is no need to worry though as a specific branch of yoga has been designed by experts to provide simple yet beneficial exercises that any child can perform. This is a great way to get them involved physically while nourishing their health.

Yoga for Children

Kid's Yoga - Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids : Yoga for Kids: Flower Pose

Instructions on Poses for Yoga With Kids

Ideal Yoga Poses for Preschool Age

There are special concerns that must be addressed when entering preschoolers to join yoga classes. The most basic concern is getting them interested so you have to incorporate exercises that mimic child's play to make it fun and exciting for them. On the other hand, you also have to think about their safety and choose the exercises to be performed carefully.

Experts suggest moving yoga poses for preschool children since it is gentle enough yet beneficial for their developing muscles and bones. Most of these exercises involve a great deal of stretching, bending, or resting. Make sure that each child is properly supervised though during performance of each pose for their own safety. You can learn about what these recommended poses are by reading further below.

Leaf Pose

Start on a seated position with your spine straight. Then, gently bend your spine as you reach for the ankles with your hands. This will create a rounding formation on your spine and hold it there for a few seconds before returning to the original position wherein you must sit up straight. Repeat this sequence of gentle movements for several tries or for as much as the child can do.

Flower Pose

This variation to the sitting pose is another fun and easy pose that preschoolers can do. With your spine straight, sit your tailbone on the soles of both feet. Both your hands must rest on the ankles. Gently bounce your knees on the floor for 10 to 20 repetitions before going back to your starting position.

Cricket Pose

Unlike the seated poses mentioned above, this one must be done with cross legs. Sit on your legs as you rest your hands on either ankles. Keep both your eyes and head looking forward as you try to execute the succeeding steps in this pose. Then, lean your right ear on your right shoulder. From that position, go back to straightening your head again and do the same action, this time with your left ear leaning against your left shoulder. Perform this for as many times as possible but make sure to alternate between your left and right ears.

Bird Pose

To perform the Bird Pose, you will begin on a seated pose and then you must tuck your hands behind you while clasping them together. Lift your head upwards to pull your shoulder blades together. Make sure that the kid is seated correctly to keep the spine straight. Then, bring both soles together as both hands remain intact on your lower back. As you tilt your head slightly, it will again pull your shoulder blades together. Allow your eyes to look upwards while doing this. Remain in this position for a few seconds or as much as the child can take before releasing.

Kids Yoga Sun Salutation

Salutation Pose

This exercise is common in adults' yoga routine but is safe enough even for preschool children. From a seated position, straighten up your spine while you slightly separate both legs. Make sure to put some stretch into your legs by pointing your toes. Avoid tightening the legs as it can strain the leg muscles. Try to assume the salutation pose by allowing both palms to meet at the center of your chest and then pressing it together.

As you lower your arms, make sure it is parallel to the floor. Release tension as you do this until you fully stretch out your arms.

Owl Pose

The Owl Pose is mainly a head turning position that starts off from a sitting position. While seated, cross both legs as you rest your hands on the side and your palm is facing the floor. While in that position, turn your head over to one direction or towards one side of your shoulder. After turning it on one side, move onto the other side. Make sure that the surface that the child is sitting on is firm and solid, as your next step is to spin the body around with the aid of your hands to propel the child into a spin. Do this a few times before ceasing.

Yoga for Kids

Squirrel Pose

As with the Owl Pose, the child must begin on a seated position with both legs crossing each other. Keep your spine straight for proper alignment and to avoid injury. Then, raise your two arms up over the head and perform a stretching action on a hand one at a time and in a slow manner. Try to aim as much as you can while making sure to perform a gentle action. From upwards, stretch your arms to the side. As you do this, perform arm circles in an alternation of forward and backward movement.

Chipmunk Pose

To begin this pose, you must cross your legs while on a seated position and reach both arms out to either sides of the body. Then, slowly twist your upper body from one side to another. Turn your head around such that you can see your back arm. After that, return into center position and begin to raise your arms overhead once again to perform stretching. Bend your arms sideways on one side and then moving onto the other side. Make sure that your body and eyes are looking ahead in front of you while you are doing this. Repeat the entire procedure over again in as many repetitions as possible.

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  • rebekahELLE profile image


    8 years ago from Tampa Bay

    wonderful hub! the kids love the yoga poses. when I was in the classroom, we would start the morning with simple poses and breathing. it makes such a difference in their behavior and mental clarity. this is a well-written, illustrated hub.


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