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Yoga Meditation Using Zen Music

Updated on December 26, 2015

About Zen Yoga

The concept of Zen yoga originated in the east but is slowly gaining popularity in the western parts of the world. Like most yoga styles, this one emphasizes holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit to achieve complete rejuvenation.

One notable feature in the Zen yoga style is its employment of music, specifically Zen garden music. This is due to the focus on using meditation techniques wherein one embarks on a deep spiritual journey that promises optimized yoga results.

Zen Meditation

Why Use Music During Yoga Practice?

When most people want to relax, they often do so by listening to music that brings that kind of effect to your mind and body. This can also be attributed as one of several reasons why the use of music in yoga practice is becoming quite prevalent. Learn more about some of the most common reasons for using Zen music in yoga meditation:

  • The use of music helps to set the tone and prepare the body for the meditation practice up ahead.
  • As music starts to fill up the entire room, it enables you to block out external sources of noise that are irrelevant to your practice.
  • The use of music helps to awaken your subconscious mind so you can begin a deeper exploration of your spiritual body.

Relax - Buddhist Meditation Music - Zen Garden - Kokin Gumi

What Makes Zen Garden Music Ideal for Yoga?

Zen Garden music also makes an excellent choice since expert yogis recommend music that consist the “sound of nature”. Here are a few characteristics in Zen music that makes it one of the most recommended ones to use during yoga and meditation:

*it naturally exudes a serene and relaxing atmosphere;
*it incorporate subtle sounds of nature that is soothing to body and spirit;
*it brings about inner sense of peace;
*it transcends the idea of physical relaxation.

Zen Garden Music vs Other Types of Music

The latest argument that have risen when it comes to using music for meditation is in choosing the best one to use to facilitate in the act of meditation. Some would recommend using classical music for its relaxing and uplifting tunes, while others recommend music from the New Age genre. Experts recommend that in choosing the music to use, one must keep in mind the beats-per-minute for the specific tune you intend to use. This element of music is said to determine how the music helps establish a rhythm, which is vital in your practice of yoga meditation.

The best advice you can get when trying to determine what type of music to use for meditation is to bear in mind your own preference. There are different types of music recommended to use in yoga meditation, therefore feel free to test each of them so you can determine what music works best for you. The more comfortable you are with using a specific type of music, the more successful you are in your practice.

Achieving Proper Mental State

Zen music or other types of relaxing music has been recognized to produce a soothing effect, on both mind and body. This is the most basic step in attaining the proper mindset needed to proceed onto meditation. Zen garden music relaxes you in different layers. It starts off by releasing any tension that has built up all over your body, then keeps you mind at ease by eliminating all negative thoughts with its pleasant instrumental tunes, and it nourishes your spiritual body.

With all three basic concepts of body in yoga addressed using Zen garden music, you can now facilitate in establishing the proper state of mind needed for effective yoga meditation. If you have been able to achieve the above-mentioned, you will notice that the succeeding steps come out naturally. In fact, there is no need to force yourself into it since it will happen. All you have to do at this point is guide yourself into fulfilling the succeeding methods for meditation to attain full benefits.

Study finds Zen meditation alleviates pain

Improved Focus and Concentration Ability

One of the biggest obstacle to meditation and yoga is the lack of concentration ability. It could either be caused by innate lack of focus or due to the presence of other negative thoughts or worries that plague a person's mind, such as priorities at school, work, or home. But whatever the reason may be, you can overcome that with the aid of music, specifically Zen music. At some point during your practice of yoga meditation, your mind drifts away to think about worries that cloud your mind on an everyday basis.

The use of Zen garden music will help to stimulate your brains and the senses, making it alert and aware of the activity that you are trying to perform. In addition to helping your mind stay awake, it motivates you to visualize and focus on each aspect of your meditation practice for better success. Needless to say, one must reach a balance wherein s/he cannot be too focused nor must it be lax enough to veer your focus away.

Peace of Mind

One reason why most people fail in their practice of yoga meditation is that they are too conscious about time. The use of zen garden music helps you achieve inner peace of mind such that you get to each the inner recesses of your soul. You become fully content with your current state that you lose concept of time. Everything that goes on during your meditation activity comes out naturally and you become less aware of time. As a consequence, you also lose focus on external objects since you are focused only on that deep spiritual journey.

The length of your meditation practice must be approximated according to the length of the music you choose to play during practice. Hence, you no longer have to worry about when you will end since you just move onto the rhythm of the music. Allow the music to take over and lead you towards the end.

Where and How To Find Zen Music?

With the use of your computer and with internet access, it has now become increasingly easy to find yoga meditation music for free. Indeed, you can now have means to gaining tools you need in advancing your practice of yoga and meditation without having to spend thousands of dollars for it. Just be patient when making your search online and you will surely find those websites that offer free yoga meditation music.

There are several websites that are dedicated to yoga, which are therefore ideal to look into when you are researching for music to use for meditation. Take note of the keywords you use to find accurate results. Other tools you will find include videos, which demonstrate how you can effective optimize the use of music and other yoga tools for optimum results. If you cannot find the music you need for yoga online, you can visit your local music store and inquire if the music you want to use is available.


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