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Yoga Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Updated on January 10, 2016

Yoga for Lower Back Pain : What Causes Lower Back Pain

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain, your everyday chores may become affected if you don’t do something about it. Deciding to have your back massaged may help alleviate the pain a little bit, but surely the pain will still come back after a few days. The best solution to your back pain is to try yoga. Try asking your doctor or a yoga instructor about the best yoga positions for lower back pain.

There are actually a lot of different yoga positions that can alleviate your back pains, you just have to choose those that won’t worsen your back pain. Remember, yoga requires stretching and flexing the muscles and straining your back too much might also bring more harm than good.

The best way is to approach a yoga instructor first or research about certain yoga positions so that you can be aware of how the different positions are executed and so that you can choose what position would suit you best.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain : All About Lower Back Pain

Back Pain Myths

People who are complaining of back pain are usually advised to lie down and rest.  This may seem to be the most logical treatment but scientifically speaking, too much resting of the back can make it more painful and weaker.

Lower back pain is usually brought about by two factors: lack of exercise, or too much strain.  People who live sedentary lifestyles (those who are not really moving about) and people who are always lifting heavy stuffs or doing strenuous activities are the ones who are greatly prone to lower back pains.

If you are experiencing lower back pains, don’t decide to just snuggle in your bed the whole day.  Although the thought may be appealing, it won’t do your back any good.  The best thing to do when you suffer from lower back pains is to exercise.

Use your back to make it stronger.  Yoga exercises can be a great help to people who are suffering from lower back pains.  Yoga positions can stretch, flex and exercise the muscles of the back, improving posture and its strength.

YOGA Routine For Lower Back Pain. With Esther Ekhart

Practice Yoga Regularly

You may think that yoga is only for people who want to meditate and de-stress.  Well, its about time for you to know that yoga is much more than that.  It will go far not only in helping you detoxify and de-stress, it will also aid you in maintaining proper posture, healing lower back pain, and preventing uture back problems to surface.

Wanted: Yoga Instructors

If you are not very familiar with yoga, you might want to consider seeking the help of a certified yoga instructor.  By doing so, you can be sure that you are performing the yoga exercises properly.  Remember that you need to perform the exercises in the right way or else you might be at risk for more muscle pains.

Beginner Yoga Positions : Corpse Pose in Beginner Yoga

Best Yoga Positions for Lower Back Pain

In this article, we will share some yoga positions popularly known to help in treating lower back pains and preventing them from coming back.  You must keep in mind that these should be done under the supervision of  a certified yoga instructor who will see to it that you perform the exercises properly.

The following poses should be held for 5-10 seconds, depending on your comfort level.  You should be open to your yoga instructor; if you are already feeling pain while executing the position, tell him or her so that they can adjust the routine.


Start off by lying flat on your back, arms resting at the sides, palms down.  Your legs should lie naturally with your knees just slightly turned.  Breathe in and out for a few seconds.  Exhale slowly, imagining all the pent-up tension in your body going out of your body as you exhale.

Yoga Palm Tree Pose

Cat Stretch

Start off on your hands and knees with your hand directly below your shoulders.  Your knees should be directly under your hips.  Hold your head loosely so that you can see the floor.  Inhale and as you exhale, arch your back just like a cat does.  Tuck your chin to your chest area in a way that you can see your navel.  Hold this pose for 5 seconds.

Palm Tree

Stand with both of your feet facing forward making sure that the weight is evenly distributed on bot feet.  With fingers interlocked, raise your arms over your head and then turn your hands out so that your palms will already be facing upwards.  Stretch your arms a little more while trying to tiptoe.  Hold the pose for 5 seconds and repeat.

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: Locust Pose


Lie with your face down with arms at your side.  Your elbows should be bent slightly with your fingers pointed towards your toes.  Lift your legs and thigh as high off the floor as you can.  Hold this position for 2 seconds and repeat 10-12 times, depending on your comfort level.  Never overdo this exercise or else you might end up straining your back.  You should inform your yoga instructor right away if you feel any pain while performing this position.

Bending Forward Posture

Stand with your feet closely positioned to each other and with your arms hanging on your sides.  Breathe in deeply and extend your arms above your head.  While breathing out, try to touch your toes while bending forward.  If you cannot reach your toes, you can just try to reach for calves or ankle.  If this exercise might be a bit difficult for you, always ask your yoga instructor first before performing it so that you can be sure that you will not strain your back.

It is always advisable that before you attempt to perform any of the above mentioned exercises, you should talk to your doctor first and seek a competent yoga instructor so that you will not have any problems with the yoga exercises.  They are the ones who will know what among the best yoga positions for lower back pain would be good for you.

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